Immortal Love, Hiding in Plain Sight

Visible Origami – February 28, 2011

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

We can have a passion for justice but too often there is the desire to enforce it as well. We may have an impetus to being moral with the danger of self-righteousness. We might be concerned with fair play and the next thing we know we have been seduced by political correctness. We can be attracted to beauty and its proliferation and cause some things to be labeled as ugly, which it might take special eyes to see.

In this world of mass confusion; millions of labels and never ending hype, the actual meaning of the virtues and archetypes becomes relative to the value systems of the people defining them and most of the time this results in them being compromised, to serve a personal agenda, whose hidden and not so hidden drive, can be hypocrisy and which results in an obscene perversion of the power of whatever angel in hiding within and is the instrument of its delivery. Every archetype has an angel contained within it that regulates it in the wider world and dispenses it to the worthy, as well as removing access to it for those who have profaned its meaning. This is why Love remains the single most potent power of them all. Love can’t be mishandled. It slips away like a cat in the night at the merest touch of impure intent.

All of the archetypes abandon their false presenters; deny authenticity, force …and all of the nuances of those specializations of Love but Love itself is of an entirely different order. Not only does it deny access and make its absence known, it also punishes the presumptuous. Love guards its treasure house with the mightiest defenders in the kingdom. If we can’t see that kingdom then we do not possess the degree of Love necessary to grant us the vision. It surrounds us the way food is everywhere in abundance in the wild but cannot be identified by the untrained eye.

Perhaps it was Bradford Angier who commented on the amount of people who starve to death in the wilderness, while sustenance is everywhere to be found. The same can be said for love as well as the riches of the world and all of those items and states that we seek after but which are concealed from our view. In some cases ‘poverty mentality’ conceals these things, in other cases it is too great an intensity of desire with too little sustained focus, in all cases it is Karma; both the having and the lack of anything is Karma in action.

Nobody gets shortchanged in this world concerning anything that they think they want. They short change themselves by chasing after the wrong thing, or pursuing conditions and items before acquiring the understanding necessary to control and enjoy them. We’re a bunch of twelve year olds, who want to grow up to be a fireman but don’t bother to learn to control the hose prior to employment; or is that deployment (irony alert!) We want to be a policeman and protect the public from the bad guys and wind up abusing the ones we are sworn to protect. We want to be soldiers and protect the country we are ‘taught’ and ‘told’ to love and wind up defending the interests of bankers and other fat cats.

You want to be rich; powerful, handsome/beautiful, famous, talented, at home in elegant surroundings. You get all that. You’re not denied anything. Not seeing the missing half of the Mobius Strip, is what keeps us from being more fully aware of this ‘fact; that and the border of forgetfulness that demarcates our individual lives from each other. We get these things because we earned them and we get them because we want them and in all cases they are conferred as elements in a lesson visited upon us. Does anyone wish they were Tony Blair, George Bush or, God help us, Ehud Barak? We‘re going to be different of course but we’re not. We lack the Love. I don’t want to wear the word out but it has so many permutations and levels of operation and experience that no human mind can contain more than a portion of them. The rutting of beasts in the fields is a dynamic of Love, as is the sacrifice of an Avatar for all the lifetimes of an age. In each case you are dealing with a fire hose and you are also dealing with fire. We don’t want to mess it up and wind up worse than we were beforehand, but we do. This power cannot be successfully wielded by human agency. You have to become more than that to manifest it.

If there’s one thing we don’t get, universally speaking, it is the imperative to set the thing we love free. We want to contain it and as a result, it abandons us. Most of the marriages on Earth are some form of ‘pride of ownership’. Love has a new car smell and like they say, “You can’t get that back”. They’ve even got a spray that is sold as ‘new car smell’. This false, representative tactic of life is epidemic at every level. It permeates the practice of medicine, where the control of symptoms is more important than the treatment of cause. It’s full up and overflowing in the religious world where style dominates substance and we find ourselves practitioners of empty rituals based on dogma and cant. It’s everywhere in the political and business world where appearances are the full time substitution for essence. It’s de rigueur in the world of the arts where pretense and pose stand in for inspiration and true creative force. I don’t care where you go, or what world of endeavor comes under the lens, it’s a fabrication and a counterfeit of the real thing; just like our money, our traditions and all the works of our hands, our hearts and our minds.

In these times, brought about by our separation from Love on behalf of materialism, one of the last things we could count on was the love of a mother for her child. Now even that has been warped into acts of indulgence and acting out for the cameras. This is why I’ve been banging on about Love of late. The importance of this integral element of life cannot be over estimated. It transforms everything. Without it you have nothing. No matter what you may have, you have nothing.

Fear and suspicion have replaced Love, because these things displace each other and cannot occupy the same place at the same time. If there were any one cause for the state of the world as it presently appears, it is the absence of Love.

Consider, with so many having abandoned Love, as a risky investment, how much Love is available for use. The entire universe is permeated with it and it is building up the way water backs up from an obstruction. All the virtues and archetypes come out of Love, the way that white light turns into the varieties of colors passing through a prism. Love foments revolution in the hope that we will discover it in our extremity. Love orchestrates disaster in the hope that we might see what had gone missing. There is no greater and more all purpose power anywhere and there never will be. It is the universal solvent in solve et coagula. It is all things to all needs, to all people and everything else is second best. It is the indirect power behind what gives our currency value. It is what gives real value to anything and which exposes everything else as a sham and a disappointment.

You need only one thing to surf the changes of this transforming world and that is Love. All you have to do is ask for it. All you have to do is exercise it and go about your way as if it were your guide and guardian. All the powers of the yogis come out of modifications of this force and all of the forces of the dark splendor of the illusionary world are expressions of misusing, that which can only be effectively applied when it uses itself through you. All it takes to gain it is to give up everything else and everything else is just one more thorn on a cactus tree. How much suffering can you take? Time will tell.

With all of the solutions being offered and all of the legitimately targeted bad guys who need to be neutralized and quarantined, only one force has the answer to every problem and condition and it knows the answer to everything by merely touching it, because Love turns everything into itself. It is the grand harmonic and attractive force that holds it all together, vitalizes everything that lives and shows the way out of every situation when no escape seems possible and… all you have to do is ask for it. If you want to know what you should do, where you should go, how you should be and what you need in every condition, no matter how small or how great, Love is the key in every case. It is the skeleton key of all time for every lock and barrier that has ever been and all of these obstructions exist for the single reason of informing you of what you lack. ‘Love is all you need’.

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