The Test is Giving You the Vaccine – Don’t Get the Test!

MediaGiant – July 22, 2020

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  1. huh, horrible
    thanks for sharing

  2. This just adds to the mounting evidence that Covid is a bioweapon. Most people who get tested voluntarily are ‘system supporters’ and sheeple in work & probably leaning more towards key workers, so are these the people they want to damage or kill off first? I doubt it. Chips, likely, future bioweapons to be activated at some future date? Maybe they are vaccinating for future bioweapons yet to be released.

    When Boris says he doesn’t want to lock down a second time, you can bet he is lying.

    As a generalisation, stress causes or exacerbates illness. As covered in a previous comment, ‘exosomes’ are produced by the human body for any pathogen and these exosomes look just like coronaviruses. Not only that, but they are also very small and there is a very strong case that there is no virus at all. Some researchers investigating SARS actually admitted in their published papers that they never isolated the SARS virus… which is a staggering admission. Oh, didn’t find the virus, lets do this again, um, still no virus, let’s try one more time, still no virus. This suggests that all the other researchers made mistakes, saw exosomes, or just plain lied.

    Evidence is mounting all the time that our Sun and its stream of particles has major effects on human health. As the moment, the Earths magnetic field is -20% and falling. This means that more solar particles reach the surface. These particles can also trigger earthquakes. Now, this does not rule out the bioweapon conspiracy, but what is does mean, is that humans are much more vulnerable to illness. This could be why we see mass local animal die-offs. It could also explain why 30/40,000 people died in the first 3 months of 2018, unexplained deaths above the expected rate.

    We shouldn’t assume that solar effects are uniform or that the weakened magnetic field is uniform. Very possible that there are areas where there is very little protection. Go up a high mountain or fly on Concorde and solar effects are much stronger. Pilots have a much higher rate of cancers. So, ‘Scotty, the shields need more power’ might be the case with -20% protection.

    Timing, geopolitical plays, crashing capitalism and stupid adventures like Brexit, all points to Covid being a bioweapon. It would be handy if we could get out hands on some of these testing kits.

  3. Yes I have been wondering for several months of the possibility that all these COVID virus tests with their swabs are just a clever tool being used by the world’s Macavelian cohurts for infection rather than detection !!? Another sinister way for their depopulation and their culling of the “sheep”? They create the catastrophy then the world begs for their deadly remedy !? All a set up for their “globilization”, their one world government and their one man “savior” ! Just crying out loud here.

  4. The George Floyd psy op was a prophetic warning – the knee on the neck which killed him, just like the knee on the neck of the cow giving a vaccine that will kill. There are many prophetic warnings that we need to read.

  5. Do you remember that a while ago, there were reports that some batches of the Covid19 test were contaminated and we’re actually spreading the virus?

  6. This Trick…who is a “prick” himself (gates)….should be hung by his balls and his wife too..they have caused more suffering and chaos (just for money and power)
    They’ll get their just desserts because of “crimes against humanity”…..along with clinton b+h,bidens,schiff,pelosi,windsors,hitlers demonic 3 daughters in parliament,hellywood,satanic musicians,screenwriters etc..etc…obamas, bushes,michael+barrack…anyone to do with big pharma,men,women and children missing,gmos, bioweapons,rothchilds,rockerfellers all needed arrests and executing…which has already been carried out last month and now clones have taken on their roles. ..these reptillians need to find another planet to ruin and leave their mark like on Earth….they’ve ruled for too long…mother Earth wants to rid of them and Creator has decreed they all have to leave now….with Earth ascending and all of humanity (maybe) not all, they’ll be born on another planet with a much lower frequency ….

  7. Yes. Same trick as was used with the supposedly prevention of the HIV.
    On the one hand a culture of sexual promiscuity was encouraged and the other was to scare people on the dangers of uprotected sex. Then a solution was promoted in the form of condoms, so, many nations were supplied with free condoms which allegedly were used as vehicles to spread the HIV infection.
    It is not only the tests that can be used to spread their virus but the masks also. Otherwise there would be no need to force everyone to wear them given that most masks carry the disclaimer that they are ineffective against viruses.

  8. The devils last trick is to convince the world he does not exist. How true that saying.

  9. You can only administer a vaccine/poison intravenously or through electroporation. I don’t see how sticking something up your nose can do so.