Media Hides This: Look at Riot Aftermath in Chicago, NYC, MN and St. Louis

IWB – YouTube July 22, 2020

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    Churchill has come in over the past few years with massive criticism
    several petitions have gone to government to get Churchills face from our banknotes and to take down his statues.
    People forget that Churchill saved us from Hitler, sure it cost us millions of lives
    and bankrupted the UK, but be certain Churchill saved us from Hitler.
    Look at what Hitler brought to the people of Germany.
    He had built a cheap peoples car or Folks-wagon which could be bought from weekly deductions from their earnings.
    Proper roads were built called Autobahns.
    The worlds first Free national health service for everyone in the land.
    A purpose built holiday resort where everyone could have a free holiday.
    Generous payments for mothers who gave birth.
    The only time the world has ever seen full employment, everybody had a job
    even if it was litter clearing or making paths through woodland for walkers.
    Massive home building projects were undertaken, like Ghaddafi, Hitler insisted no one should be homeless.
    All pornography homosexual magazines and sexual perversion was stopped.
    Health clubs where people could meet and exercise, run, swim and chat were all free.
    He took the economy away from the bankers, and gave the prosperity to the people.
    Rothschild and the banksters were put into work camps.
    Adolf Hitler offered to help Neville Chamberlian to bring all this to the UK.
    Thank god for Churchill who stopped it.

  2. These are Demonrat cities. Demonrats like Burn, Loot, Murder. Demonrats like
    the arson and destruction of public and private properties. Demonrats LOVE the dole and circus. Trump is wrong on a lot, but he is still far better for the USA than any Demonrat.
    The Demonrat Party in the US has become the Communist Party of the US. These tactics seen today are the same as those used by the Jew Bolsheviks in St Petersburg in 1917.
    If you vote for Dementia Joe Biden, you are a Communist!

  3. If they can’t eat it or f**k it, they destroy it.

  4. On the bright side, plywood sales are booming.

  5. “Mostly peaceful protests” Remember that boys and girls. Burn Loot Mayhem!

    t was a very warm afternoon so i rolled up my shirt sleeves
    and set off for the supermarket, to pick up a few bits.
    As i got there 5 young black men were stiandng near the doors
    and quietly looked me up and down.
    I thought whats up with them ?
    So picked up a few tins of food and left
    the black lads looked at me menacingly
    I am 72 years old, i am short but stocky
    i keep an allotment walk the dogs and do gardening , and used to box in the army,
    so i am still quite fit.
    As i crossed the car park i was suddenly surrounded by these black men
    one said to me ” give me your rolex watch ” just as another from behind held my arms,
    i began to panic, as the one in front again demanded my watch,
    i said look take my groceries and i have over £20 in my wallet take those, but please the watch was a birthday gift from my dead wife, i cant part with that.
    A knife appeared in his hand and he put his face near mine and shouted
    Blind panic gripped me, and i lurched free and punched him full in the face
    as he went sprawling backwards i pulled the chap holding my arms free
    to the front and lifted him right off the ground with an uppercut under his jaw, the next man got the full force of the heavy tins in the plastic bag in the face, i saw his lip split and gushing blood, the other two ran across the car park, as i was about to walk away
    the one with the knife made a lunge at me, i caught him full face with my boot,
    and he just lay on the ground.
    I got home shaking, made a coffee and sat down, so grateful i still had my wifes watch
    when a screech of brakes outside shows 3 police cars which made me check out the window as a furious banging on the door and the police demanded to come in.
    The police said 3 back men needed the hospital, and i was being charged with a racist attack, i said the racist attack and robbery was done by the black men,
    they said a black person cannot do a racist attack, i said dont be stupid.
    I was charged with 2 serious offences, my son went to the supermarket
    to ask to see the CCTV, they said that film is for our use not the general publics,
    my son said i shall get a court order for it, and you will get some very bad publicity
    for assisting a criminal attack.
    Suddenly they became helpful, and when the police saw it all on CCTV
    with 2 other robberies in the Supermarket car park by these men
    All charges were dropped.
    No charges were brought against the Attackers.