China’s Brutal Persecution Of Christians Has Taken A Really Bizarre Turn

Michael Snyder – The Economic Collapse July 19, 2020

ChristWhat would you do if government authorities stormed into your home, ripped down all crosses and other symbols of the Christian faith, and replaced them with pictures of prominent politicians?  As strange as that may sound, this is something that is actually happening all over China right now.  The communist government has declared war on the Christian faith and is trying to eradicate it from their society.  Pastors are being dragged off to prison, churches are being demolished, and there is even an official effort to “rewrite the Bible” in order to make it compatible with Chinese communist ideals.  The persecution of Christians inside China has grown to really frightening levels, and it seems to have greatly accelerated during the first half of 2020.

Over the past several years, I had read numerous reports about Chinese officials raiding churches, but now they are actually raiding individual homes

Religious liberty magazine Bitter Winter reports that in April, officials with China’s Communist Party visited believers’ homes in Linfen, a prefecture-level city in the northern province of Shanxi. While there, they ordered residents who receive social welfare payments from the government to replace crosses, religious symbols, and images in their homes with portraits of China’s communist leaders.

If Christians resisted the order, officials annulled their subsidies.

“All impoverished households in the town were told to display Mao Zedong images,” a local pastor told Bitter Winter. “The government is trying to eliminate our belief and wants to become God instead of Jesus.”

In other words, the communist Chinese government intends to replace Jesus in the hearts of the people.

For a moment, try to imagine what these impoverished households in China are going through.  How would you feel if elderly Americans were having their Social Security payments cut off for worshipping Christ?  Without those payments, a lot of elderly Americans wouldn’t be able to buy food or heat their homes, and this is the situation that many in China are now facing.

For example, one elderly Chinese Christian woman is now facing a future in which she won’t be able to afford her diabetes injections

Another elderly Christian woman from Henan’s Shangqiu city had her minimum living allowance canceled after government officials found a cross image posted on the door of her home.

“They tore it down immediately,” she said. “Afterward, both my minimum living allowance and poverty alleviation subsidy were canceled. I am being driven to a dead end. I have diabetes and need injections regularly.”

Without those injections, she could very easily end up dead.

In other instances, Chinese officials are raiding private residences that are hosting church services, and some of the confrontations are quite dramatic.  Here is just one example

In a video taken at the scene, officers and attendees of Xingguang Church shout as they engage in a physical altercation. As they block the entrance, officials drag a Christian to the door, with other congregants fighting along with him.

The Christian men guarding the door were beaten and pinned down. Officers confiscated phones and used brutal force against some Christian women as well.

Xingguang Church’s meeting place is located in a private residence, and neighbors of the location where the service was being held filmed the encounter. Police broke down barriers and dragged brought three people out.

During the proceedings, the officers did not show any warrants. The church was later banned.

Would you still go to church if you knew that authorities may come bursting in at any moment and drag you to prison?

This has become a weekly reality for Christians all over China.

And sometimes when authorities raid a church they literally demolish the entire structure that day.  In fact, this is precisely what happened to one prominent church in China’s Henan province on June 12th

Authorities demolished a church in China’s Henan province on June 12.

In the morning, around 200 officials from various government departments arrived at the Sunzhuang Church with cranes and heavy-duty machinery. Personnel from the Zhengzhou High-Tech District Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau forced their way into the church and took control of the Christians gathered there. They did not show any legal documents.

Some of the church’s property, including chairs, were tossed outside. At least one Christian woman resisted, and she lost consciousness and had to be taken to the hospital after being pushed to the ground. Another Christian was hospitalized after officials beat her. One male church attendee was taken into custody.

The church was then demolished.

In other instances when churches have been raided, Bibles and other symbols of the Christian faith have been gathered into giant piles and burned publicly.  Of course most Americans have never heard about any of this, because most mainstream news networks in the United States do not consider the persecution of Christians to be “newsworthy”.

During past waves of persecution, officials always left the government-approved Three Self churches alone, but now they are even being persecuted

“We have to do whatever the government tells us to,” said the director of a Three Self church in Jiangxi province, according to watchdog site Bitter Winter. “We’ve proven our patriotism, donated money to help curb coronavirus in Wuhan, as they had required. Still, the government says that our church grew too rapidly, and they fear that having many believers is unfavorable to them.”

The church is located in Jiangjia village in Yangbu town. On April 21, authorities removed the church’s cross, and three days later, they closed the church after removing chairs and religious symbols from the building. The church’s director said, “We don’t know what to do now.”

When the communist government in China decides to do something, they can be brutally efficient.

No stone is being left unturned, and no aspect of the Christian faith is being left out.  In fact, as I mentioned above, the communist government even wants to rewrite the Bible in order to make it compatible with “core socialist values”…

The centerpiece of this campaign is a major new undertaking to rewrite holy scripture. China’s state-run Xinhua News Agency said late last year that Politburo Standing Committee member Wang Yang had presided over a meeting of so-called scholars and “religious people from the grassroots level” to discuss “making accurate and authoritative interpretations of classical doctrines to keep pace with the times.”

It would take years to create official state translations of the Bible, Quran and other religious texts. Purging passages deemed incompatible with “core socialist values” while retaining a measure of the original poetry—this would require literary achievement and deep religious knowledge, both of which are lacking in the party’s handpicked experts. Even entertaining such an idea reveals Beijing’s staggering “arrogance of power,” Mr. Lian says, noting that Chinese emperors never attempted such a feat.

Please pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in China, because they desperately need it.

Of course they are not alone.  Persecution is rising all over the globe, and I fully expect it to continue to intensify as time rolls along.

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  1. Snyder….a jew….makes a living out of ramping up and exaggerating looming “crisis”……
    So it is in his interest to be as sensational as possible.

  2. I would like to interview with 10 random Christian Chinese people to figure out just how Christian they are, and assess how much they’re advocating liberalism and westernization in the name of Christianity.

    Why would China have a problem with an anti-American christian church or a church that is clearly interested in Chinese identity and national interest.

    Islamic republic of Iran which is “said” to be fundamentalist and dogmatic has no problem allying with Secular Arab Assad in Syria or Sunni Hamas or Communist Venezuela as long as they are on the “right” side of history! Christians in Iraq and Syria viewed Qassem Suleimani as their savior. Just as Iran has no problem with even anti-Zionist Jews, I am sure China too should have no problem with real nationalist Christians who work for the benefit of their country first and are not enemy fifth-column or westernized idiots. After all China should be less fundamentalist than Iran by any stretch of imagination, right?

  3. Similarly US has no problem with a mosque full of liberal or pacified Muslims, but they burned that Adventist Church with those Christians inside! Why is that? For God sake Queen of UK allows and even pays for the Shiite ceremonies in the month of Muharam because the Shirazi sect is anti-Iran!!!

    So please don’t be so naive and see the world in its complexity.

  4. The God haters and anti-Christs are on an upswing. It happen because organized Christianity was busy playing “Church”, instead of following the teachings of Jesus. They followed the doctrine of organized Religion (doctrine of man) that even Jesus, while on earth, objected too (NT Matthew chpt 23), and one of the reasons Jesus ended up on the Cross.

  5. Could it be judaized churches? Even so, its not nice behaviour. But then again, isn’t it a problem with these judaized churches? Are they not betraying the true gospel of Jesus Christ, true God and The son of man. When they par example, betray the Palestinian christians. Just asking.

  6. The children of the devil (John 8:44) have been trying to kill Christianity ever since they crucified Christ some 2000 years ago, just as Jesus foretold. The murder of Stephen, the flogging of Peter and John, stoning Paul and leaving him for dead, exemplify the devilish hatred lots of Jews have for Christians.

    It was Jews who persuaded kings to send armies from Christian nations to fight Muslims for control of the holy land. There were no cars, trucks, planes, and trains which needed oil to run during the crusades a thousand years ago. It was all about setting up Israel again with Jews in power over it. Jews finally achieved this goal at the end of WW2.

    After the bolshevik jews murdered the Christian ruler of Russia, his wife, and children, then they went on to murder millions of Russian Christians, many by starvation.

    The Jewish Banking Cartel rules the world by the power of money, media, masons, labor unions, big corporations, puppet politicians, puppet governments, and all major institutions of power.

    This article ‘China’s Brutal Persecution Of Christians’ is another piece of the puzzle showing that the government of China, like all major governments, is controlled by the Jewish Banking Cartel.

  7. “Christ What would you do if government authorities stormed into your home, ripped down all crosses and other symbols of the Christian faith, and replaced them with pictures of prominent politicians?”

    What would you do? In your home, you would take down the pictures of the politicians as soon as it was safe to do so, but have them ready go up should the government jackals return. If that was not possible you would become more secretive and private in your religion and use the oppression to strengthen the faith of your family in your religion, like the people did in eastern Europe after the Marxist-promoting Masons and the international banking cartel and all of their western puppet political leaders, ensured communist rule and persecution in their nations after WWII.

    However, if it was your churches where you are to worship and images of political leaders are being used to dominate and replace the proper object of your worship, you are likely going to return to an underground church where you can worship in relative peace and freedom, and use the oppression for growth.

    If you were a Catholic and you found out that the Vatican and the present pope was telling you to accept such complete state domination and interference with your worship, your faith in the authority of your Church would be greatly challenged, and you would demand the appointment of fresh and clean authorities who would not agree to such an intrusion particularly with a very atheistic, pagan and totalitarian government. You would likely want to follow the counselling of Cardinal Zen, and go underground again until the Vatican was washed clean of its filth.

    This pontiff has told his flock they must obey the UN. However, many will not and all should not, unless the rulings are totally in keeping with the person of Christ. The pope is not speaking ex cathedra and there is no real authority in such a pronouncement, as there is no real authority in his deal to let Xi supplant Christ in Catholic churches. What it signifies is that the secular establishment of the West has taken over the Vatican in more ways than one, and if there is be a continuation of true apostolic succession representing Christ and not the world, then some very radical house cleaning has to be done, very, very soon.

  8. Christian persecution has been happening since the time of Christ. Real Christians expect it because we are told that “all who will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution”. However, this article makes me wonder just how Christian some of these “christians” really are. For example, why are they crying because their govenment handout is taken away? Have they no faith in the God they claim to worship? Why are some afraid of dying because they can’t get their medical prescriptions anymore? Have they no hope of eternal life? What good is their “christianity”, if it cannot sustain them in times of trial?

    That said, I do understand that things can get really rough for believers under persecution, some die, and others…(read Hebrews 11 for the “others”). My best half and myself are already preparing ourselves for just such an eventuality. We know the pension can be stopped. We know soon we may not be able to shop groceries without going along with the lie (something we won’t do). We have faith in God; it will certainly be tested; but even if we die of hunger, we know we have eternal life to look forward to. Praise God!! Who wants to stay in such an evil, degraded, jew-controlled world, anyways?

  9. quote “Snyder….a jew….”

    That explains his insanity. Christianity is not about spirituality or getting to heaven, it is part and parcel about political power which is why Rome wrote the Gospels.

    I think I am the only one on this site harping the importance of ‘Cesaer’s Messaih’. the Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus by Joseph Atwill. He proves beyond any doubt the origin of that faith, the why and who did it.

    Now Snyder, being a greasy Jew, is upset that the Chink Commies don’t want a rival power structure set up, as they are cruel murderous monopolists. The reason Synder is upset is because as a Jew he wants power, and he doesn’t have an in if the commies wipe out his fifth column.

    The guy is a joke and I don’t know why truthseeker features him, except they sure like Jewish writers at this site. Great writers like Kaminski long forgotten while Makow and Atzmon are gods here.

    I wrote an essay about this sleazebag snyder here:

  10. Oh yeah, one more thing, when Snyder says you must submit to Christ, know what he actually means: submission to Jewish power structure.

    Many Jews are inside the Christian and Catholic and Mormon communities making sure none of the sheep stray far from the real shepherd, Jews. How many Popes have been Jews? How many megachurches are Jewish money making pro-Zionist propaganda outlets?

    I bootleg TV signals in my area, there are some Christian channels, when the talk about Iran it is straight up AIPAC Ziomedia parrotting.

    Christianity has been hijacked by Zionism, and Michael Synder is one of the hijackers, If you trust him I say you are a fool.

  11. So ! Michael, if I believe you, then I may think that the burning of Notre Dame in Paris was maybe done by Chinese hating Christianity ?? Same for all other Churches ?? Like lately in Nantes ??.. Yupp I believe you Michael, I do , so do all of us ??
    No ! I’m not Sarcastic ?? I’m not !

  12. Snyder is a Jew – and so you cannot trust him?
    Some of the most outspoken enemies of Judaism and Freemasonry, which is Judaism for non-Jews, are….ethnic Jews: Henry Makow (converted), Gilad Atzmon and more.

    These comments are a long series of misinformation.

    1. The conditions in China are notoriuosly as Snyder describes them. Just read the Christian Post
    and the Guardian
    and many more.
    And they were similar in the Soviet Union
    which is now being globally reinstalled
    So you will have plenty of opportunity to see for yourself that Snyder is right.
    By the way: Communism is Pharisaic: Inintiated by Jewish Adam Weishaupt and Mayer Amschel Rothschild om 1. May 1776.

    They are behind all revolutions and wars since then as well as their central banks. And the covid19 scare campaign is the beginning of their taking over the entire world

    2. “Oh yeah, one more thing, when Snyder says you must submit to Christ, know what he actually means: submission to Jewish power structure”.
    That is preposterous: Jews killed Christ and his followers by means of the Roman occupiers – or directly by stoning (James , Stephan).
    You ignorantly confuse political “Christianity” with Christ and his teachings. Unfortuntely these 2 cathegories have very little in common.

    Christ is divine – whether tou like it or not.
    There were many witnesses of his resurrection in the first easter night

    Christ´s Shroud (of Turin) has his 3-dimensional negative photo – 1800 years older than the invention of photography. It is genuine acc. to all sciences – and supernatural acc. to the Italian Society of Sciences ENEA – because the image-giving technique can only be redone by means of the world´s strongest UV-Laser

    I advise you to stick to facts instead of misinforming personal beliefs.