#Scamdemic – World is Victim of Billion Dollar Vaccine Boondoggle

henrymakow.com – July 19, 2020

The pharmaceutical industry is making a killing by poisoning our children.
The vaccine industry has poisoned an entire generation of kids, and it wasn’t just autism.  It was a profitable menu of mental disorders, ADD, ADHD, speech delay, turrets, narcolepsy, and numerous allergies. 
Now they want to take it up a notch and use COVID to poison everyone. RFK Jr. personally briefed Donald Trump, and Trump let #scamdemic happen anyway.
“But the problem was now [with no liability] they have no incentive to make it safe, and in fact every incentive to keep them dangerous.  Why?  Because they’re now making 60 billion dollars a year selling the vaccines, but they’re making 500 billion, half a trillion a year, selling the treatments for the chronic diseases that are caused by the vaccines. “


The YouTube video of this interview of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. by the wealthresearchgroup.com is no longer available on YouTube.
Below are excerpts from a transcription of the original interview. Thanks to James C.

Transcription of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Interview

RFKjr–I only got 3 vaccines as a kid.  Today American children get 72.  And it changed the year (1989) that they gave the vaccine companies immunity from liability.  So you can’t sue a vaccine company in our country no matter how negligent they are, no matter how sloppy their lying protocols, no matter how toxic the ingredients, no matter grievous the injury to your child.  You cannot sue them.


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4 responses to “#Scamdemic – World is Victim of Billion Dollar Vaccine Boondoggle”

  1. Gates has said the profits will be in the hundreds of billions and I understand he may even have said in the trillions. Their plans are to give it to everyone on the planet and even Trump who appears as Mr. Neutral has already ordered two syringes for every American.

    If anyone who wants the truth cannot see by now that we are in a plandemic which is a pretext for all the shutdowns and restrictions, all deemed necessary to usher in all of the publicly announced RESETS, then they are either dishonest or a complete moron, and part of the problem.

    Then for those who do understand that we are in a plandemic, they should realize that the planners would not let any flu bug out into the general public they played around with in one of their labs without first having such a vaccination in hand and ready for distribution.  Then if the truth seekers were really diligent they would research all of the scientific publications and announcements of a search for a flu vaccination over the past decade and they would find articles and publications about Israel developing a universal flu vaccination, and then announcing in December 2019 that they had perfected one and that it would be ready for distribution in late 2020. Does anyone with any common sense think that the ruthless, sociopath Israelis would not participate in the planning of the pandemic likely for huge profits and honors in the NWO being rolled out by their ruthless, sociopath international banking cartel creators, whom they so clearly mirror?

    This entire plandemic is the biggest fraud every perpetrated against the human race. It dwarfs the earlier US-Israeli false flag atrocity. All of the governments which are under the thumb of the international banking cartel are playing the plandemic game. That is the real source, as it is the source of most funding and control for the UN, Agendas 21 & 2030, the WHO, the WEF, our governments, and all major media magnates.

  2. Vaccines can never be “safe”. The whole idea of vaccines is to cause ailments that can be treated forever with medicines that treat not cure. There is no profit in curing. The Amish have no autism, ADD, ADHD etc as their children have never been vaccinated. Debates on vaccines is a contradiction in terms. If you want to be poisoned and on meds for life, then get vaccinated; if you want to be healthy then don’t get vaccinated. It really is that simple!!!

  3. thank you.