Candace Owens: The Michael Brown Saga (remastered)

The Truth – YouTube July 18, 2020

2 responses to “Candace Owens: The Michael Brown Saga (remastered)”

  1. Both deaths were Fake and orchestrated False flags to demonize and demoralize the population.
    Yuri Bezinov tried to warn us all we didnt listen.

  2. “Hands up do shoot”….should have been the headline of the Daily Mails most recent article about THE BECKHEIMS…..YOUR CLASSIC CRYPTO JEWS.

    For anyone doubting that crypto Jews DO exist and have done for hundreds of years….The Beckheims should change your mind.
    How about the myth that Jews are are the smartest thing since sliced bread….this family of peasants should change your mind…..they are a gormless bunch of oiks… is worth noting they socialize with Gordstein Ramsay the upmarket cook.Ramsay does not appear to be a jew…..BUT HIS WIFE IS.
    The latest edition of The Beckheims says that Dorklyn the eldest is planning a Jewish wedding with his latest goilfriend…..she is the daughter of a Jewish billionaire from Florida….Rich Jews in Florida are waited on hand and foot by third world migrants usually from Latin America and the Philippines.
    So how have the Beckheims amassed so much money when they’re as thick as a plank.Its the Jewish network.It is highly unlikely that Victoria Beckheim would have got the job at the Spice Goils IF she wasnt a jew…..Beckheim himself would probably NOT have got employment with Jewish owned sports teams in the US….etc etc ..
    Really….Beckheim would not even make a good lampshade thanks to his GHASTLY tattoos which every cretinous soccer player around the world would seek to copy.
    By all accounts Victoria Beckheim has had the Hebrew lettering tattooed on her spine… removed.

    Their son,Brookheim suffered what is commonly called a genetic holocaust….he inherited all the worst traits from both parents…..he has a very high “short plank rating” at least three!…..dumb ain’t the word for it…..
    Another one of the freak show looks like a bean pole and has inherited posh spices skinny legs.On the other hand the daughter has inherited David’s football player legs and Brooklyns dumbosity….
    So why does the Daily Mail insist on running articles about the freaks (they are visiting a millionaire resort in Italy)
    Well it is probably to do with hits.You either get thickshits around the world wishing to copy these Jewish freaks OR…you get people who click on the articles because they have a fascination with freaks from hell…..sort of a perverse interest in these peasants.They also get a few laughs out of the Beckheim pretensions….there were fewer things funnier than when Dorklyn was going through his Deer Stalker hat phase….looking like a council estate inhabitant who had stolen the hat from an upmarket clothing company in London.
    Interestingly when Zionist jews were selecting immigrants to go to Israel (leading up to WW2) the Beckheims would likely have been barred……!.

    So the Jews at the Daily Mail are going to continue punishing the public with this family of crypto Jews.