Turkey’s S-400 Air Defense System May Have Tracked US F-35 and F-22

Defense World.net – July 8, 2020

S-400 capable of intercepting in bound cruise missiles. Russia has S-400 anti-missile systems deployed in Syria and they would be used to intercept incoming missiles.

Turkey’s S-400 air defense system (ADS) may have tracked U.S.-made F-35 and F-22 stealth fighters in flights over the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

Two batteries of the S-400 ADS are located at Mürted Lanud close to the city of Ankara. The distance from the Mürted Lanud to the Black Sea region ranges from 170 – 200 km, which means the trajectories of the two stealth jet fighters are within the S-400 radar range, some news outlets reported Tuesday.

AviaPro news agency said the S-400 radar system had the opportunity to ‘detect’ the presence of U.S. stealth fighter jets at least thrice. Russia’s TASS also reported today that a Turkish defense ministry official “confirmed” Ankara’s testing of its S-400s against U.S.-made F-16 fighter jets last year. “Yes, such trials have indeed taken place last November,” the source allegedly said.

The U.S.-Turkey tensions nosedived after the latter bought the S-400 systems from Russia for $2.5 billion in 2017. Washington’s attempts to persuade Ankara to ditch the systems went in vain. Soon after Russia began shipping the S-400s to Turkey in July 2019, the U.S. struck off Turkey’s name from the list of F-35 program partners.

The U.S. has refused to sell F-35 jets to Turkey precisely for reasons that the Russian made system may collect data about US stealth fighter jet movements. In June, Senate Majority Whip John Thune, representing South Dakota, proposed an amendment to the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would allow the America’s purchase of S-400 using the U.S. Army’s missile procurement funds.



3 responses to “Turkey’s S-400 Air Defense System May Have Tracked US F-35 and F-22”

  1. IMO, do not get fooled by Turkey.

    This is a testrun agreed between Turkey and NATO or US Military and Zio-Land only to calculate the eventual riscs and damage they will receive when “attacking” Russia in Syria or elsewhere.

    On the otherhand the whole world is noticing what a “wonderful” defense weapon the Russian S-400 actually is. Can you imagine what a S-500 or S-600 will bring?

    Hopefully, the rest of the world is going to buy this phantastic defense system which will result in nobody is attacking anybody anymore. The Russians are the most clever strategics in peace-making on this planet.

    This is a profitable way bringing peace. Everybody happy.
    A “magical” way of brokering peace across the Globe.

  2. The Russians should consider modifying the weather because sometimes the F-35 can’t fly if it rains. How the US can class it as an advanced weapon is plain ridiculous. If a bi-plane from the Great War over one hundred years old can take off in the rain while the F-35 can’t then surely on the day the bi-plane is the superior aircraft?

  3. @Blackeyes Yes you are right, it is all a show to persuade us the public, that we have either nothing to fear or to paint the enemies we are supposed to hate in the run up to WW3.

    Russia and China are just as much a part of that Satanic plan as are Turkey and the Western nations. They are not seeking peace, they are seeking allies against the West on the pretense of peace, but mark my words, both sides of the coming war will suffer just as bad losses of life, both civilian and military.

    Make no mistakes, the s400 can identify stealth craft, as the s300 was able to detect the first stealth fighter jet the US made, when they sortied over Serbia.
    Even the blackbird could be tracked at supersonic speeds, but the missile tech of old was too slow to intercept and follow, it was a simple fire and hope the US do not notice the missile and turn away a few degrees to prevent a strike, which they always managed to avoid them though. They had the whole of the European radar systems to give them warning of missile launches.
    But there will also be just as capable systems hiding in wait for the Western nations, as all wars planned by the evil people of this world are designed to be long and drawn out, with as many needless casualties as possible.

    If the US know the Patriot system is useless in real life scenarios, you really think there will not be a older version or modern clone of the s300/400 already bought/stolen through CIA proxies in China or the Eastern block?

    Your telling me Iran (and China) can reverse engineer the older s300 they were sold and update it to similar spec or better than the current home military grade Russian version? (Russia never sells the top end versions to anyone, they only sell it in the future when they upgrade their own system, to prevent anyone discovering the flaws of their current state of the art varient, also to stop anyone aquring tech that is current, vs a few years old in the export versions, then using that tech to develop updated versions themselves, that would be on par with Russian systems in the future)
    But the US with the whole of the European military research programs to sub contract out parts of a reverse engineer and upgrade, can not achieve the same or better?