Kabbalah Explains Scamdemic & New World Order

henrymakow.com — July 17, 2020

The scamdemic is designed to bring about the NWO, which reflects the Kabbalists’ hatred of humanity and plot to enslave it.
This hatred is seen in quotations cited below the introduction “Why The Kabbalah is Satanic”  
Kabbalists are mainly some Jews and Freemasons. 
President Trump and most “leaders” are Freemasons.
J.Edgar Hoover:
“The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.”

The Elks Magazine, August 1956.

WHY KABBALAH IS SATANIC  from How Sex Became Our Religion
First, it denies our connection to God who speaks to us through our Divine spirit (soul).
Cabala preaches that God is formless and unknowable.
The whole point of religion is to worship (obey) God. How can you obey something “formless” and “unknowable”?
Naturally, the Satanist will convince the unwary that God is unknowable.
Cabalists believe that only they know God’s will. Thus they are tantamount to God. This is Satanism.
Second, by making the sex act a means for reaching God, the Cabalist sets up a false God. According to the Cabalist,  sexual intercourse is a mystical union. Orgasm is a revelation.

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3 responses to “Kabbalah Explains Scamdemic & New World Order”

  1. The Pharisees crucified Christ and fullfilled prophecy.The modern day Pharisees started Corona the first horse of revelation 6 verse 2..and a crown was given him.. to conquer…It is obvious that these so-called jews are the synagogue of satan and are pushing the world straight into the apocalypse, war with the east the red horse soon to follow , thereafter the black horse representing great famine worldwide and of course the pale horse when their chosen messiah sets up to rule from Jerusalem enforcing his mark 666/gates id vaccine stamp.

    The writing is on the wall stock up on food and ammo we are in the end game now.I forsee the return of Christ within a very short time possibly Pentacost 2024 fulfilling the last generation prophecy connected with the estalishment of Jerusalem in 1968.Time is short the blind will not see we are currently in a great delusion a global deception we are being manipulated by Rockefeller lockstep plan and things are going to get far worse. Billions are going to die.That is the plan also been prophecied in the book of Daniel and Revelation all thats happening right now.Salvation is there for those that accept the truth.Christ is truth and everlasting life.

  2. Hoover was no angel. He was a blackmail specialist and a homosexual. But, he was right on this. WHY could Hoover see this EVIL so many years ago, and today there are still FOOLS in America who can not even figure out the Israeli attacks on America of 911?

  3. Speaking of fools…..will NZers vote for Winston Peter’s and his party “NZ First”.

    NZ First at the last election promised to reduce immigration to 10,000 people (keep in mind the Jews are very powerful indeed in NZ…they control ALL the major political parties…Jerry Brownlee a hugely fat jew in the mould of Weinstein,has made several unpublicised visits to Israel)
    NZ First is publicised….as a party that puts NZ first….its nonsense of course… …Peter’s de facto wife is Jewish or crypto Jewish.
    Peters has greatly enriched himself while in politics and is a multimillionaire….the party is supported by older people who have seen all the changes that have taken place.NZ has one of the highest if not THE highest number of immigrants per capita in the West.
    Peters signed NZ up to the UN compact on migration….the final straw on the camels back which proves beyond doubt that Peters is a fraud.
    WILL NZERS BE STUPID TO VOTE IN HIS PARTY OF MISFITS AT THE NEXT ELECTION….which is to be held in September…..hopefully NOT.
    There is a new party called the New Conservative Party…..has this party been formed by the usual suspects…..the only way to find out is to vote for them and see what they do….
    HOW could anyone consider voting for a party like NZ First whose MPs wear a weird selection of hats..one wears a homberg that’s too small for his head,another wears a giant cowboy style hat.
    The media is giving coverage to NZ First telling anyone that the party is part of the system and will in no way halt the flood of immigrants.
    Weinstein Peters AGAIN HAS THE AUDACITY TO PROMISE CONTROL OF IMMIGRATION…..how could anyone believe a word he says.