Video: UK Thought Police Pay Man Home Visit Over “Offensive” Facebook Comments

Paul Joseph Watson – Summit News July 17, 2020

A video out of the UK shows plain clothed police officers visiting a man’s home over “offensive” comments he posted on Facebook during a political discussion.

After getting involved in the online exchange, the man was surprised just a day later by cops turning up on his doorstep and asking him to make an appointment at his local police station.

The officers in the clip make it clear that their visit is because of a Facebook post, but refuse to specify what the man had posted and how it was against the law.

The man asked what he is potentially being charged with, to which the officer responds “malicious communications,” which he defines as making comments on an online forum “deemed to be offensive.”

The man denies that he ever said anything “malicious” and was merely engaging in political debate.

According to the description accompanying the video, the man was not arrested but he may have to appear in court.

People in the UK are routinely arrested and questioned by police for social media posts under the Malicious Communications Act.

The law states that it is illegal to send messages “for the purpose of causing distress or anxiety,” although this has been broadened to such a degree that anyone can claim “distress or anxiety” simply because they were offended.

In 2017, it was reported that British police had arrested 3,395 people for ‘offensive online comments’ in the space of a year.

Last year, Harry Miller, a former police officer himself, was interrogated by cops for 30 minutes merely for liking a tweet that was deemed to be offensive to the transgender community.

As we highlighted earlier this week, a 12-year-old boy faced national condemnation and police arrest after he sent racist comments to a multi-millionaire black Premier League footballer.

Police resources were also apparently used to investigate people who posted tweets critical of the coronavirus lockdown.

Meanwhile, violent crime continues to soar to record highs and people are being told that police may not be able to respond to crimes like burglaries because they don’t have the resources.

Argue with someone about politics on Facebook though and they’ll be round in a flash.

There is a war on free speech. Without your support, my voice will be silenced.

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9 responses to “Video: UK Thought Police Pay Man Home Visit Over “Offensive” Facebook Comments”

  1. The guy is getting what he deserves for being stupid enough to post comments on Fakebook.

  2. 3,395 were arrested, how many were charged? How many accepted a caution? How many were taken to court? How many were actually convicted?

    I had a recent issue with the police. My dog got out for about 15/20 seconds and a local black boy said my dog bit him. This was on a Saturday. I didn’t know about the boy thing until Monday morning when a police officer was stood at my door. The boy apparently had a slight mark on his hand with no broken Yep, it is that funny. The officer said this was evidence, I said, evidence of what? I said, there is no evidence linking this boys injury with my dog. He said: “All the mother wants is a simple apology’ … ENTRAPMENT.

    Of course, I said that I won’t apologise. The officer said the case was closed, I said, “No, this is not closed, I am not having this boy and mother going around saying my dog bit him. I told the officer “I am not intimidated by the police, my father was a police inspector, so I know how things work.

    Later that day my wife was talking to a neighbour and it turns out that they (2) witnessed my dog’s brief escape and my dog was nowhere near any children. So I called the officer and he said its closed, even though I had two witnesses that my dog was nowhere near any children & this boy was an out & out liar… no joy.

    I then made a complaint against this officer, then had a call from his boss at Brixton police station… he was rude and HE HUNG UP. So I made a complaint against this officer. Later that evening I received a call from an inspector. He was more polite, clearly was well trained, but still no luck. Apparently the police aren’t interested in dealing with black people… BLM bullshit. I also made an official complaint against the mother for harassment & the 101 bod said you (me) should make a complaint every time she bothers me so there is a record. Since the complaint, she’s shut her big mouth.

    The problem this officer had is that he had done all his research on my address and no one has any criminal activity on their numerous state files. So he was 10 – 0 down before he knocked on the door, then he met me, his worst effing nightmare, someone who made him look a fool… we have evidence… so funny.

    The point is this, your neighbours (relatively distant) can go around telling all sorts of damaging lies, but the fucking police aren’t interested, say something online and they are on you like a ton of bricks. My point for remonstrating with the police is that this visit is on a file and will be used against me if some other alleged incident arises involving my dog.

    Never trust the police, attempted entrapment by the police when this mother had absolutely no interest in civil discourse.

  3. Neighbors who f*** with neighbors are just plain stupid. They don’t realize that their neighbors are their protection. Imaging walking home and you see their house burning. Then you turn around and say “Ooooh, dancing with the stars is on soon. Must hurry home.”
    Likewise if you see flashlights and hear noise in their house in the night while they’re on holiday. “Oooh, must be dreaming, back to bed.”
    Be nice to your neighbors.

  4. The UK has been under the control of Satanic Ashkenazis for over 200 years. These
    British Satanists have been behind most of the true disasters that have engulfed the planet, including WWI and WWII. It appears that these Satanists control British politics through
    pedophiles, and Satanic Ashkenazi Khazar money. These same Satanists also have a chokehold on America. The difference here in the US is that there are 300,000-400,000
    firearms in private hands. Smart people will turn OFF the TV, and get OFF social media.

  5. They’ve crossed the line from being coppers to becoming commissars. It’s difficult to know what they are lowest in: intellect or moral fibre. A disgrace to their ancestors

  6. By investigating “distress or anxiety” are they not creating “distress or anxiety”? So, if the case of “distress or anxiety” is not proven can the police then be investigated and interviewed for causing “distress or anxiety”? That could then cause the police officers to suffer……….
    These are all laws that are only broken after the ‘offence’ has been committed. That’s not a law. That’s an opinion.

  7. Plice do not come out any more for muggings or burglaries
    but they come out in twos over something said on facebook ?
    and i saw on BBC bullshit news that people who enter shops without masks will have the lice called out
    god give me strength !!!

  8. waw, your figures for guns in America are way off by a thousands. The true figure is 400,000,000.

  9. eddieb, yes, you are correct…….should have been 300 million to 400 million…my bad