Russian state-sponsored hackers target Covid-19 vaccine researchers

Introduction – July 16, 2020

The U.S., Canada and Britain all claim that Russia launched “cyber attacks” in an effort to steal research data into the development of a Covid-19 vaccine. Did Russia really launch this “despicable” attack, as the UK prime minister’s office maintains?
Or has the Covid-19 “pandemic” provided another opportunity for an exchange of fire in the ongoing war of words between Russia and the West?
On balance I suspect the latter. Renewed, tougher U.S. sanctions on Russia coupled with extended EU restrictions aren’t helping matters.
Far from improving with the fall of the Soviet Union, relations with the West have only gone from bad to worse. Ukraine, Crimea, the death of Litvinenko and the poisoning of the Skripals have all been way markers in that steady decline.
Given recent history with Moscow, the alleged Russian cyber raids on Western research into a Covid-19 vaccine sounds like the latest instalment in an ongoing smear campaign. Tensions between Moscow and the West are being kept on a backburner ready at some point to be brought back to the boil. That’s why every now and again accusations are made of Russian interference in U.S. and UK elections.
The allegations don’t even have to be substantiated with facts. The accusations alone are enough to keep tensions simmering.
This is all being done so that the threat of conflict with Russia can be used to manipulate the masses. It also gives the global elite a final option. So that if the public wake up in sufficient numbers to the elite’s crimes’, war with Russia can be used as a means to avoid being held to account. Ed.

Russian state-sponsored hackers target Covid-19 vaccine researchers

Dan Sabbagh and Andrew Roth – The Guardian July 17, 2020

Russian state-sponsored hackers are targeting UK, US and Canadian organisations involved in developing a coronavirus vaccine, according to British security officials.

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) said drug companies and research groups were being targeted by a group known as APT29, which was “almost certainly” part of the Kremlin’s intelligence services.

British officials would not say if any of the attacks had been successful in their goal of stealing medical secrets. They stressed, however, that none of the vaccine research had been compromised as a result.

Britain is at the forefront of research efforts to produce a vaccine, with scientists at Oxford University and Imperial College London, among those leading global efforts.

It is rare for the UK to explicitly state that it believes another country is behind a coordinated and ongoing campaign of cyber-attacks, but British officials said it shared its assessment with the US and Canada.

The UK’s foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, said it was “completely unacceptable” for Russian intelligence services to target research on the Covid-19 pandemic.

He said: “While others pursue their selfish interests with reckless behaviour, the UK and its allies are getting on with the hard work of finding a vaccine and protecting global health. The UK will continue to counter those conducting such cyber attacks, and work with our allies to hold perpetrators to account.”

Officials added that they could not be certain that the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, would have known about the operation to target vaccine research efforts but that it would not be contemplated unless it was something he was thought to approve of.

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5 responses to “Russian state-sponsored hackers target Covid-19 vaccine researchers”

  1. Yes!……that’s it…..if all else fails….start a war.

    Prior to WW2 there was considerable publicity about Jewish power…..Lindberg paid with the loss of his son for example.Then there were Henry Fords articles…

    All of this and there was no internet to provide information free of the controlled media.

    Once a war is started all bets are off….martial law can be imposed suspending civil rights for “security”.

    It’s not looking good…..with the British government now directed by the Jews…Boris Johnson and Raab AND the Director of the British Secret Police (Scottish origin Jew)….you have the situation that is pretty much the same as in the Iron Curtain countries.

    No doubt the elites are hoping that the virus scam will avoid the necessity of coming out of the shadows.
    Australia has recently seen a surge in publicity regarding “new cases”…..IT IS NOT A COINCIDENCE that the two top figures in the New South Wales government are crypto Jews….and very obvious ones at that…..
    Currently “virus publicity” in NZ has stabilized….

    there are STILL people in NZ who are maintaining that Jacinda Ardern is actually a transvestite or “trans”….and in certain photographs it certainly looks like it.She is a crypto jew as is her husband.

    I routinely experience “problems” relating to the exercise of free speech……needless to say “conspiracy theorists,despite supposedly nuts,will be in for a rough ride should a big war be concocted.

  2. I don’t believe the Russian state is behind these hacks if they are indeed real.

    “Russian state-sponsored hackers are targeting UK, US, and Canadian organisations”.

    The key change with most western accusations is that here they say ‘sponsored’. Usually, they use ‘Russian hackers’, they don’t blame the Russian government directly. Here they say the hackers are ‘state-sponsored’. If hackers are working in Russia, they work for Western intelligence organisation. Only idiots believe these deep state accusations. Outside the inner sanctum of US/UK aligned states, no one believes this constant barrage of hate directed towards the Russian people.

    As I’ve pointed out before, the UK deep state directly implicates itself in the manufacture and export of the Covid bioweapon & they do this, because ‘they’ haven’t blamed Russia for making Covid. Bankrupt Britain released Covid in order to elevate its desperate position in the post-Brexit world… so why didn’t the UK accuse the Russians of trying to do the same thing? “Russia made and released Covid as a response to sanctions and its international isolation.” Why didn’t the UK run this story? This story is a no brainer, damage the links between Russia and China… Russia with everyone? Of course, the UK is by far the leading bullshit spewing state in the world & such an accusation would lead many to point the fingers of blame in the UK, so the UK deep state didn’t go there, too risky, too hot for comfort.

  3. Mainstream media has started reporting interference in UK from both Russia and China. Could be true or could be a set up. I await further developments with great scepticism.

  4. The article is from The Guardian in the UK. Exactly what is the MI5 mockingbird media author guarding in this article? First of all the plandemic because the publication of the high-priority, high-level, university research going on right now desperately searching for a vaccination creates the impression that all the really intelligent and reasonable people believe the virus is some kind of grim reaper necessitating all of the restrictions, when definitely it is not. On top of that the article reinforces the impression that the only thing which is going to save us is a some break though in finding the miracle vaccination.

    The entire pandemic is a fraud as is any dumb, dumb suggestion that the Russians are hacking the dumb, dumb psyop research when in fact Russia is one of the central-bank controlled nations which from the outset has been fully participating in the performance, dutifully shutting down its borders before there was even any of that early unreliable evidence of the risk from Wuhan or from any of crime stats from the Diamond Princess.


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