10 Surprising American Cities Where People are Starving

Nick Johnson – YouTube April 13, 2020

5 responses to “10 Surprising American Cities Where People are Starving”

  1. I have followed this guy for some time. Johnson is very good at dealing with some dire social issues in a fairly light-handed way. Californians are fleeing the state and they aren’t welcome in the states where they move to. So funny how the US is really very divided, not just socially, but every state has its own protectionist trade rules and taxes.

    Talking about hunger, during the 1930s Great Depression, the US population stood at 130 million. 6 million black people just disappeared, gone.

  2. Well how come there are so many fat bastards you can see on every street…..
    Might pay them to stop taking drugs too.

  3. Starving Americans, yet the adrenochrome addled pedophiles in the US Congress borrow BILLIONS of dollars to give to the Israelis who did 911, and fund ISIS in Syria to kill civilians, and fund a grossly excessive DOD budget for the profits of the military industries.
    Americans, you have been SCAMMED!

  4. Would it correct to say all the “hunger capitals” are in states controlled by the Democrats? If so this corroborates the whole Qanon /Trump plan to the Democrats ruin those States to show Americans how useless and evil they are. I’m sure Trump will mention that at the appropriate time to destroy all opposition to him winning another term. In reality though presidents are selected not elected.

  5. My feeling has always been people shouldn’t have children if they can’t afford to properly take care of them. Procreation isn’t really a right, it’s a responsibility; the most important responsibility most people will ever have. I know unexpected things happen in life to many people; tragedy, job loss, major illness bleeding people dry, umm a giant scam like Covid-1984 tanking the economy, the Jew run system of monetary slavery, etc. But let’s be honest, many people who have been breeding out there are dregs and poor morons, the children of whom are destined to also be dregs and poor morons with very few exceptions.

    Look at this video above, take the clip of Burundi for example; the woman walking through that open-air dumpster with a kid in her arms, followed by a herd of hopeless little shit raisins…massive poverty, stunningly primitive, widespread hunger…yet the backwards retards there keep pumping out more children who are absolutely assured of also living as hungry savages. It is wildly irresponsible of the people there to keep procreating on that scale until they get THEIR shit together. In the Jewnited States, the movie Idiocracy is a fairly accurate reflection of the way it is in that by far the dumbest, poorest slobs out there are the ones having the most children, dooming them to a similar existence, which is unconscionable and sinful, while the best and brightest and economically stable typically have a chosen few offspring.

    It sucks that people go hungry, especially children. But personal responsibility has to be considered. If you are some poor wretch barely scraping out a practically worthless existence, then don’t bring more people into that mess. May God bless the hearts and souls of those who give to and run the food banks, as some people desperately need the help. But in another way, we HAVE to stop rewarding bad behavior, e.g. procreating into a cycle of hopelessness and despair, by giving those shockingly irresponsible imbeciles more food, housing, and money. Welfare, useless worthless dregs living off the working people as shameful parasites, has been absolutely out of control in the States and only makes things much much worse. The system needs major reform. In the meantime, the parasites and predators in the “banking” and media cartels deserve to be impoverished, imprisoned, and hanged.