Your Body And Mind Aren’t Enough – They Want Your Soul

Vernon Coleman – YouTube July 15, 2020

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  1. Every Video That Dr Vernon Colman Has posted and the Ones that Were Banned, Were all correct in Every Detail, There are Creature’s out That Are Not Human who are trying and succeeding in controlling OUR MINDS OUR BODIES AND OUR SOULS.

  2. Everything he says is totally backed up with irrefutable evidence. Why is it, therefore, that no political party or leader in the West is championing these truths to rally support. Why are we not meeting in large crowds to organize and protest? Why are we afraid? Is it the pervasiveness of the brainwashing mainstream media? Is it something in the water or something in radio waves? Have we seen so many crisis movies that now we can pretend we are in one and experiencing the real thing but without any real danger? Or is it the dole people receive where they would prefer not to work or mingle anyway? Is it by the fake BLM racial divisions the scamdemic planners have usurped the public protest forum so that we are afraid to go out and challenge the unjust government restrictions. Is it any or all of these things? We should find out. Something or things is acting to prevent us from communicating and acting for the defense of all we value? .

  3. I am almost sure dr Coleman is an evolution believer.

    Darwinian evolution theory – a dogma in Judeoanglosaxon world – says that life is only material.

    Dr Coleman – you have no (immaterial) soul.

  4. “They Want Your Soul.”
    As a woman in my life once upon a time would say to me, “Sinners in Hell want ice cream cones”.

  5. @Fred
    From the film Zulu:

    “Private Cole: He’s right. Why is it us? Why us?
    Colour Sgt. Bourne: Because we’re here, lad. Nobody else. Just us.”

    I’ve been in politics briefly and lost out financially long term because of it. While I was voted into local office the overall material deficit I incurred then and subsequently, was not borne by those well wishers who voted for me or supported me from a distance by.

    For those who say why doesn’t x, y or z do this; when x,y, or z does do it and incurs retribution from the deep state, where are those who speak disapprovingly in pub corners of the situation when ongoing support is needed?

    As you know from your well informed post about public spending, elected career puppet politicians know which way the wind is blowing. Champions of the people lack the financial or geographical means of organisation. Yet we try, and even discussing on this public forum of sorts, should not be regarded as without merit.

    Nevertheless as JFK said “Ask not what your country can do for you etc…”

    I can only think local initiatives are called for. Networking with people opposed to 5G etc Those of us who understand have to take upon ourselves the mantle of leadership to some extent. Because as the colour sergeant said “Because we’re here, lad. Nobody else. Just us.”

    Here is a thought: