Madman Sees a Kindred Spirit

Smoking Mirrors – February 27, 2011

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

I would have to say that the whole world has gone through the looking glass and things that just wouldn’t happen on one side of the mirror are pro forma on the other. Here we see a telling example of just that. A few weeks ago, I said that when that Tunisian merchant set himself on fire that that was a major watermark of our procession into a new world and a new concept of reality. The police marching into the Wisconsin state capitol building is another. Something like this is going to reverberate through police stations around the country. It’s going to vibrate like a tuning fork in a newly discovered key all up and down the electronic schematic of the police template that was, transforming it into the police template that is.

I will probably have to go on saying it over and over because it only ‘takes’ after persistent repetition. Change comes from within. This means that visible change has an invisible source. We suppose that things happen in reaction to other things that happened previously and continue through time, into a complexity of back and forth synthesisation of all the elements necessary to exist as what composes ‘the moment’. Most of the time events and actions do follow a cause and effect script. Some results are immediate; wrapping a car around a tree because you were texting your manicurist about possible nail inlays, prior to your arrival and some are deferred, like shooting someone in ambush and hightailing it into the future, unraveling toward whatever that gets summed up as. This and everything like it depends on the cosmic writer and the scenery design team that arranges for your appointment with destiny further down the road at another ambush.

Like I said, some people want to keep asking me where all those changes are that I say are in process or on the way. For some reason, they have gotten the impression that I am referring to various positive outcomes. I have not defined anything as such, because positive for one person is automatically negative for someone else, a lot of the time. I do refer to an overall improvement in the quality of life, sometime ‘after’ the shit hits the fan and secondarily whoever is close enough to the fan for a shared experience. The various reactions to flying shit have to happen first and then the outrage and discussions and investigations concerning who threw it at the fan, while people too important for that to happen to them, had it happen to them and then the shit needs to be cleaned up, sold off in job lots, turned into history and in some cases art and then …there’s a lot more movable scenery and attitudes that necessarily follow massive changes in existence.

Some people think that because a number of people follow this blog that I must be engaging in some kind of mesmerization actions toward an unknown end. No doubt the result is going to be me sitting on a dais, in flowing white robes, while dispensing intricate ruminations upon the secret operations of the universe. Then I can expect the usual cries of “that’s so gay” and or wide eyed wonder followed by the collection plate. So far as I know, that’s never been my intention but I imagine I can be surprised just like anyone else. The person who offered me their insights, after having just discovered my work and, having added water, becomes an instant expert on my motivations, suggested that it could well be ego that is motivating me in my efforts. Unless you are one of the extremely rare birds among us, some amount of ego is always involved but ego is not, per se a bad thing. Ego is like a bear. It can rampage and it can be taught to dance. Now there are people who don’t like either sort of bear but I’m afraid we’re at the limits of what I’m capable of at the moment.

What you see in the world, in me, in yourself, are all reflections in the glass. Some people have an immediate competitive reaction to any act on the part of another and that usually turns into a war story where they did it better. Some are repulsed or frightened because change may be one of the demands made by any example of speech or action. You’re going to change anyway or, worst case scenario, go on as you have been. It is near impossible for anyone to speak and strike an agreeable chord with every word they offer. The key is to take what is useful and put the rest away for further reflection.

While I was in the hospital I read a book of Rumi’s entitled “Delicious Laughter” Here is a selection that struck me concerning the concerns raised just now;

“When a Madman Smiles at You”

Galen, the great physician, asked one of his assistants to give him a certain medicine.

“Master, that medicine is for crazy people! You’re far from needing that!”

Galen: “Yesterday a madman turned and smiled at me, did his eyebrows up and down and touched my sleeve. He wouldn’t have done that if he hadn’t recognized in me someone congenial.

Anyone that feels drawn, for however short a time, to anyone else, those two share a common consciousness. It’s only in the grave that unlike beings associate.

“A wise man once remarked, “I saw a crow and a stock flying together and I couldn’t understand it, until I investigated and found what they shared. They were both lame.

“There’s a reason why the beetle leaves the rose garden. He can’t stand all that loveliness. He want to live in rotten dung, not with nightingales and flowers. Watch who avoids you, that too reveals your inner qualities. The mark of eternity in Adam was not only that angels bowed to him but that Satan wouldn’t.”

Well, the Wisconsin police are seeing themselves in the protestors that they have now joined and that is a madness that will grow by contagion. It is something like what The Oath Keepers profess. I am not suggesting that I support any organizations but I will say that I support members of most organizations because I too sincerely believe in something and our shared sincerity renders us a common ground for communication.

I see something great and unexpected in what has happened here. I don’t know if it is the result of the spoof phone call and Walker inadvertently showing his true colors or whether the awakening, as it grows more and more pervasive, is touching more and more people in every line of endeavor. What I do know is that this creates a serious problem concerning crowd control on the part of TPTW.

A huge upwelling is happening in the heart of humanity and it is an internal thing. It is coming from an unseen place and it can’t be defended against by those seeking to hinder its growth. They can’t touch the sympathetic strings if they can’t even see them. This is why all of the dreams of world rulers and those despicable thugs that do their bidding always fail in the end because when change is meant to sweep the world it comes from a place that can’t be compromised by those whose only power is that of external trappings and temporal authority.

We are awakening and we are seeing that we have a deeply shared common cause. We are seeing that we are the bedrock of being and not the pawns of those who would herd us along behind the Judas Goat. This is a stupendous event that has happened in Wisconsin and you may look for a great deal more of the same. You may look for politicians and leaders of all types having a change of heart, brought about by shame, fear and/or realization. However it comes, it is welcome; welcome indeed.

They have lost. We are living in the echo of their power as it vanishes over the hills and finds a new home in the hearts and minds of those chosen and inspired to lead humanity into a finer state of being. Nothing is going to stop this. No matter how terrible the last gasp efforts may be, they will not be enough. It is destined and will not be compromised or stopped.;

End Transmission…..

There will be a radio show tonight at 7:30PM Central time or see the link here for downloading it tomorrow.

And We Could all be Free


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