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news.co.au – July 15, 2020

Ghislaine Maxwell broke down in tears today as she was denied bail to live in a “luxury” Manhattan hotel.

The British socialite was wearing a brown T-shirt with her hair up in a bun when she pleaded not guilty via video link to charges related to Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking ring.

She was denied freedom on a $5 million bond to live in a “luxury” Manhattan hotel on bail, after Annie Farmer – one of her accusers – gave powerful testimony to the judge, The Sun reported.

Judge Alison Nathan ruled that Maxwell, 58, will stay behind bars until her trial in July next year for allegedly recruiting girls for Epstein to sexually abuse.

The judge determined that Maxwell will be “ordered to be detained pending trial.”

Judge Nathan set a trial date July 12 2021, and the government proposed blocking out three weeks for the trial.

Maxwell told the Manhattan courthouse on Tuesday her plea of “not guilty your honor”.

The British socialite ignored the orders of FBI agents during her arrest on sex-trafficking charges and had her mobile phone wrapped in tinfoil, prosecutors said Monday as they urged a US judge to deny her bail request.

Attorneys for the Southern District of New York said in a court filing that agents had to breach the front door of the 58-year-old’s luxury home, Tucked Away to detain her on July 2.

“Through a window, the agents saw the defendant ignore the direction to open the door and, instead, try to flee to another room in the house, quickly shutting a door behind her,” the prosecution wrote.

The allegation was made in response to Maxwell’s lawyers asking New York Judge Alison Nathan to release their client on bond of $5 million during Tuesday’s bail hearing.

They insist that Maxwell — who has been charged with six counts related to the alleged sex crimes of her former boyfriend — is not a flight risk.

Maxwell is accused of grooming and recruiting minor girls to travel and engage in sex acts with Epstein, who killed himself in prison last year while awaiting trial.

Her defence team said she “vigorously” denies the charges and “intends to fight them,” during a written plea for bail submitted on Friday.

The prosecution responded by saying Maxwell’s conduct at the time of her arrest suggests she may use her wealth and three passports to try to flee justice.

They said that during a search of her house, the agents found a cell phone wrapped in tin foil — “a seemingly misguided effort to evade detection … by law enforcement.”

The government’s attorneys added that a security guard told the agents that Maxwell’s brother had hired a security company staffed with former British military members to guard her New Hampshire property.

“She appears to be skilled at living in hiding,” the prosecution said. The charges against her include conspiracy to entice minors as young as 14 years old to travel in order to engage in illegal sex acts.

Maxwell is also accused of taking part in some of the sexual abuse and of committing perjury during a 2016 lawsuit.

Maxwell is due to appear via video-link in court Tuesday.

Her arrest has put fresh scrutiny on Britain’s Prince Andrew, who vehemently denies claims he had sex with a 17-year-old girl procured by Epstein.