Protests continue in Serbia against pandemic curbs

Kayhan Gul – Anadolu Agency July 12, 2020

Anti-lockdown protesters clash with police outside parliament on the second day of protests in Belgrade. Click to enlarge

Nationwide protests against the restrictions enforced by the government to stem the spread of COVID-19 pandemic entered the fifth day in Serbia on Saturday.

The protests, which began Tuesday evening in Belgrade have spread to other major cities including Nis, Kragujevac, and Novi Sad as well.

The demonstrations erupted after President Aleksandar Vucic on Tuesday announced the return of weekend curfew among other measures to combat the pandemic.

The National Assembly Building in the capital Belgrade again became the center of protest as a crowd holding placards gathered outside the building and raised slogans against the government.

Except for a small group of protesters, most of them returned to their homes before midnight.

Protesters in Nis attempted to block the highway between the capital Belgrade and Nis, the third-largest city in Serbia, and the administrative center of the Nisava district. But the police prevented the blockade and did not allow them to proceed towards the highway.

They continued protesting in front of the police line-up and offered flowers and the Serbian flag to the police.

“We are from the same nation. Put down your shields,” the protesters were heard telling policemen as they chanted slogans against President Vucic and his government.

Novi Sad also saw a protest march. The organizers said that there would be no protest in the city on Sunday. But people can join the protests in Belgrade.

Krusevac, Cacak, Vranje, and Zrenjanin were also among the cities where protests were held.

On the first day of the protests, demonstrators clashed with police while attempting to enter the assembly building as paramilitary forces cordoned the entrance.

The protesters were dispersed after long hours.

On the second day, the protests spread to the other cities, and many police officers and protesters were reported injured.

On the third day, police claimed having arrested 70 protesters. As many as 19 people reported injuries.



8 responses to “Protests continue in Serbia against pandemic curbs”

  1. Well done the Serbs! Keep up the good work.

  2. There is much more to it than this, although you wouldn’t know it from the MSM which is, as per usual, singing from the same hymn sheet regardless of whichever country you encounter it.

    Unless of course you speak the language…

    The protesters are against not just the corrupt globalist Vucic, but also the WHO and Bill Gates all of whom they would like to see dangling at the end of a rope.
    They have voiced strong opposition too, to 5G and the impending vaccine rollout which they will not, under any circumstances tolerate.
    Belgrade has lit the fuse, now we must all burn down the globalist edifice.
    Rise now and smash the New World Order wherever you see it raise its despicable head.
    There is blooming resistance too in Bosnia, Albania, Romania, Mali, Ghana, Madegascar.
    Smash the NWO and any who stand in defence of it.
    Destroy their media, their systems of control, their medical charade.
    Smash it now!

  3. Jack Witchity , thanks
    this best news since the academic started, this is the last fight against NWO. we need a translation of those slogans, its becoming worldwide resistance against THEnew world order.there’s hope world is embracing the resistance very soon before the technocrat’s vaccine

  4. Is Nuland around with her bag of cup cakes ?

  5. We need to do the same in the UK with Boris listening to the WHO N4 z1’s and is trying to bring in compulsary face masks (Sign of complience to the beast) despite the number of ‘made up deaths’ falling!! This is ALL about control and the take over by the REAL N4 z1’5 that started BOTH world wars and want another!!

  6. “Wow!!: America Senator Speaks The TRUTH, Africa Leaders Must Rejects Vaccine”

    “Each One Of Us Must Take Action Remember Compliance Equals Consent Dr Rashid A Buttar”

  7. Hello out there in lockdown land. It’s safe to come out now. The Serbs are not dying of Covid. So when are we going to do the same in our Canadian cities?

  8. The Premier of Québec announced mandatory mask-wearing starting on Saturday July 18. There will be demonstrations in Québec City in the coming days.

    !!! This is WAR !!!

    Horacio (bad boy) Arruda, the official WHO agent for Québec, threatens citizens directly!
    To sum it up, he said he would re-shut down the economy if he feels like it, and will send the police after recalcitrant dissidents.

    Vive le Québec libre – Charles de Gaulle

    The Time to Defend Ourselves Has Arrived