Supersonic Jet Taking Off in 2021 Will Get You From London To New York In 3 Hours

Cameron Frew – Unilad July 12, 2020


It’s been more than 50 years since the Concorde first boomed across the Atlantic, but in 2021, supersonic travel will return to the skies.

Boom Supersonic are getting ready to roll out the XB-1 on October 7, a 1:3 prototype of the Overture, which will bring supersonic speeds back to commercial air travel for the first time since 2003.

The delta-wing Concorde was the original supersonic jet; an extraordinary feat of engineering that transported elite passengers from New York to London in less than four hours. However, it’s most remembered for the the tragic Air France Flight 4590, in which everyone onboard was killed due to an explosion after take-off from Paris.

You can check out the Overture in Boom’s video below: 

Boom plans to start conducting test flights of the XB-1 in 2021, intended to showcase the ‘key technologies’ of the Overture, which is reportedly 100% carbon neutral and ‘history’s fastest privately developed aircraft’.

On the company’s website, founder and CEO Blake Scholl said in a statement: 

XB-1 is the first step in bringing supersonic travel back to the world. Flights at twice the speed mean we can travel twice as far – bringing more people, places, and cultures into our lives.

Our experiences in the COVID-19 pandemic underscore for all of us the fundamental human need for personal connection. Faster travel enables us to experience the world’s people, cultures, and places. With XB-1, we’re demonstrating that we are prepared to bring back supersonic.

Prior to the pandemic surging across the world, Boom had amassed a hefty number of preorders for the Overture – to be more precise, at least $6 billion. At $200 million a piece, Virgin Group and Japan Airlines, which invested $10 million in the company in 2017, have made purchases, along with several other companies.

Scholl added: ‘We’re ensuring that the supersonic future is safe and environmentally and economically sustainable. We’ve learned that the demand for supersonic has grown even faster than we anticipated.’

If all goes well with testing, the Overture will begin commercial passenger flights in 2030, transporting between 55-75 people at Mach-2.2 speeds across more than 500 transoceanic routes; for example, London to New York will take three hours and 15 minutes.

While the XB-1 and Overture will benefit from the latest noise-reduction technology, the aircraft will only soar at supersonic speeds over oceans. Can you imagine sitting in your flat, then a sonic boom boots the arse out of you?

Over in Reno, Nevada, Aerion Corporation is also developing a supersonic commercial jet – albeit it’s far smaller in scale, with space for 12 passengers.


6 responses to “Supersonic Jet Taking Off in 2021 Will Get You From London To New York In 3 Hours”

  1. This is an excellent example of how British & French tech has been handed to the US private sector. Of course, it is a state-funded venture through banks supported by the US Fed who make US sheeple pay for it. The same thing happens with Ellon Musk’s various state-backed ventures.

    I wonder if the cabin crew will be handing out anti-radiation blankets? One regular Concorde flyer had his own radiation blanket and this kinda puts a big question mark on the white space program?

    The Paris Concorde flight was sabotaged as it hurtled down the runway towards the French president Jacques Chirac and a large number of Japanese businessmen who were on an Air France 747 at the end of the runway.

    No way was the US going to let the new A380 be flanked by two Concordes. I’ve met loads of Amerikans who hated the A380 and just to make the point, not a single US carrier purchased an A380.

    The fact is, the UK has had the tech to build space planes, including the engines, but UK regimes (51st State) have constantly blocked these projects because they undermine Amerikas standing in the world. We could have built a space place 20yrs ago, more than 20yrs ago and you must remember, whatever the US achieved in space, they only did it with German know how & that extends to nuclear weapons.

  2. You Got That Right Carl Jones,
    That Paris Concorde flight was sabotaged by American Jealousy, of that there is no Doubt, and now after all these years they have the Bloody cheek to do one of their Own, and it is just a Tiddler it can only take 55 people, the shuttles between counties can take more than Double that, We should get the British and the French governments Plus the People together and give them what we think of it, they had the Balls to get our governments to prevent Richard Branson from buying the concords in France to start again, And that King size Vomit Tony Blair did all the bidding to see that it was Stopped, by Calling the French President.

  3. just an additional comment, if this is what America Does to It’s Allies, who the King Hell Needs Them, I Think that Russia would be a Far beneficial Partner in a supersonic Plane Partnership, and it would be Strictly European, No two Timing Yanks.

  4. When Concorde was still flying it was massively subsidised by the British [and presumably French] taxpayers. The musician Sting was a passenger on one occasion a camera crew was on board. When asked why he flew Concorde he replied, “I can get from London to New York quicker on this plane than I can get from London to Newcastle on a train.” He also said it was worth the £3,000 ticket for a busy wealthy man. what he didn’t say was had the flights not been subsidised the tickets would cost £8,000.

    Rich people like him were getting a 5K subsidy for a few hours convenient travel, when the same governments were cutting benefits to save a few K a year on some of our poorest people. Sting only had to fly Concorde once and his subsidy was more than a year’s dole.

  5. My question is, is there a market for this, how many people would want to fly to these two cesspools?

  6. I knew someone who flew to New York and back to London in a day on Concorde. He had to sign some documents. The big trend with Concorde flights was that Amerikans could land at LHR and be through baggage & customs in ’15 minutes” & be in a central London theater for a 19.00/19.15 West End show.

    The really big conspiracy here is that space planes should be the normal mode of long haul flights. I say its a conspiracy because this tech has been suppressed. Public money has been used on several projects which have been blocked. Spaceplanes are more economical. Once on the edge od space, they glide most of the way.