Illuminati Hoax? Nuclear Bombs Do Not Exist — July 12, 2020

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“Ten countries in total have claimed to have nuclear weapons, and this is actually the scary part of the hoax, showing how major world governments collude.”
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Quite seriously, nuclear weapons have never existed. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were only two more horrible urban napalm fire-bombings, less devastating in fact than the one that hit Tokyo five months earlier – but re-packaged with a fake story of a ‘new awesome weapon’.
August 6 & 9, 1945 began the biggest hoax in history, helping oligarchs steal trillions from hapless taxpayers.
Before detailing how Hiroshima was a fraud, consider that the mushroom cloud we associate with ‘nuclear blasts’, is an ordinary result of chemical explosions, as you see in the above photos of when factories explode.
The old ‘nuclear explosion’ photos and films are often obviously fake when examined now with modern tools, mixing a chemical explosion image with a background.
The devastation you see in Hiroshima and Nagasaki – where indeed tens and hundreds of thousands died or were horrifically maimed – is exactly like in Tokyo or other Japanese firebombed cities, because houses were mostly wood.
Swedish engineer Anders Björkman, born 1946, has worked to expose the nuclear weapons hoax for years, arguing they are technically impossible. Björkman’s website.



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  1. Well. For those who want to go deeper into the rabbit hole, perhaps I may be allowed to mention my own book “Fake Aliens And The Phony Nuke Order” .It covers the nuclear weapons hoax as well as the way the ET visitation psyop has been used to further this agenda…

  2. Micro nukes, like Oaklahoma, Bali, US East African embassies, Taba Hilton, Baghdad UN compound, Rafic Hariri in Beirut & the Australian Embassy Jakarta. Clearly this is not a full list.

    Small fag packet sized and very clean nukes. Or exotic sub-critical weapons. The Davy Crockett was a nuclear recoilless rifle. The warhead could fit in a large shoebox & had a yield of between 10 and 20 tons of TNT and entered service in 1968!!! This indicates they started developing this weapon in the mid-50s. So the idea they have very small nukes is not far fetched. You only need to view the Rafic Hariri images to see the damage done by a micro nuke placed in a drain pipe under the road. So hot was this blast that one man who was still alive in his car some 150ft from the crater that his body was charred as he struggled to climb out of his car… the car had no paint left on it.

  3. Tell it too the Bikini islands. The Aboriginals of Marilinga. Steels girders bent in ways metal cannot bend even when forged. Shadows of people x rayed onto bitumen at death. You reserve judgement Henry now what a joke that is. Why? are you immortal in your de-humanizing of the victims from empire’s testing grounds. The A and H bombs exist and have not changed since their making. One size fits all. You simply cannot reduce the size of material needed for minimum change reaction. Asinine to think so. As for creating a hot hellstorm in a low impact area, well many things can explain that. Start reading.

  4. As usual, Miles Mathis adds excellent content and historical analysis:


  5. What about Operation Fishbowl as part of Operation Dominic where high yield nukes were used against the Firmament?

  6. What about the radiation? If nukes don’t exist where does it originate?

  7. I suppose all those acetate films of live nuclear explosions are all fake, and those nuclear power plants, they really burn coal. And radiation detectors, they are fakery too? Plus let us not forget the earth is flat, the sphere is an illusion.

    What about all the physics behind the science, how did they fake that?

    I’ve never known the military to field “fake” weapons. So those bombers loaded with nukes is fake? Iron Dome was fake?

    M388 Davy Crockett Operational Test

    BTW Israel ended up stealing those Davy Crockett nukes which began the secret Israeli nuclear program.

    I will tell you what is fake, flat earth and nuclear bomb hoax. That is disinformation meant to confuse and discredit the truth movement

  8. Hmm … 1945 ignorant people anywhere, of course, believed in explosive FLASH fission, because they didn’t think and had no idea about nuclear physics. Today the situation is the same!
    Nagasaki & Hiroshima are not radio active, neither are the Marshall & Bikini Islands. Life goes on with no after effect from radiation sicknesses in new generations.
    LORDS OF THE NUKES. Best (and longest) video looking into nuclear weapons and nuclear power.

  9. This is interesting:

    Belief that nukes are a hoax doesn’t mean a belief that nuclear power is a hoax. In fact not only do I believe nuclear power is real, but it’s being suppressed as very safe alternative compared to the would be carbon controlled oil, coal and gas fuel sources. I’m speaking of liquid salt reactors. Worth looking into.And for what it’s worth I don’t believe in the “Flat Earth” either.

    A big mushroom cloud isn’t indicative of a “nuclear explosion”. It could be a conventional bomb, and I believe they all have been. That they could be seeded on occasion with radioactive material is a plausible explanation for when radioactivity has genuinely been measured in their vicinity. A few years ago there was a scare about “dirty bombs” of this description.

    As far as the physics of the bomb are concerned, “Death Object: Exploding The Nuclear Weapons Hoax” is a book written by Akio Nakatani

    I find the Davy Crockett nuke as laughable as a COVID-19 mask.


    In 1982 I worked with a fellow who had read Ernst Zundel’s book. He told me the “Holocaust” was fake. “How could it be I said? I ‘ve seen the bulldozers and the bodies.”

    Of course this was before the internet and long before I had known of who runs the media and owns the banks. Yet a narrative plus film and pictures is very convincing. It took me another twenty years for me to question something I had so readily believed in. A year or two after that I learnt the moon-landings were hoaxed.

    It was in 1972 that the last alleged moon landing took place. It was in 1945 that the last alleged atom bomb was dropped in anger. If those readily dismissing the “nuke as a hoax” idea remember in another twenty years time to revisit the idea, they might ponder why after nearly a century a nuke has not killed thousands of people and why man has not returned to the moon in nearly seventy years.

    The link with the moon-landing hoax is also linked in with the argument “why doesn’t Russia say something about it?” And the answer to this question is, because as is becoming increasingly obvious, they all pee into the same pot.

    As far as I know, I’m not a purveyor of disinformation meant to confuse the truth movement. I nail my colours to the mast and am contactable should anyone wish to discuss this at length.

  10. Nuclear weapons are real.

  11. Yep. I guess all these missing species on the West Coast of Canada disappeared because of Climate Change…too much carbon dioxide in the water I guess…

    Go and tell that to Dana Durnford, the nuclear proctologist and he’ll rip you to pieces with knowledge, facts and personal experience.

    They Are Coming For Your Children

    The Orthodox Nationalist on Khazaria
    What Is National Socialism In Truth? – by Vertigo Politix

    Freemason and Secret Society Expert James Robert Wright
    Worldwide Population Being Tortured In Deep State Psyop
    MASK OFF – The Artist as Warlord – COVID-NWO Agenda

    Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Research Expedition
    Update Day 14 – Dana Durnford
    All here:
    The Babblers Say The Grabblers Are Coming For Our Children – Voltman

    I agree with Yukon Jack. Truthy0 is completely out to lunch and keeps hounding me to explain to him why you can see Venus after the sun has set. I did explain it once to him but he was too dense to realize it. He accused me of being unable to read properly when clearly, he was the one who didn’t recognize or understand my explanation.

    This Flat earth and earth-centric nonsense is completely absurd, ridiculous and frankly dumb!

  12. What about uranium enriched weapons used in the Iraq war. And all the radiation and cancers we were told occurred?