Don’t sweat the small stuff

Irish Savant – irishsavant.blogspot July 11, 2020

Late in life I came to realise the value of not sweating the small stuff. No point in getting into a state over trivial annoyances. Reinhold Niebuhr had an even more profound insight: God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Genuinely, such an invocation does help you get through life in a less stressful way.
I try live by these precepts. But sometimes it ain’t easy. Very many years ago I fell in love with Jesus College Cambridge. The ambiance, the grounds, the stately buildings and echoing corridors. I’d love to have had an academic position there but despite having a PhD, a Post-Doctoral Fellowship and published a high-selling book in my field I wouldn’t have had a chance. Only the best of the best of the best are awarded a tenured professorship at Cambridge. And that’s after surviving the fabled back-stabbing of academic politics where lifelong friendships are transformed into lifelong enmities in the vicious squabble for spoils. Little wonder then that the dons, once ensconced, become bywords for arrogance and their fanatical defence of their academic independence.
You can imagine therefore what it takes to become the Master Of Jesus College Cambridge.

Sonita Alleyne. Click to enlarge

Unless you’re Sonita Alleyne who washed up in Britain from Barbados about 50 years ago. She eventually got a pass BA – be assured it was not in astrophysics – after which she started a ‘music publicity company’. And that’s the extent of her achievements. But, as I’ve always said, if you’re black, are not in jail and wear business clothes the world is your oyster. Alleyne’s pass BA and involvement with a small publicity company propelled her to unimaginable heights with a Fellowship of the Royal Society Of Arts and appointments to, inter alia, the Court of Governors at London’s University Of Arts and the BBC Trust (Governing Body). And now she’s Master of Jesus College Cambridge. Never published an academic paper, undertaken a research project or even taught students. And she’s now setting the academic direction for one of the world’s most prestigious Colleges. Alumni such as Thomas Cranmer, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Thomas Malthus must be spinning in their graves.
Now you’d imagine that having been parachuted in the most bizarre way into such a position Alleyne would keep her head down, cringing with embarrassment when chairing a meeting of intellectual powerhouses. Not a bit of it! Since her appointment she’s spent her time haranguing academic staff and the general public on the terrible bigotry that blacks labour under. On June 5th she published a message on the College web site: Yup, you’ve guessed it. George Floyd. “If one man can’t breathe none of us can breathe” (an assertion disprovable by a child) adding “Be angry at this moment”. When someone pointed out that June 5 was also the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre Allenye was not pleased. According to The Spectator ‘she has forbidden the dons from speaking about the College’s relationship with China’ (my emphasis). Forbidden the dons! Oh deary deary me. I suppose only an affirmative action nonentity utterly tone deaf to university practices and traditions could come out with something like that.
So that’s why I blew a fuse this morning and why Niebuhr’s invocation went out the window.
I marvel at the treachery of Britain’s ruling class (I’m not referring just to the aristocracy here). They have sold out a glorious heritage, handing it over to unworthy and ungrateful foreigners who have no claim to it. Will some traveller in the distant future echo the words of Shelley as he surveys the impending wreckage?
What powerful but unrecorded race
Once dwelt in that annihilated place?



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  1. “What powerful but unrecorded race
    Once dwelt in that annihilated place?”

    Shelley’s quote is N/A.

    The statue knock-downs are the start. The finish is when no trace we ever existed remains.

    From this post, looks like the infiltration/sabotage/annihilate strategy is very far along indeed.

  2. “But, as I’ve always said, if you’re black, are not in jail and wear business clothes the world is your oyster. ”

    My understanding is that universities came into being as progressive alternatives to the church.Universities have since ossified and peer review is just a political trick to keep funding for the same old paradigms that maintain the political status quo. In fact, universities are just academic whores pretending to be intellectual ladies.

    Case in point the BBC’s “Sky At Night” champions the “moon landing as fact” and “The Big Bang” theory. And who do we have presenting this theatre? Well Irish Savant said it in the first paragraph of this comment I make…

    The intellectual centre of gravity is not vested in a cathedral or an old university. It is vested in the hearts and minds of people who follow truth.

  3. Cambridge universities are not what you think
    In the 30s when Lord Rothschild was telling his fmosly homosexual ollowers that by the year 2000 the UK would be communist, it may not be called that but thats what it will be ” unquote
    Rothschild used his influence to get his left wing Apostles into positions of power , mainly at the BBC and cambirdge universities. Since that time the Universities there have been rotten to the core with anti British socialist types, they did so much to bring the UK into w w 2 to help Russia our traditional enemy since 1917 when the jews took over
    Burgess mclean phily all thes etraitors responsible for milions of deaths came from cambridge universities
    and tody the Unis church out not edcated kids but indoctrinated kids
    Cambridge has never apologised for what it di

  4. As long as we allow D.L.Js to dominate things
    nothing will get btter
    we need to get them out
    lets put them all on epsteins island where they can nob their own kids have human sacrifices and do what they hell they want away from us

  5. One import that won’t be slavering for the old english. However she doesn’t know how expendable she is being an import putting her trust in the egregiously racist British aristocracy. Silly girl because no woman would take prestige not earned. Unreal isn’t it. British and European exceptionalism is bad enough but when they layer an import`s haughty nature on top of it, anything goes.
    Sooner or later the English are going to have go down the same route as Hezbollah, the most civilised fighting force the world will ever know. Yes and the English will be the last to admit it, the last to progress.

  6. Look we all know who is doing this….the Jewish elite…its all rather straightforward….All you can say is….the activities of Epstein must have been way WORSE than publically stated for it ever to have made the courts.
    Ghislaine Maxwell remained free UNTIL the pressure rose too much to be ignored.She,like her father is the personification of evil…..will the rat escape from the trap?.
    Until such time as crypto Jews are recognised for what they are….these bizarre appointments like this African woman will continue….The Jewish elite almost openly controls Americas top universities,however Jews in Europe are considerably more discreet…they have learned from history.Therefore Cambridge will have a disproportionate number of crypto Jews on the academic staff…..and they’ll all be in favour of multiculturalism as it ultimately makes their own position more secure.With the Prime Minister and his deputy BOTH Red Sea Pedestrians AND perhaps more importantly the Director of the British Secret Police MI5 a jew….(who will be actively persecuting native Britons who object to their country being literally invaded by consent (of the elites)…..etc.
    Take history programmes at the BBC…..the presenters are all crypto Jews who can be relied on to present the “correct” view of history.IF these presenters were OBVIOUSLY Jewish….then questions could be asked about their impartiality.
    Most people with any commonsense would question the appointment of this academic lightweight…but since Jews control the media….you never hear a word.

    Jeremy Paxman is a crypto jew….BUT he denied he was Jewish…..a barefaced lie….pulled off with aplomb by this prick.

    Commonsense dictates that Margaret Thatchler was highly likely to have been a crypto jew considering the makeup of her constituency….nine times out of ten the Jewish voters in an area will only vote for another jew.

    So its heads down for the implosion of the once Great Britain…. it will probably be a slow process ….but sorry you cannot put incompetents into positions of influence and expect good results.Theres too much corruption in London both financial and moral….the fact that Britain has the highest cocaine use in Europe FITS…..its symptomatic of what ails the country….AND it is also happening in France too.

  7. What did you expect to happen when anti-white cross-bred Jews control the banks, govt/media & schools/colleges of all these ‘white western’ nations? But I suppose this is what happens for believing in a ‘religion’ for hundreds of years that teaches: “Salvation is from the Jews.” John 4:22

  8. @ prof susan foster
    Enjoyed you comment. In you are interested in actual history and spy craft, you must have read The Fifth Man” by Roland Perry, which gives the factual history of Victor Rothschild in virtually guiding the entire course of WWII. Being the center of the family dynasty and in control of the finances of most of the central banks of the world, he was more than influential. He was directing traffic.

    The same family dynasty used its money and power to spawn communism in Russia and ensured the monetary support of the USSR before and after WWII and throughout the cold war. The regimes they have backed have always done their best to stomp out Christianity, and without the hand, money and influence of Victor Rothschild, the eastern nations of Europe would not have been given over to and raped by communist regimes. Communist China was also their baby and since then they have put our nations on exactly the same track. In scratching the surface of the NWO movement and even the Soros organizations, you will always find the hand of the Rothschild’s. This very anti-Christian family has now taken over the Vatican and intends to make the entire Christian faith over in their own image.

  9. @Fred B
    I’m actually reading Peter Wright’s “Spycatcher” at the moment. Very interesting read. I have the “Fifth Man” resting on my bookshelf at the moment. You’ve just reminded me of it. Time to read it I think. I find the intelligence/banking axis fascinating.

    During WWI Max Warburg was head of German intelligence. His brother Paul was the brains behind the Federal Reserve Act(1913).

    My take is that much that goes on on the surface is theatre to give the impression of conflict between deep state interests in countries. Notwithstanding of course that ordinary soldiers have to pay the price in their limbs and lives for these productions.

  10. Hey Irish Savant, what are you complaining about? You’re also a foreigner, didn’t you know that to be British, means to be a white Englishman, not an Irishman or a Scotsman or a Welshman?
    You should be telling the Protestants in Northern Ireland, that the English don’t see them as British, but as Irish.
    So a black woman has got a top job at a university, come, come old boy, don’t hyperventilate. Universities have been going downhill for years. What with all this Marxism, wokeness, LGBTQ and all that crap. There will be more of this and hopefully the chaps in these universities, will have some balls and make their displeasure public.

  11. Jonno,

    “Hey Irish Savant, what are you complaining about? You’re also a foreigner, didn’t you know that to be British, means to be a white Englishman, not an Irishman or a Scotsman or a Welshman?”


    Britain is the union of Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. Therefore, to be British one would belong to either of the nations mentioned.
    More so. The word Britain comes from the word BRITON. The Britons were a celtic tribe. Therefore Irish Savante has far more connection to ‘England’ than the English do. The English (Angles), ironically, came from Germania with the Saxons and the Jutes. The whole of European history has been predominantly the warring between the Celts, Germans and Romans. After that the Celts and the Germanic, of which I’m speaking about the Norse (vikings).

    I am lucky in that I can say not only is my ancestry British, from all the nations comprising the union, but I also have Norwegian ancestry too. And you, what are you? English? Of Germanic origin?

    People who live in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones.

  12. Aye, there isn’t one university anywhere with the imprimatur to declare them three buildings on 9/11 came down in a controlled demolition.

    “IMPRIMATUR | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary › dictionary › english › imprimatur
    6 days ago – imprimatur definition: 1. official permission to do something that is given by a person or group in a position of power…. Learn more.”

    Thought I would include the Cambridge definition of what imprimatur means and what that university in Cambridge has failed to do.

    I suppose the only jobs you can score after leaving university these days are government jobs.

  13. Not without purpose did God create the Heavens, the Earth, and all between. Pathetic Mankind is still unable to visit, even our nearest star,(Proxima Centaurus.) Of no consequence are the pleas of the Wicked, the Money-Changers,and the Warmongers, on the Day of Judgement.

    They will awaken blear-eyed, from their long sleep, and all that will be heard will be tramp of feet, towards a Fire throwing up huge sparks,and blazing fiercely.