The Perfect Storm

Rixon Stewart – July 12, 2020

Recently displayed Iranian anti-ship missile, which successfully hit a target at a range of 280 kilometres. Click to enlarge

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and rioting in U.S. cities it’s easy to forget that tensions between the Islamic Republic and the West have not entirely eased.
The hostility between them remains and at some point in the next few years it will flare-up again. Of that you can be certain.
So while the media is full of stories about simmering racial tensions, real or contrived pandemics and the possibility that we may soon have to accept mandatory digital IDs, the long threatened conflict with Iran hasn’t gone away. Instead it has been put on a back burner, for now, but when the time is right the powers that be will bring it to the boil again.
Iran knows this. So they’ve taken every opportunity to develop their own defence technology and they have made considerable headway, particularly with locally developed radar and missile technology.

Ain al-Asad airbase, which was occupied by U.S. forces, following Iranian missile strike. Click to enlarge

This was demonstrated earlier this year when Iranian missiles struck a U.S. base in Iraq in retaliation for the U.S. murder of General Soleimani.
Although over one hundred U.S. service personnel suffered traumatic brain injuries, it could have been much worse. Iran had informed the Iraqi government hours before the strike and they passed on the warning. Had they not done so hundreds of American soldiers would have been killed.
Significantly, America did not launch any retaliatory action.
So while much else currently occupies the headlines, the ongoing tensions with Iran remain undiminished and we confidently expect that in the next few years open conflict will erupt.
However, Iran is not invulnerable. Its main weakness is its air-superiority capability but that will almost certainly change when the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPA) that was adopted with the nuclear agreement expires in October 2020.
Then Iran will be free to go on an arms buying spree and top of its shopping list will be air-superiority fighters, probably either Russian or Chinese. While Iran has managed to keep most of its air force flying and even successfully upgraded the avionics, radars and missiles on some of its planes, its air superiority fighters are still at least thirty years old.
So Iran will soon be looking to acquire more modern fighters. Possible contenders for this include the Russian Su-30 or the Mig-35, or the Chinese J-10C. Whatever plane Iran eventually decides on the acquisition of advanced air-superiority assets will dramatically alter the regional balance of power.
Indeed, the day may come when Russia and China form a military alliance with Tehran against what they see as encroaching Western hegemony.
In the meantime the linked report illustrates how Iran is steadily upgrading its military capability. Spurred on by Western sanctions and with bitter memories of the arms embargo imposed on it during the Iran/Iraq War, Tehran has put much effort into developing its own advanced weaponry.
Those efforts have paid off.
Meaning the West will pay a heavy price now if it underestimates Iran’s military technology. Many in the West know this. That’s why we suspect the U.S. did not retaliate after Iranian missiles struck the U.S. base in Iraq. Despite Trump having warned Iran that it would pay a “heavy price” if it attacked U.S. forces, nothing happened.
There’s good reason to believe that Trump was “advised” against retaliation by his military aides.
Nonetheless, tensions between Iran and the West remain and at some point in the next two to three years they will come to a head. When that happens a perfect storm will be unleashed. As war with Iran – and maybe Russia and China too – will give all the world powers the additional pretext they need to clampdown further on their citizen.

Dees: social distancing. Click to enlarge

We’ve already had a glimpse of what that might entail with efforts to contain Covid-19. However, social distancing and lockdowns are mild forerunners of what might be in store. This could entail:
-> The abolition of cash and its replacement with digital transactions, (as in “that none may buy or sell unless they bear the mark of the Beast”)
-> The introduction of detention without trial of anyone deemed a threat to national security. This could include not only Muslim militants in the West and Western sympathisers in Iran but also those who question their government’s real agenda.
-> The gagging of those media, like this website, that are not entirely owned or controlled by the elite.
-> This may also involve silencing all those who question the conventional narrative. Like Kevin Boyle, a regular contributor to this website who recently had some of his videos removed from YouTube. Even though they were far from controversial.
-> And finally, and most importantly, this could also involve the elimination of a large portion of the world’s population; those whom the elite regard as “useless eaters”. In this regard it would wise to keep an eye on the development and roll out of a Covid-19 vaccination program.
War with Iran, possibly escalating into wider conflict with Russia and China, would provide the perfect pretext for the implementation of such measures. Armed with new legislation with which to fight the war, all the combatants would be able to apply these measures against their own citizens in the name of fighting their adversaries. In much the same way as lockdowns were imposed across the planet in the name of fighting Covid-19, so dissidents and suspected enemy “sympathisers” could be locked away in the event of war with Iran.
This could all be done not only to “protect the public”, like the wearing of facemasks, but under the additional pretext of national security. Under such conditions few would object. Thereby making it easier to eliminate all potential opponents to a New World Order and ultimately open the way for “peace and reconciliation” under a global ruling elite.
At least that’s the plan, but like all schemes we suspect that things may not turn out as the planners intend. A small minority of humanity, probably no more than 10 to 15 percent of the population are beginning to grasp the bigger picture. Although still a minority their numbers are approaching a critical mass and ultimately this could change everything. Ed.

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  1. 2 world wars churchills treachury destruction of the middle east stock exchange crash Covid scam
    these are all stepping stones and well documented in the protocols of the learned elders of zion.
    They tell us what thy will do to us, th jews have said each jew wil have 3000 goy slaves and each man will have his pick of the prettiest goy boys
    Blacks will be anihalated, and we will all be slaves to the jew
    time to wake up folks
    and make it quick

  2. Is it possible that I’ve been reading Rixon Stewart’s TTS for over 20 years now?
    What an achievement, Rixon. So many others have come and gone and not gone far enough. Bravo Rixon Stewart!

  3. “The gagging of those media, like this website, that are not entirely owned or controlled by the elite.”

    I hope ‘entirely’ was a mistake, we don’t want a partially controlled Truthseeker site.

    I think sooner, I think this October, but I’ve been wrong many times before.

    Given that the UK is now the 51st State, the US has plenty of MK-Ultra/FEMA Concentration Camps who can take UK trouble makers & everyone in those camps well get the needle and subsequently die. You only need to see what Macron and the French police state has done protestors against the Zionist French elite. I realise the French don’t deport, but things could change.

  4. I am sure the Satanic Bolsheviks of IsraHELL will create another false flag attack on America to generate ANOTHER unnecessary war based on LIES. ABANDON Israel NOW!
    Of course, the adrenochrome addicted pedophiles in the US Congress will be completely blackmailed by these Israeli Satanists into another war, when America is completely BANKRUPT !!!

  5. I 100% agree this is the perfect storm. The level of cultural insanity swirling around this coronahoax is Biblical. We are talking the epic fail of our genome here. The United States is unraveling faster than a burlap bag in a hell storm, the entire social fabric is coming undone, so I doubt any foreign wars are on the horizon. The Amerikan sheeple have been cast into survival mode by their Israeli handlers.

    When the crash comes it could be epic, greatest one day point loss ever would be a reasonable assumption since the market is at all time highs inflated to the moon because of central bank insanity combined with googly eyed robin hood investors who have never seen a bear market, let alone a grand supercycle crash.

    I mean, what else to expect but a bad ending, and BTW I have a hunch that much of this cultural insanity is karma cause by the sheep who ignored the wars and bloodshed and the false flags. I am working on this new theory that this entire situation has been caused because the land of the free and the home of the brave have allowed Israel to get away with the USS Liberty incident, then 911, and now coronavirus is the just desserts.

    I know for a fact that many (if not most) Amerikan sheeple will not even consider that 9-11-2001 was an inside job let alone a reason to go mass murder other nations. Such ignorance and fear to question authority and the main stream narrative could be causal to the sheep demanding others wear masks, they are so fearful of confronting their own cowardice and lack of perception.

    I have, over a course of many years talked to hundreds, if not thousands, of middle of the road Amerikans and most can not hear truth about 911 being a controlled demolition, that Israel did it, and why they did it. This stems almost exclusively from their religious beliefs concerning Jews and the Bible, and their lack of willingness to be brave enough to challenge authority.

    Yes I agree we are entering the perfect storm, hell is coming to the USA.

  6. I definitely want to echo the Bravo! to Rixon and all those who tirelessly help keep this site going! Your tenacity is off-the-charts epic! This article is indeed a poignant reminder to keep our eyes on the caldron of the Middle East, from which eventually a tumultuous, cataclysmic combustion (Armageddon) will occur that will change literally everything!

  7. don’t forget JFK assassination, his brother, electronic hijacking of MH370 so the patent could go the the partner rothchild banking cartel. the murders of many scientists in IRAN, Palestine , false flags all over the world…the list goes on and on.
    These greedy, immortal creatures have no religion…they are impostors. the real judaics are gone…these greedy creatures/psychos are mostly from eastern europe, and the ugly ones from turkey/greek/hybrids…eg young turks who murdered the Armenian’s and the list goes on. People wake up people.
    I hope you are aware, that the government of Canada, along with the province of Ontario, city of Toronto and its public health offices are all being taken to the Supreme Court of Ontario as of July 6 on the unprecedented covid measures,I am sure the corrupted mass media did not broadcast such.
    Yes, a lawsuit has been filed against the aforementioned governments by none other than the courageous Vaccine Choice Canada and its BRAVE lawyer Mr Rocco Galati.
    Kudos to you Sir…you are my hero!!!
    Yes, covid is a scam of grand proportions…more people die any given day of heart disease, diabetes, car accidents, opiods legal and illegal put out there by the same greedy people.

  8. Cathy: “I definitely want to echo the Bravo! to Rixon and all those who tirelessly help keep this site going!”

    Rixon frequently tells us that this site is a ‘one-man operation’. Who are “All those”? Rixon also uses a lot of: “We think”, who is the ‘we’? I’m not even going to get into the changing writing styles.

  9. Ditto what Cathy said. Armageddon is to be the jew waterloo. Armageddon means ‘Valley of Megiddo’ translated from the original Greek text of Revelation. Megiddo is a town in northern Israel toward the border of Syria.

    The number of cavalry troops was two hundred million. I heard their number. Rev 9:16

    It looks like about six sevenths of the men will die in the wars and tribulations – When that time comes, seven women will grab hold of one man and say, “We can feed and clothe ourselves, but please let us say you are our husband, so that we won’t have to endure the shame of being unmarried.” Isaiah 4:1

  10. Is it possible that I’ve been reading Rixon Stewart’s TTS for over 20 years now?
    What an achievement, Rixon. So many others have come and gone and not gone far enough. Bravo Rixon Stewart!

    – yes! Same with me. I have been reading The Truthseeker since around 2001 and possibly it is the only site I have no reservations to, out of all those alternative sites there. A homepage site for my devices.
    Rixon chose an apt name for his website as it honors the title!
    Bravo to Rixon Stewart!

  11. “Man Plans, and God Laughs.” – old Yiddish Adage.

    20 years? Well done!

  12. Good piece, Rixon. Thank you for all you do and your relentless fight to spread the truth and shine a light on the enemies of humanity.