Iran to deploy two air defense missile systems to Syria: report

Introduction – July 11, 2020

The Khordad-3 air defense system that was reportedly used to shoot down the U.S. Global Hawk. Click to enlarge

Iran has agreed to supply Syria with two of its indigenously developed air defence systems: the Khordad-3 and the Bavar 373. The Khordad-3 has already proven itself by shooting down a U.S. Global Hawk drone in June 2019. The two systems can work in tandem with the longer range Bavar-373 providing longer range air defence while the Khordad-3 provides medium range cover.
Russia was supposed to have delivered S-300 air defence systems to Syria in 2018 but has yet to do so. In the meantime Israel has launched repeated air strikes on the country, which its aging air defences have been unable to repel.
The message is clear. For Russia: if Moscow is unable or unwilling to deliver the S-300 to Syria Iran will step in with a locally developed counterpart, which Tehran claims is more capable than the Russia system.
For Israel there is now the possibility that Iranian forces could deploy in strength close to the border. This is a nightmare prospect for Israel, which it will do all in its power to avoid. That means absolutely nothing can be ruled out including direct conflict.

Iran to deploy two air defense missile systems to Syria: report

Tehran Times — July 11, 2020

The component parts of Bavar 373 system. Click to enlarge

Citing “informed sources from Iran and Syria”, the daily said that the agreement has two military and political parts. It said the most important thing in the military part is for Iran to provide Syria with its advanced air defense systems such as the Bavar-373 and Khordad-3 missile systems, which means that the two countries have decided to change the rules of engagement in Syrian airspace and to respond to the repeated Israeli raids on Syrian soil.

Bavar-373 is an Iranian-made long-range surface-to-air system, which was formally unveiled on August 22, 2019. The system is manufactured by the Iranian Defense Ministry. Khordad-3 is an indigenous air defense system, which has an operational range of between 50 and 75 kilometers. Iran has used the Khordad-3 system in the downing of the U.S. Global Hawk drone on June 20, 2019.

Iran and Syria signed the military and security agreement on Wednesday which is aimed at boosting military and technical cooperation and coordination to counter increasing challenges and threats. The agreement was signed by Chief of Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Bagheri and Syrian Defense Minister Ali Abdullah Ayyoub.

“Continued war against the Takfiri terrorism, which is being supported by certain regional and international powers, is one of the objectives of this agreement,” the two sides said in a joint statement.

The Beirut-based al-Akhbar newspaper also said that the agreement “includes that Tehran develops and strengthens the Syrian air defense systems”. The Lebanese newspaper also said that General Bagheri “has discussed in Damascus the importance of the withdrawal of illegal foreign forces [from Syria] and countering the Israeli raids”.

Raialyoum also said the political agenda of the continued American-Israeli pressure is to force Iran to leave Syria, a move that is intended to lay the groundwork for the dismantling of the strategic alliance between the two countries. 

According to the sources of Raialyoum, the Iran-Syria military agreement has delivered a strong message to the U.S and Israel and underlined the strength of this alliance.


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  1. This supports what I said here… more or less.

    Removing the possibility of US air support is key to removing US ground forces.

    The Syrian/Iranian ploy here is to force the US and Israel to attack these missile systems, & that will be very interesting. As I have speculated before, I think these systems can target stealth aircraft and this know-how most likely came from Russia via unofficial channels. Iran clearly believes these systems are up to the task.

  2. Not before Time!

  3. Thank god the racist war on syria may now be stopped
    any mention of jewish control of the middle east,Palestine iraq or syria
    is an instant ban
    people got away with caling folk DLJs
    but facebook have now cottoned on it means a ” Dirty Little Jewboy”
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    British people are with you !!

  4. Excellent Idea , the zionist Jews that run Israel deserve this result , thanks to their criminal behavior toward Syria . With a bit of luck the Iranian will set up antiaircraft positions near the border with Israel and this will be the beginning of the end of the chief rogue state in the world .

  5. British people are totally under the control of DLJs. Just talk to anyone about corvid-19 and see how blinded they are by the BS so exactly which “British people “are behind Iran?

  6. The world sits silent while the Satanists of IsraHELL repeatedly attack the sovereign nation of Syria. The evil of these Ashkenazi Bolshevik Khazars must be permanently removed from the planet. Israel did 911. Remember the USS Liberty.

  7. British people are with you. I think Syria can do without the white knight curse thanks. Seems when the “British” get behind Neoliberalism people die. Stop swearing shit you can’t flush.

  8. Finally the nightmare for the Zio generals is starting.

    Remember in the past, the buyer attacked the seller of S-400 in the back by shooting down his SU-25 a couple of years ago?

    I am still puzzling why Russia did not sell S-400 to the “People of Syria” and instead sell the S-400 to an unreliable ally, the Ottoman Sultan of Turkey?

  9. Masters of deception, propaganda, manipulation and disinfo… recently have been doing their best to promote the idea that Iran is leaving Syria! This is a wet dream, assuming what Pompeo said was true and Iran spent 16 billion (truth is probably 1/5 of that) in Syria, with about ~2500 Shiite “volunteer” martyrs including Afghans, Iranians, others… which was hugely successful, there is no reason for Iran to leave! When Iran and Syria release their extend of cooperation they say to the Syrians “Iranians have taken over your country!” and to the Iranians “Your government is wasting money in Syria!”… when Iran and Syria hides the level of their cooperation they say “Iran is packing up and leaving!”… so whatever happens one can never trust the news. In fact if you ask me the news from the liberal Rohani government is also trash! Field-realities are clear for those who can see.

  10. Whilst I fully agree with the sentiments portrayed in the above comments you are aware that Iran has been pumping oil to the illegal occupiers of Palestine for over 55 years. Which basically means nothing is as it seems!

  11. “Russia was supposed to have delivered S-300 air defence systems to Syria in 2018 but has yet to do so.”

    According to several different sources, the S-300 system was delivered to Syria in late 2018. Yet if that’s true it doesn’t seem to have done very much to protect Syria from attack.

    Regardless, Putin is looking more and more impotent if not disgraceful in his inability or unwillingness to put an end to the terrorist attacks against Syria.

  12. I am still puzzling why Russia did not sell S-400 to the “People of Syria” and instead sell the S-400 to an unreliable ally, the Ottoman Sultan of Turkey?

    24November2015 Turkey shoots down SU-24.

    There was a coup attempt by CIA deep state using Gulen proxies against Turkey. July 2016.

    2018? Russia offers S400 to Turkey. Erdogan is already indebted to Putin for his early warning about the Coup attempt. Erdogan no longer trusts the West, since they tried to coup him, and pivots further toward Russia.

    From Putin’s standpoint, the loss of Turkey in Nato, destroys a key Nato pillar.

    NATO cannot trust Turkey when it uses Russian S-400, so Turkey is no forbidden from buying F-35’s.

    Putin plays chess and wins.

  13. @Harold Smith

    Yes I read the S-300 was delivered to Syria but crucially without its long range missiles which reduces effectiveness significantly.

    @Blackeyes – don’t be puzzled, Putin has driven a wedge between Turkey and the US as the US has reneged on a deal to sell F-35s to Turkey because the S-400 is a data collection database for Russia.

    @baa baa blacksheep – They need to be deployed near the border with Lebanon too as fighters fly into the bekaa valley to make the attacks on Syria.

  14. “dunno Y” why dont you expose your nationality so we can come up with some facile, contrived cheap shots against you?
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    Stick to relevant topical comments or P*ss Off!

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  16. Harold Smith: the S300 might have been delivered, but not turned on. The US and Israel are probing Syrian air defenses, as soon as these systems are turned on, it’s a bit like showing your hand of cards to the other players. If Syria has the S300, they might wait for a substantial attack where there is a greater chance of taking down many planes.

    The deployment of the Iranian systems indicates that Iran actually wants to take US/Israel planes down and they aren’t so concerned about giving away the parameters of the systems. I don’t pretend to be on the level of a military or global strategist, but my guess is that Iran knows the US and Israel threat isn’t going away, so drawing a red line in Syria makes sense. If these systems can take down a number of US and Israeli planes, it’s going to cause the White House a lot of problems, because air support for US troops on the ground in Syria will be velnerable to attack. Iran hasn’t put these systems in Syria to sit idle.

  17. Where is the news of US aircraft carrier currently burning in coast of San Diego?!