This Should Shake You To Your Very Core!!

Introduction – July 10, 2020

The video below may seem to some like a work of fantasy. Unfortunately it is not. As the following article explains, many of the claims made in the video are entirely plausible. The article was written nearly three years ago and even then the possibility of injecting nanobots into the human bloodstream was being discussed.
This was before the emergence of the Covid-19 “pandemic” and the drive for mass vaccinations. Meaning that this plan could have been in the works for some time now. Ed.

This Should Shake You To Your Very Core!!

Brand New Tube – May 25, 2020

Application of Nanorobotics (Nanobots)

AzoNano – Nov 21, 2017

Nanorobotics describes the technology of producing machines or robots at the nanoscale. ‘Nanobot’ is an informal term to refer to engineered nano machines. Though currently hypothetical, nanorobots will advance many fields through the manipulation of nano-sized objects.

The field of medicine is expected to receive the largest improvement from this technology. This is because nanotechnology provides the advantage of transporting large amounts of nanorobots in a single injection. Furthermore, designs that include a communication interface will allow adaptations to the programming and function of nanobots already in the body. This will improve disease monitoring and treatment whilst reducing the need for invasive procedures.

Nanorobotic Applications in the Field of Hematology

Current research is developing nanorobotic applications for the field of hematology. This ranges from developing artificial methods of transporting oxygen in the body after major trauma to forming improved clotting capabilities in the event of a dangerous hemorrhage.

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4 responses to “This Should Shake You To Your Very Core!!”

  1. The big flaw to this is that multiple languages and skills downloads (if possible) WILL NEVER be available to the sheeple. Most of the ruling elite reached the conclusion that most people are over-educated and in many fields, by the time you’ve finished your studies, that information and skillset are out of date. There are countless students studying ‘Dark Matter’ they are writing & publishing papers on a subject that is total pants & has been dust binned by new research. We still have ‘idiots’ like Professor Brian Cox spewing drivel.

    Real education and skills acquisition have always been on a ‘need to know basis’. The majority of medical practitioners have limited skills and knowledge and this is why so few questions what is going on. AI is already devaluing medical skillsets. Accountants should be totally out of work within 15yrs. Within 20yrs you won’t be seeing your GP in their consulting room.

    I say this in the context that we face a 25% chance that a powerful solar event will fry the planet’s electrical system over the next 11yr solar cycle & that includes satellites and your fancy tech. The reason for this very high risk, the Earth’s protective magnetic field is -20% and falling. So don’t throw away your books just yet.

  2. Anything like this has to run the risk of your blood clotting.

  3. This will produce Zombies, as your conscious brain may die but your body will still operate needing protein.
    It will make a great movie until next door eats your kids.

  4. All hail Plankton.