Satanist Confirms Covid is Cover for NWO Tyranny – July 8, 2020

“Do you think that this is all coincidence and the global population isn’t being subjected to an advanced form of torture, coercion, and mind-control?”
Fozdyke- “My work is giving the jewels of the former British empire to China – Australia, New Zealand, and Canada – although Canada is being effectively handled, leaving me with targets closer to home.”

by Aloysius Fozdyke — (

It’s over! The New World Order is swiftly coming, and [my mentor] Petor’s satanist dream will become a reality. 
Have you noticed how the sheeple love all the new rules? It’s based on the 3Ds program of debility, dependency, and dread.
We’re using isolation (quarantine, social distancing, and church closing), perception (think MSM), threats (you must get tested, have the vaccine and download the app), degradation (science denier and being non-essential), the enforcement of trivial demands (to develop compliance) and the occasional indulgence (to demonstrate our omnipotence and omniscience). 
It’s working perfectly, especially the depopulation agenda.
Even if you hate us, you must give us credit.  Chinese communism will win because decades ago the Alpha Lodge decided the future of the planet is Chinese.
Do you think that this is all coincidence and the global population isn’t being subjected to an advanced form of torture, coercion, and mind-control?

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4 responses to “Satanist Confirms Covid is Cover for NWO Tyranny”

  1. Rio Tinto….the giant mining conglomerate is holding New Zealand to ransom.
    They ship bauxite to an aluminium smelter at the bottom of the South Island…..they do this because they have extorted cheap power from the country.
    Every few years they tell NZ they’re pulling out in order to get even cheaper power.Because the smelter is the only major employer in the area the NZ govt has no alternative but to accede to their perpetual demands….it is essentially blackmail.
    It’s all come to a head now and they’re saying they are pulling out for good…
    It’s the perfect time to hit the country with their demands because of the impact of the virus.NZs tourist economy is fucked basically because of the total collapse of tourism from abroad.
    Quite what the objectives of Rio Tinto are remains to be seen…..aside from cheaper power (the smelter consumes enormous amounts of power).
    This demonstrates the dangers of allowing a monopoly to dominate one sector of an economy.
    It is possible the globalists intend to sell off the operation to China… per the article above.
    One thing is for sure…the multimillion pay packages of the executives in the London HO will not be affected.

  2. Matthew 10:28. “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.”

  3. The USA and the rest of the world are under attack by the World Revolutionary Movement, which is led by Satanic Freemasons and Satanic Ashkenazi Khazars. William Guy Carr wrote about this in the mid-1950s. Carr strangely died soon after his book PAWNS IN THE GAME was published. Illuminati Satanists led by the criminal filth of the international banking cartel fund these attacks. Ever hear of the Hungarian Khazar Soros?? Do you even know what Illuminati means? Study Fritz Springmeier’s writings. If any of this is new to you, you have little to no chance of survival. Remember when G. H. W. Bush spoke of the New World Order when he was President? America is a goner. That was clear to me about 15 years ago I decided that the 911 attacks were clearly from Israel and the Satanists of the Bush II administration. Where have you been since 11 Sept 2001? Do you have a brain?

  4. Just had a bunch of “cop whistlers” show up a couple of days back.
    I presume they were plain clothed cops…..detective types….
    Looks like my free speech is not approved of by the government…..its actually “free speech under duress”

    So what prompted this episode?……

    It also looks like they’re lining up Muslim crazies to hang around as well.My guess is there is some heavy duty smearing going on too.

    Incidently this stuff about “Khazars” is just nonsense….it is another distraction and irrelevant.Call them what it says on the packet….”Jews”….

    It is complete speculation but it is possible that the Rio Tinto thing MAY have something to do with the predominantly European composition of the population living in the south of the country.???!.

    The ghastly Helen Clark former PM of NZ and current lesbian with a fake marriage (a kiwi version of Macron) is making noise as a new consultant for the UN on this virus.Clark is a crypto jew of course as is her fake husband……SNAP!….So too is Kiwilands current PM Jacinda Ardern….like Clark she is 1000% politically correct fully committed to the roll out of one world government….Incidentally it is POSSIBLE that this recent sacking of an MP MAY be indirectly related to the Rio Tinto debacle??…..this is speculation of course.