My Neighbors Demonstrate Bezmenov’s “Ideological Subversion” – July 3, 2020

At a time when their personal freedom is severely curtailed on the flimsiest of pretexts, my fellow citizens were protesting against racism. Nothing better illustrates Bezmenov’s description of ideological subversion: No one is able to recognize their real enemy or defend their real interests. 

by Henry Makow PhD

“Friday, June 5, 2020, marked Manitoba’s largest protest march in a century and one of the largest marches in Canada in support of Black Lives Matter and against police violence.  20,000 gathered in Winnipeg to join worldwide protests set off by the killing of George Floyd…A group of eight Black activists called for the protest march…which saw people driving in from rural areas to participate. Over a dozen speakers mostly women shared stories of racism they experience growing up, and continuously in their workplaces…”
This took place while I was still in Mexico. Apparently 20,000 people paraded down a street just a block from my house.
I hate racism as much as anyone. People should be judged by their individual behavior not by their race. But why can’t my fellow citizens see that they are George Floyd and the cops who have a knee on their necks ARE their politicians and media? 

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Manitobans were under house arrest for nearly three months. Their economy has been dealt a nasty blow. Thousands of people are out of work and hundreds of businesses destroyed. Travel has been curtailed. They are forced to talk through plexiglass, social distance, and wear a silly mask. Yet, none of this has elicited any protest or so much as a demand for proof!

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3 responses to “My Neighbors Demonstrate Bezmenov’s “Ideological Subversion””

  1. All of this screwing with the economy causing virtually every business to retract or disappear and people with some assets to scurry around looking for “safe” havens, comes from the central banks, as does the entire Covid psyop. As said since March only the IBC (the international banking cartel) which controls the US Fed, IMF, Rothschild’s banks, BIS, etc., is the only body which could pull off such an international psyop commanding the cooperation and obedience of so many governments of nations of diverse and conflicting interests, together with the mainstream. This same cartel is the principal backer and controller of the UN, its policies, and the entire globalist movement, and it has been engineering political events and crisis after crisis for their coveted One World Government, and One World Bank all throughout the 20th century until now.

    The IBC not only was the principle player in setting up and controlling the US Fed all these years, but it has played off both sides in every major war since. It has controlled the money supply, the commercial banks, credit, debt, and always the purse strings and the levers of power in every boom and bust, and every major pump and dump, like the $1.3 trillion pump they began last Fall and dump they started in late February mainly through the corporations they had funded last Fall all of which was pumped into the market. They have controlled the economy of the world for over 100 years and they continue unopposed to concentrate more and more wealth and power into their exclusive control, as they are doing now through this psyop and the controlled crash of our entire economy.

    In the political arena over the past 120 years this same Western-based IBC fostered and funded the world communist movement and spawned and continuously financially and logistically supported communism in Russia, in China and in many other nations. The sheeple people cannot understand how such ruthless bankster capitalists could also be the backers of such communist nations as well as the principal backers of socialist and communist takeovers in our own nations through various puppet organizations, societies, the media, public education, the entertainment industry, political parties, government agencies, and anointed politicians. The irrefutable fact is that in every nation they have imposed communist governments, they have mind stripped the people of their basic rights & freedoms, their religious faiths, their individual integrity, and their family values. That is what is happening to us right now.

    The most consistent thing we have seen despite the left-right divide-and-conquer rule they have engineered to dominate the world, is that THEY have managed through all of the strife, upheavals, wars and crises simply to concentrate more and more power into their exclusive control. Unfortunately, the people for the most part are so mind-stripped and misled, that there is no real opposition except from the lone voices you hear on the internet, who are simply honest people with a strong hunger for the truth and who have a deep sense of right and wrong.

    None of this is “conspiracy theory” but simple historical fact. To see where we are going the answer is totalitarian socialist control as well as economic privation, and the Covid lock downs and other draconian measures are proof to anyone who is interested in the obvious. There is no organized resistance because the cartel has constructed chains of command in every major organisation in the world to carry out their lock-step plans. People who are wise are scurrying around looking for safe havens for what is to come and some are even stalking up on emergency supplies. Yet, we should be coming together protesting the psyop as well as the central banks, and we should be starting to plan on how to fight to take back our governments, the media, our rights, and our nations.

  2. Magnificent! All 8 black citizens, the 8 of them being the entirety of the black population in the province of Manitoba, getting 19,992 gullible, shameful, brain-dead white imbeciles to march the streets of Winnipeg for the Burn Loot Murder movement. Yuri Bezmenov was more astute than all those 19,992 moronic cuckolds in Winnipeg put together,

    Bezmenov was, sadly, absolutely correct and the large majority of the population doesn’t have a f***ing clue who their real enemies are, despite them being relentlessly rubbed right in their stupid slack-jawed faces.

  3. This BLM needs to be labeld for what it is a Terrorist movement Point Blank.
    Im all for peaceful protests with debate with the injection of commonsense.
    Unlike today where I see people just jumping on Bandwagons to look GOOD for their Instagram Likes. What a pathetic existence.

    Im so glad i aint on Fakebook, Twitter , stagram, apart from watching youtube now and again i have Zero interest in joining these platforms.
    Id just rather go fishing for days on End, then its work 5 days a week.

    I cant for the life of me understand after all this Chaos and madness that has played out in America why anyone with a braincell would vote Democrats.

    Listen to what Steve Piecnenik had to say just today.