ID 2020 is Almost Ready. Be Ready to Stand Your Ground!!

Richie From Boston – YouTube July 1, 2020

2 responses to “ID 2020 is Almost Ready. Be Ready to Stand Your Ground!!”

  1. Fabulous stuff !
    The French people have been demostrating daily for themselves and for us, their primary aim is to stop government people trafficking
    Israel is clearing the whole of the Middle east over to us.
    We have huge employment and housing difficulties yet still they come
    I applaud the heroism of the French
    Whn Napoleaon wanted to get rid of the Rothschilds
    we went to war to stop it
    When Hitler wanted rid of the jews we went to war to stop it
    When Abdul Nasser wanted the jews out of Egypyt
    we stopped him, in 2 world wars the vaiant French did not want to fight Germany a sthey knew they were fighting the jew
    only Stupid British soldiers did not know

  2. Dont forget the jew and former Kibbutznik Boris Johnsteins kind offer to house 3 million Chinese in Britain……that would almost be the final blow to Britains ethnicity or identity.
    Is Johnson “authorised” to do this WITHOUT REFERRING IT TO THE PUBLIC?……..Of course not.And since Britains media is also predominantly Jewish they sure as hell wont be mentioning this.Rather the dumbed down English will be treated to more soap opera drama from those idiot Windsors.