Jonathan Turley: Maxwell Arrest is “Bad News” For Prince Andrew

Paul Joseph Watson – Summit News July 2, 2020

Prince Andrew

Criminal defense lawyer Jonathan Turley expressed surprise that Epstein confidante Ghislaine Maxwell left the relative safety of Paris to return to America, while noting that her arrest was “bad news” for Prince Andrew.

Maxwell was arrested by the FBI in New Hampshire and immediately charged by federal prosecutors, leaving open the possibility that damning new details about Epstein’s global sex trafficking pedophile network could be exposed.

According to Turley, it’s a surprise that Maxwell decided to leave Paris and travel to the U.S. given that extradition laws in France would have largely protected her from prosecution.

“Frankly, as a criminal defense lawyer, I am surprised that Maxwell risked returning to the United States,” writes Turley. “She was believed to be living in Paris. It was well-known that the Justice Department was pursuing the case, including demands to interview Prince Andrew.

Prince Andrew was pictured with both Maxwell at her London home and a 17-year-old Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who alleges she was sexually abused by the Royal and other members of Epstein’s network. Prince Andrew has denied ever meeting Roberts and suggested during an interview with the BBC that the photograph could be fake.

Turley says Maxwell’s arrest is “bad news” for Prince Andrew because Maxwell’s testimony would bolster Roberts’ allegations against the Royal. That is of course if Maxwell doesn’t suddenly “commit suicide” like Epstein.

“Her arrest may be unnerving for figures like Prince Andrew,” writes Turley. “She would be the ultimate cooperating witness if she decided to cooperate on broader criminal inquiries. Giuffre and others have alleged that she was the primary procurer of young girls for Epstein to abuse.”

“Such prosecutions are not easy given the passage of time. However, the government clearly has live witnesses like Giuffre who might have a significant impact on a jury. The government would have to show more than her mere presence at these homes or parties.”

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7 responses to “Jonathan Turley: Maxwell Arrest is “Bad News” For Prince Andrew”

  1. The old Jewish conman Robert Maxwell is laying on his deathbed
    He’s about to say his final farewells and asks his wife to come close to him.
    He asks, “is my daughter Gislane here?”
    His wife dutifully answers, “Yes, your daughter Gislane the spider woman and all your children are here with their partners and children.”
    He next asks, “Are my sons here?”
    His wife replies, “Yes of course and all of their partners and children.”
    “Are all my sisters and brothers here with their families as well?”
    His wife answers, “Yes of course, all you daughters and sons are here with their partners and children. All your family are here surrounded around you, its just a shame you have no friends.”
    Robert leans back and looks at her points to the next room over and says, “Then why is the kitchen light still left on?”

  2. Like Epstein, Jizlaine has the goods on world leaders, including Trump and Billy boy Cliton.

    I read she was going to the same jail as Jeffrey. LOL

    We’ll see if she lasts long or testifies, front page news for weeks.

    BTW the prime suspect behind Epstains death is Trump himself. Just so you know.

    IMO Trump could be emperor for life he actually started arresting the deep state players,
    but the problem he is in on it, Trump’s in not the enemy of the deep state, he is a psyop playing the role as opposition, which is why he does nothing.

    Trump fooled Amerika big time.

    IMO there is little chance we’ll ever hear from her again, as she has the goods on Prince Andrew. Royal reptiles kill anyone who gets in their way. She is already dead (perhaps). Don’t get your hopes up.

  3. The last couple of years executive orders were implemented that were specially made for liquidating pedophile networks and moloch worshippers regardless of their nationality or position. It takes time, because the Deep state is not defeated yet, the Trump administration is under continues attack. However, former leading elements seem to be less in the news than they used to be, heard much of the Bush
    /Clinton cabal lately? Obama? Queen Elisabeth? And many others and there is more to come.
    The general public wont be informed on this. The clue is in these executive orders. The general public is just not capable of comprehending the torture of children, ask police officers who had to watch the videos of Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin slaughtering a child. I am pretty confidant Epstein is dead.

  4. the k*kes infect everything they touch
    the worlds oldest Anti-religion

  5. “jizlaine”….”Cliton”, loved it LOL….
    Damn it Yukon Jack I want to see more of your posts. This was a good one, but I’m always looking for it. But not enough of them.

  6. She was living in New England all this time and the FBI didn’t know? Give me a break.
    Miz Maxwell is embarking on the same route as Epstein. She’ll be held at the same jail in NYC, where she’ll be swapped out for a similar looking cadaver and flown on a private jet to Israel, where, being Jewish, she has automatic citizenship. Meanwhile, as with Epstein, the public will be left arguing as to whether her “death” was murder or suicide, while overlooking the other option which will never be considered in the MSM. She’ll be sitting on a beach in Israel, pina colada in hand, with Jeffrey at her side, having a good giggle.
    She most likely had plans for some plastic surgery anyway.

  7. Prince Andrew is being used to distract people from the obvious question: Given the surveillance power of the FBI and other Alphabet agencies, how did it take this long to find her? Make no mistake – the fix is in. More theatre.