“This World is the Sport of God. This is his Lila. This is his Playground and we are ALL Creatures of his Whimsy.”

Reflections in a Petri Dish – June 30, 2020

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There are times when the noise, aggression, and nasty behavior reach epic proportions. These would be such times. Today… I am going to ‘try’ to point out some details that may be of comfort to you. Take a moment and observe the behavior of those pantheons of sanctimony in the press, in the street, in the corridors of power and in the tinsel and glitter worlds of celebrity. Note… as each tries to outdo the other in self-righteous outrage, puffed up like parading peacocks, grandstanding in their (LOOK AT ME!) delusional state. We are in the endless, yet brief hour of the whitened sepulcher. Voices of reason and compassion are being shouted down on all sides.
Now… summon all of your objective capacity and note that they are EXPOSING themselves in crystal clarity as what they are. This is The Purpose of Demonstration in action. At the moment they have the security of fellow gasbags and swaggering blatherskites. What they do not know is who is watching them and to what end their conduct and performances will take them. THIS… this… is one of the principal enterprises of The World; to provide a stage for human behavior and in these times… never has it been so easy for one to be seen far and wide, in all their feckless and unashamed posturing. There is a point and a purpose to all of this. That we cannot plainly see this is a problem. The mind is both reflexive and reactive. It sees things within the environment that the senses provide. It seldom perceives outside of that. When it does it is termed The Intuition, or The Sixth Sense, Premonition or Visceral Awareness. Because it USUALLY sees only within a narrow parameter, all sorts of details are missing. One is then, a bewildered resident in a half-cocked universe.
Depending on whom it is present in, the mind is either their greatest enemy or their best friend. In these times, a great many people are transporting their adversary in the same compartment as their false self. When you don’t know who you are, it is not possible to know much else, or perhaps we should say, whatever you do know is not real. Such people cannot be reasoned with. Until trauma intrudes or epiphany arrives, there is no way to bypass the blind man who is waving his angry sword in all directions.
Proponents of Advaita philosophy talk about reaching wisdom by the process of Neti… Neti; by saying, “not this, not this” to everything, exercising divine discrimination to empty themselves of all false perceptions and identifications. No matter how effective they may be at this, they are not going to get very far, no matter how far they travel, until they deal with ‘I’; the indwelling I, that confronts and disputes everything having to do with the supremacy of that I, which has veiled the True Self. That intrusive and obscuring I is The Devil. The Devil is the mask that conceals the presence of The Divine. If you should have the misfortune to encounter this devil and the presence of mind to stand still and unmoved, you will see a corona of light outlining the form before you. That hidden light is The Angel who is concealed behind the illusory form. You are either BOUND or you are FREE.
Love is the medium and the vehicle that channels or transports you to a state of freedom. It is the cosmic vitriol that reduces everything to itself. Love is The Essential State and everything else is a mockery, created out of manipulating the essential vibration into something self-serving. Love gives itself away. Love… Pure Love melts away all bindings and attachments. THIS… this is what The Avatar is bringing and everyone will be revealed by the nature of their relationship to it. There is NO HIDING PLACE. There is NO DEFENSE against it. There is no power equal to or greater than it. It AUTOMATICALLY rules over all else. Love is the Power of God.
I know there are many out there who will say, “Oh… those are just words, anyone could say them.” It is the nature of the deluded to refuse to believe that anyone else might have something that they don’t possess. If they don’t have it then no one else does either. It ALL depends on the quality of your love and the quality of your love is reliant on your level of selflessness. As soon as you are not out for yourself, you axiomatically become the servant and friend of Heaven. Self Interest is The Devil’s Workshop. However, this fearsome specter has not one iota of power that you do not give it. You give it whatever reality it has. It is not real, or rather… let us say that it is a relative existence. As I NEVER tire of saying; The Devil is God as the wicked perceive him. One might say that The Devil is the shape that our fear gives to it. So long as we are in the thrall of any base passion-appetite or selfish ambition we are the bound subjects of this autocratic taskmaster.
We would have no fear if we were not under the self-imposed threat of the loss of temporary things. We would have no fear if we had no hostages to fortune. No matter to what extreme one goes to save or prolong their life, they cannot do it, and even when they do, for however brief a time, as some practitioners of certain disciplines have found, it is still for The Purpose of Demonstration. No matter to what extent one studies, or what austerities one performs, or however much one pleads or attempts to negotiate with him, Death is unmoved. No matter to what length one may go to attain liberation… one cannot, except through the mysterious power of GRACE;-
“And you hath he quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins; wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience: among whom also we all had our conversation in times past in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind; and were by nature the children of wrath, even as others. But God, who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us, Even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, (by grace ye are saved;) And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus: That in the ages to come he might shew the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us through Christ Jesus. FOR BY GRACE ARE YE SAVED THROUGH FAITH and that not of yourselves: IT IS THE GIFT OF GOD: NOT OF WORKS LEST ANY MAN SHOULD BOAST. For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.”
I have given you Biblical scripture because most who visit here are Christian. I could present the same in other traditions as well. I am NOT a Christian but I am a FOLLOWER OF CHRIST and I say with conviction that I have met him, though whether that is believed by anyone else is of no matter to me, nor am I made any greater than another because of it. BY THE GRACE OF THE ONE, I have been made the servant of all.
It is very hard for most of you to come to terms with what you see taking place in the world. Your mind is in a constant struggle to be supreme and it retains its false position through endless reactions and distractions. It MUST BE made subject to the higher mind and it will be, once again… by GRACE. We are all reliant upon GRACE and without GRACE we will get nowhere. We can amass riches and supernatural powers, as some do. We can seemingly rule over the fate of others but we will have NO HIGHER UNDERSTANDING without submission to The Higher Self. This is an impassible barrier, as anyone who has attempted to bypass it finds out. For so long as we are manipulated by the despotic false self we will be in delusion.
EVERYTHING transpiring in the world around you is a scripted drama for The Purpose of Demonstration. People can come to their wit’s end arguing about it and railing against it to no avail. It matters not. This world is the sport of God. This is his Lila. This is his playground and we are ALL creatures of his whimsy. Stop trying to make yourself important. You already are important BUT ONLY once you have realized the true state of your relationship with the one abiding and ALL POWERFUL being, who is the totality of creation itself and who is intimately aware of every particle of it and who is resident in you and watching through your eyes and waiting for you to discover this. This I KNOW to be true.
There is a force that has now appeared in the world and it is the force of Awakening. People are responding to it in many different ways. It is an inexorable force. If you refuse to acknowledge and surrender to it, you will be brought down by it, in a manner according to the particular nature of your resistance. The Force of Awakening is an instrument of The Avatar, projected in advance of his appearance. One might say that Mr. Apocalypse is a permutation of The Avatar who comes in a variety of personifications, including The Rewarder and The Punisher.
I realize he is taking too long for some of you. You will find his appearance expedited to the extent that you begin to engage in the performance of acts that are in resonance with his nature. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. Live and move and act as if you were already at all times in that kingdom. Simply behave in a selfless and dispassionate fashion. Every resident of Heaven has similar characteristics of conduct and comportment. Emulate them.
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I I am a creator, by the grace of inspiration, in various media, by the grace of God, the love of whom, is the centerpiece of my life.

11 responses to ““This World is the Sport of God. This is his Lila. This is his Playground and we are ALL Creatures of his Whimsy.””

  1. Another baseball cracks off Visible’s bat. It rockets over second base, soars out of the stadium and out into orbit around the galactic core.

    Crickets in the stadium chirp out a mighty roar.

    The approaching Avatar awakens in each heart…


  2. Les, you really hit it out of the park today, my friend. ‘We are in the endless, yet brief hour of the whitened sepulchre’–that could be TS Eliot. Vibrationally perfect (in my humble opinion). Thanks for that.

  3. The title of this essay; ““This World is the Sport of God. This is his Lila. This is his Playground and we are ALL Creatures of his Whimsy.”” is a great condemnation of God since this world is pure evil.

    The gurus and the theists all claim God is the greatest and purest love. Uh huh, then why is the world so damn evil? And if you say it is man or his choices, the omniscient God would of known it beforehand and not created such an evil place.

    Saying that this world is God’s playground is a gigantic defamation of God because you are saying God is merely toying with us for it’s own pleasure. That doesn’t sound like something LOVE would do. LOVE doesn’t F-CK with other lifeforms.

  4. Speaking of impotence, you gave Yukon Jack some flaccid advice. Given that Yukon Jack is also part of the, ahem,”whimsy”; what’s your problem? Why the meek aggression and sanctimonious pretense? “LOOK AT ME point out just how STUPID Yukon Jack is in his self-created (God’s ‘whimsy’, remember) misery.” Why would the not-so almighty Les Visible be inclined to “fix stupid.” Or are you ultimately just informing us of your own cherry-picked ignorance? As noted above, your Christ-like humility has apparently elevated you from the need to respond to praise. KUDOS! But LOOK OUT if someone challenges your cherry-picked conjecture, speculation, and opinions. You can’t “fix” the “whimsy”, and only a self-deluded fool would regard the “sport” of God of being in need of repair while choking on his own cherries. At the moment, in case you haven’t noticed by now, humans are screwed, the police state is coming for you, thieves run corporations and banks, Zionists commit apartheid, your privacy has been gutted, atrocities of war persist unabated, and perhaps Yukon Jack is a refugee of a dystopian assault perpetrated by one ideology upon another. Yet Jack is certainly not alone in that metaphorical boat of refugees. Your self-righteous indignation tells me more about you than Jack…Jack. You’ve ejaculated more words upon the internet in ten years than I will in an entire lifetime. Jack’s question is indeed valid, comprehensible. The regrettable injustices served up daily by the species, for the species, heaped upon the species is incomprehensible. Perhaps the fractal complexity of what’s happening in the world at large from day to day across its five continents, seven seas, 195 countries, and 7.5 billion homo sapiens is beyond measure or apprehension for Yukon Jack.

  5. I certainly have no animosity toward Les Visible, he is a fellow soul on the journey, I just object to this religious tendency to think God is the most high, glorious, and all that. Just look around you, does earth reflect a divine creator? I don’t think so.

    But humans want to justify their experience and thus they place god on a pedestal. I don’t and I wrote an whole essay about it. You are right Les, there is no helping me and no hope for me, I know that better than anyone, and I hope you read this essay:

    My Imaginary Conversation with that Bastard Called God

    by Yukon Jack

    02 Jul 2020


    Those that apologize for Creation, life, and god are just dead wrong.

  6. The world is the devil’s playground. God made us in his image, our challenge is to develop the strength and awareness to rise above the evils of this world and achieve a higher state of being.
    Perhaps god is content to sit back and see who is prepared to rise to the challenge in their physical existence. It is the hardest path to follow.

  7. I think what is happening is we are all starting to realized we are really screwed. Now I don’t know about you, but I do not like being tortured, and wearing a face mask, or even bearing others that do is a form a torture. So why is this happening to us? Does God hate us? I say yes. God hates us and proof is that God chose the Jews as his representatives and they really hate us.

    You can tell alot about anyone by the friends they keep, and looking at all the criminals who love God of the Bible, I certainly would not want to be friends with God based on that.

    It is common for writers to think this torture and abuse of humanity is a temporary thing. I think that is a wrong analysis, I think the Hindu idea that we go through different ages is fanciful thinking, I think the Kali Yuga is all of the time, and that the Golden Age is myth.

    The Kali Yuga is a deception and I even wrote an essay explaining my view.

    Golden Ages are when empires are built, and much blood is shed, but in golden eras temperature and rainfall increase allowing civilization to expand. We just ended such an age, we are now going into a cold dry age and solar minima, thus much suffering and starvation is coming. Whatever positive notions western man has about God, are about to be swept away the winds of Jewish machinations.

    Les, I do not have a problem with you, I was not attacking your person but the ideas presented in this essay. I simply do not think God is good, nor do I think it is a correct analysis that if we are at god’s whimsy, then you would even want to associate with such an entity. Why would a mouse want to be friends with a cat with the cat toys with the mouse until it is dead. Well, isn’t that exactly what God is doing to us right now?

    And “I know that Yukon Jack, like you ‘0’, are crying for help” is not true for me, I am extremely disciplined individual who bears his misery quite well, I only write about to document my experience. I don’t cry myself to sleep at night, I never have, I just grin and bear God’s horrible universe and this evil civilization I happen to live in. I happen to believe I am sensitive and creative enough to give a voice to all the people suffering God’s horrible design.

    For one thing, what right does anyone have in creating sentient life, let alone torture us. God has no right to create us then subject us to the horrific conditions on earth. It is so bad I simply want none of it, the bad outweighs the good. I like to use pictures of burned alive Palestinian children in my essay so the stupid God believers take off the rose spectacled glasses and see this place as it really is, a very evil place, maybe a prison planet.

    You know those poor kids getting tortured in Palestine only happens because of such great Christian faith in Amerika. Without our support Israel could never get away with what it does. It is faith in the Bible that is literally causing the misery and mayhem in Palestine, and all these believers have the gall to call God great.

    God isn’t great, god’s mercy is a ruse because God shouldn’t have created us in the first place let alone put us in a torture chamber where we beg for mercy. You say, Les, “Perhaps God will show you his mercy. He is doing that in this awakening.” with some arrogance that you know what god is up to. I don’t want God’s mercy, I don’t want to know your God, or love him or it, I want none of the above. God is a monster and we are all screwed, but you think you have some special in, and are not.

    That is the problem with faith and hope, it is just a mental condition of human beings who are coping while in hell.

  8. Blatherskite?? well, well .
    May I introduce you to “gobshite” Used frequently around Liverpool ,England but originating ?. Meaning self explanatory, I think. Hope you’re well, Les –you were in the wars a while back.Here’s a song for you “Liverpool Lou”


  9. The ineffable Monty Python should have the last word here…


    It looks and feels like Gobshite to me : )