Australia Unveils Plans to Massively Increase Defence Spending

ScoMo’s show of strength to China: PM launches $270billion beef-up of defence forces with new 370km-range missiles, drones, artillery systems and 800 extra troops as tensions with the communist superpower escalate

  • Scott Morrison will announce a major shift in defence policy to the Indo-Pacific 
  • The government will spend $270billion beefing defence over the next ten years 
  • The main aim of the beef-up is to deter aggression against Australia and its allies
  • More than half of $270bn will be spent on Australia’s air and maritime forces 

Charlie Moore – Daily Mail Australia June 30, 2020

In May Australia unveiled The Loyal Wingman unmanned drone (pictured). Click to enlarge

The federal government will spend $270billion over the next ten years on beefing up the Australian Defence Force with state-of-the-art equipment including long-range missiles and new artillery systems amid strategic and political tensions with China.

In a speech to ADF cadets in Canberra on Wednesday morning, Scott Morrison will announce a major shift in defence policy to focus on projecting Australian power into the Indo-Pacific.

It comes as the region faces growing instability after a brutal border dispute between India and China in the Himalayan mountains that killed at least 20 soldiers and with ongoing Chinese territorial claims in the South China Sea and East China Sea.

The main aim of the beef-up, which will include hiring 800 extra soldiers, is to deter aggression against Australia and its allies – but the Prime Minister also wants to prepare the defence force for war in case tensions escalate.

Beijing and Canberra have been at loggerheads in recent weeks after Australia led global calls for an inquiry into the origins of Covid-19, which first surfaced in Wuhan late last year.

China retaliated by slapping an 80 per cent tariff on Australian barley, suspending beef imports and telling students and tourists not to travel Down Under in an apparent attempt to damage the Australian economy.

More than half of $270billion will be spent on improving Australia’s air and maritime forces, including buying new AGM-158C Long Range Anti-Ship Missiles from the US.

The missiles, which were designed in America in 2014, cost around $5million each and can hit a target 370km away, giving Australia significant new range.

They will be attached to F/A-18F Super Hornet planes and can also be paired with other defence aircraft. Troops will be trained how to use the weapon next year.

The government is also considering buying a range of other weapons and defence systems including the surface-to-air Missile, the High Mobility Rocket Artillery System and the MGM-140 Army Tactical Missile System.

In addition, between $5billion and $7billion will be spent on undersea surveillance systems, and up to $17billion will go towards buying more fighter aircraft.

Up to $11billion will be spent on remotely-piloted and autonomous combat aircraft, including air teaming vehicles.

Australian soldiers move to higher ground_during_amphibious assault in exercise Talisman Sabre 2015

And between $8 and $11.5 billion will buy long range rocket fires and artillery systems including two regiments of self-propelled howitzers.

In May Australia unveiled The Loyal Wingman unmanned drone, its first military aircraft to be built on home soil in 50 years.

The drone will fly alongside fighter jets including Strike Fighters, Super Hornets and Growlers to provide support and intelligence and can hold several systems including a radar, an infrared search and track system and a defensive laser system.

Billions will also be spent on space capabilities and cyber security as Australia faces ongoing attacks on institutions and companies from a ‘state actor’ which intelligence sources believe is China.

The shift in focus on the Indo-Pacific comes as Australia pulls out of the Middle East with the training mission at the Taji Military Complex in Iraq concluded.

Missiles, drones and artillery systems: How will Australia spend $270billion over next ten years?

Maritime ($75 billion)

Expanded maritime force to provide greater capability for anti-submarine warfare, sealift, border security, maritime patrol, aerial warfare, area denial and undersea warfare.

Between $168 and $183 billion for the acquisition or upgrade of Navy and Army maritime vessels out to the 2050s. Between $5 to $7 billion in undersea surveillance systems.

Between $400 to $500 million in long range maritime strike missiles.

Air ($65 billion)

Expanded air combat and mobility and new long range weapons and remotely piloted and autonomous systems will be introduced.

Between $10 and $17 billion investment in fighter aircraft. Between $700 million to $1 billion for Operational Radar Network expansion.

Between $3.4 billion and $5.2 billion to improve air launched strike capability.

Between $6.2 and $9.3 billion in research and development in high speed long range strike, including hypersonic research to inform future investments

Between $7.4 and $11 billion for remotely-piloted and autonomous combat aircraft, including air teaming vehicles.

Land ($55 billion)

Investment to ensure land forces have more combat power, are better connected, protected and integrated with each other and with our partners. Between $7.4 and $11.1 billion on future autonomous vehicles.

Between $7.7 and $11.5 billion for long range rocket fires and artillery systems including two regiments of self-propelled howitzers.

Between $1.4 and $2.1 billion for Army watercraft including up to 12 riverine patrol craft and several amphibious vessels of up to 2,000 tonnes to enhance ADF amphibious lift capacity.

Defence Enterprise ($50 billion)

 Investment key infrastructure, ICT, innovation and Science and Technology programs critical to the generation of Defence capabilities.

Between $6.8 and $10.2 billion in undersea warfare facilities and infrastructure.

Between $4.3 and $6.5 billion to enhance Air Force’s operational effectiveness and capacity in the Northern Territory.

Between $900 million and $1.3 billion to upgrade key ports and infrastructure to support Australia’s larger fleet of amphibious vessels.

Between $20.3 and $30 billion to increase the supply of munitions and between $1 and $1.5 billion to explore expanding industry capacity for domestic guided weapons and explosive ordnance production capability.

Information and cyber ($15 billion)

Bolster offensive and defensive cyber capabilities, enhance electronic warfare and command and control systems and improve intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems.

Space ($7 billion)

Investment to improve resilience and self-reliance of Defence’s space capabilities, including to assure access to capabilities, enable situational awareness and deliver real-time communications and position, navigation and timing.

Between $4.6 and $6.9 billion in upgrades and future satellite communications systems, including communications satellites and ground control stations under sovereign Australian control.

Between $1.3 and $2 billion to build our Space Situational Awareness capabilities.


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  1. Scomo is going to need a lot of money to pay for all this. I’m beginning to understand why he’s not permitted to print his own money to pay for it.

  2. yawn……..maybe if Australia shouts louder, the Chinese Government might pee in their pants.

  3. Question: Why were the planners and strategists not smart enough to predict this very situation…..that by shifting industry and technology to China you boost Chinas potential as an adversary…..
    Even Napoleon was able to predict this centuries ago when he said “let China sleep for when it awakens the world will kñow”.
    So….THERE IS SOMETHING ELSE GOING ON….but exactly what is hard to predict.
    Naturally the Jews have flooded Australasia with Chinese immigrants who are ALREADY sticking their noses into domestic politics of both countries.
    At one point I was being tracked by them… it is Muslim origin immigrants hanging around….so they emigrate to NZ thanks to the Jewish elite and then immediately start behaving like they did back home…so OUR country becomes a mess like theirs.
    Always keep in mind that it is the JEWISH ELITES who are responsible for this shit.
    Today NZs Americas cup contender….has been rocked by allegations of corruption….that is 3 million dollars siphoned off to a bank in Hungary….NO PRIZES FOR GUESSING WHO IS RUNNING THIS ORGANISATION……
    This incident comes as no surprise….the surprise is,is that it has even been mentioned in the media!!.

  4. Incidently the former Jewish PM of NZ,JOHN KEY was said to have been the recipient of millions of dollars of Chinese money…..BUT THE JEWIISH DOMINATED MEDIA WONT BE MENTIONING THAT ONE……you can be sure of that.
    Another high profile former cabinet minister…Judith Collins is probably a crypto jew….she is married to a Chinese and was involved in dubious business activities in China…..she has positioned herself to be PM…..but is keeping her powder dry because there are rough times ahead.
    The Jewish multinational that owns TV3 gives Collins plenty of airtime….too much infact.

  5. This is so funny. How long has the NWO perpetuated this myth that China will invade Australia? I am 59, it is as old as me, if not older. Australia has a population of just over 25 million. They don’t have enough water & the heat is unbearable. Do you think that it’s worthwhile invading Australia, & and spending absolutely staggering sums of money and resources turning Australian into a continent that MIGHT support 50 million… I am trying to be optimistic. This is nothing but generating fear to justify all money spent on US and UK military hardware.

  6. Who needs an invasion?… Anybody who’s anybody (= folks with the remotest ‘upper-middle-class’ aspirations) among the Chinese in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore already owns properties in Australia, and/or is a Permanent Resident, and/or has kids living and working there. This is before we even factor in China itself.

  7. what a perfect place to dump all the Worlds Noses…right in the desert…away from everyone else.
    we need a new Balfour agreement..

  8. 800 extra troops? Chinese troops will be staining their undies at the thought. MorriSCUM is following US orders and causing widespread poverty in doing so.

  9. Why would any one want to invade Australia? when we will sell you any thing you want cheaper than you can get it any where else. (even the loyalty of our politicians). And we sell our citizenship for a few thousand dollars. I have to agree with carl jones above, invading Australia is simply a waste of time, effort and money.
    As for defending against China, what a joke. We have no manufacturing in Australia so all our computer parts come from china. As most vehicles including tractors are reliant on computers we wont even be able to feed ourselves or transport the food to market. Yes lets spend billons on bombs and not be able to grow food.
    We are simply the dumbest race on earth.