Sounding the Alarm — June 29, 2020

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God is using Satan to test us. 
They always talk about new COVID “cases,” not deaths. Why? 
The true death statistics do not justify the economic devastation. We’ve left reason and entered the occult. 
A satanic power is at work here: DEATH!
We are in a LIFE and DEATH struggle. Satan destroys for its own sake. Police brutality etc are just excuses for something that is pure Evil.  Abolishing the cops, for eg., is inviting chaos, destruction, and suffering. 
This is our Paul Revere moment. The Satanists are coming!!!
We need to mobilize. The Illuminati own the planet. The human race is superfluous. We’ll lose all the blessings we take for granted unless we defend them now. 
Below I imagine a world without globalists (Satanists) 

By Henry Makow PhD

Nations will retain their racial and cultural identities and dedicate themselves to the wellbeing of their citizens.
There will be no false-flag terror or phony pandemics. 
Society will be color and gender-blind. People will be hired and promoted on the basis of their achievements and ability alone, not race or gender. Crimes will be prosecuted the same way regardless of race and gender. All lives will matter.


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5 responses to “Sounding the Alarm”

  1. When I read what Henry said about the Coronavirus deception I had a remembrance of Joseph Goebbel’s famous quote: “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”
    Then when I read Henry’s list of New World Order – UN 21 agendas I had a remembrance of the following famous quote by Robert Burns: “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

  2. Some posts by Henry Makow, certainly all posts of Paul Craig Roberts (PCR) — who served under “Red” Ronnie in the 1980s (see work of Gary Arnold, Santa Cruz, Kalifornia) — seem dedicated to deflation of Hope. “The end is nigh!” Take heed, even though forces arrayed against “us” seem irresistibly powerful and assemblages of hue-mans (all peoples, all colors) exceptionally weak, dumbed down, numbed, and scattered — else, CON-trolled opposition. Even playing field, that.

    Reminds me of playing informal chess games at the Dayton (Ohio) Chess Club (1962-1964) with a man who had shaved his head, had a master’s rating, and intoned “Doom. Doom. DOOM!” throughout the game. Even when at material disadvantage — always temporary, I never defeated him — he would softly mutter “Doom.” Henry Makow “sounds the alarm”, not as did Paul Revere, reportedly to a community fully prepared and expectant of attack, but AFTER opposing forces have gained overwhelming advantage — great field position and no defending goalie in sight!

    Like a roller coaster ride, we also have highs on Hopium. Take Robert David Steele, he of the portly, cherubic face with FORMER SPY prominently displayed on his blog with the oxymoronic title of Public Intelligence. Mr. Steele has laid out blueprint after blueprint for socio-political victory, all on the coattails of one Donald Trump. As Miles Mathis might argue, once a spook, always a spook. Keeping “conservatives”, “evangelicals”, and other hope-filled souls in line — if only to make the next (s)election credible, for SOMEONE has to vote for The Donald!! — seems the project to which Mr. Steele was appointed, the flip side of a coin featuring the craggy image of Gordon Duff of Veterans Today.

    Weaned now from the genre of Doom & Gloom, I consider whether years of pessimistic warnings, exampled to this day by Henry Makow and PCR (cf. Burning Platform), were not, after all, simple prescience. Knowing the game plan, perceiving little to no effective opposition, anyone can become a modern-day Jeremiah, I suppose. Doom. Doom. DOOM!

    As Brandon Smith (alt-market) emphasized, he knew HOW but he could not tell you WHEN. For such data as that, one had to read The Economist — or at the very least, study the covers of that publication carefully, suspending disbelief. We now can safely conclude that WHEN is NOW.

    Doom porn itself seemed good business until Reality caught up to predictions. What good does a “Chicken Little” do when the sky has already fallen? NOW what do we do??

    One immediate suggestion: Cue Martha Reeves and the Vandellas and have a listen to the inspirational song, “Nowhere to run”. I hope to see you in Nowheresville, friends! And, do vote for NOBODY for POTUS 2020 and all other orifices! It’s a start on our way back to a land of freedom.

  3. There is no real scientific basis to conclude that this virus is any more lethal than in past flu seasons. The reason is that with the deliberate exaggeration of virtually everything statistical by our fraudulent authorities not only are the number of deaths totally unreliable, but all of their testing for those who are and who have been infected is equally unreliable. In their forced hype to keep up the scare in order to deliberately “paralyze” our nations, they have actually destroyed the possibility of doing any reliable epidemiology in comparing this past flu season to others in the past, in order to gauge any relevant risk. Yes, some people have died, but HCQ is effective for anyone with serious symptoms. That should have been the end of the pandemic. However, the psyop is the only real pretext they have for their “Great Reset”. It was simply “necessary” to shut down of as many “systems” as possible as ordained and directed by all of the megalomaniacs behind the World Economic Forum to remake the world according to their published designs.

    This long-planned, highly-coordinated psyop, with a real flu bug probably enhanced in some lab to increase its infectiousness, was no doubt entirely approved by the international banking cartel, our governments, media magnets and even the Vatican for a “greener, smarter, and fairer world”. We are being manipulated with fake science, still with fake CO2 global warming nonsense, media brainwashing, and blatant technocratic and socialist enthrallment. The real tragedy is that there is absolutely no organized political, social or even religious opposition or movement in sight. Welcome to prison planet.

  4. I heard this queen is no more, something to do with violent behaviour towards children, looks the same case here. The same for her husband. No more royal seal on the palace gates and a missing royal guard i have been told. Military Tribunals? Anyway, she was a traitor to the throne of England. Moloch worshippers. To replace her with a double was not deemed practical so next year a true heir to the throne of England will be installed, he will be called King John III. His name is Joseph Gregory Hallett. his lineage goes back to Anna Boleyn.

  5. The Emperor has no clothes. The people who have been running our finances for the past 120 years are nothing but con artists, and they now are grabbing up everything they can through the Covid psyop which entire operation they have sponsored. They rule by deception and fear and could care less about any of our theories as to how the economy works. They know because they control virtually every aspect of it. Look at the history of the 1929 stock market crash and the deliberately prolonged US depression and what do you find but vastly different “theories” from various economists and professors as to the mystery as to what caused it. Can you believe it? Almost 100 years later and they have “theories”. Our honest and academic experts thrive on theories as to how things work, never suspecting that there are actually real people behind the historical screen pulling leavers all of the time, and that they are nothing but crooks. Meanwhile, the people running things just want us to keep believing that everything is so complicated that they are doing their best for us.

    If you want to find out anything regarding money you just have to follow it to see whose pockets it ends up in. But it would be far too impolite for our trusting experts to say anything to offset their theories, that the economy is something as awesome and mysterious as God and actually being controlled by dirty and blood-stained human hands? Every depression and recession from 1922 to the present, the less than 1% running things have capitalized and concentrated more and more wealth and power into their hands. You want to find patterns in history then correlate the boom and bust cycles with the pump and dump ones in the market, like the one they started last September and dumped last March. Look to see who was really behind the repeal of Glass Steagall Act in 1998. The fact is that the few running things always know in advance exactly what will happen and on the basis of that insider “privilege” they always, always capitalize. They could care less about the relativity of the Keynesian economic theory versus Austrian School. All they have to do is to fund a crisis and to create wide gyrations in the economy and then with the proper investments they can rake it in. What is our depressing history with kings and queens? They generally plundered to get rich and powerful. The legacy of Queen Victoria, for instance, is that she never made so much money as in the opium trade with China. Does any one really believe that the unelected people running things together with their puppet politicians are any different? They are all crooks and they come form crooks. Ripping you off is what they do and they are in positions of power because they are so very good at it. We let them do it so perhaps we can feed off of some of crumbs that fall off of their table and the few scraps they throw our way.