The Roaring First-Timers From the Moscow V-Day Parade 2020

Strategic Culture Foundation — June 29, 2020

The 2020 Moscow Victory Day Parade took place in Moscow’s Red Square on June 24, 2020 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of both the capitulation of Nazi Germany in the Second World War and the historic Moscow Victory Parade of 1945. Some of the military equipment were demonstrated to the broad public for the first time ever. Below is a brief guide to these magnificent first-timers.

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6 responses to “The Roaring First-Timers From the Moscow V-Day Parade 2020”

  1. It should be remembered that the Russians didn’t defeat the Germans unaided. It was the enormous material aid via ‘Lend-Lease’ from UK/USA that supplied the Judeo-Communist Soviet Union with thousands of tanks, trucks, guns, food, planes etc., that vanquished them. Even before ‘Lend-Lease’ was enacted they were being furnished with weaponry from the USA. All violations of the supposed ‘Neutrality Act.’ Nobody was providing Germany with free tanks, planes etc. They had to produce it all on their own.

    But now these white western nations are paying the price for annihilating pro-white Germany, as they’re constantly bombarded with Negrophiliac news propaganda & millions of bipedal apes exist within their nations. But you get what you fight for.

  2. Neo, you are a disgusting hate monger! All human beings came from two people, and actually it is down to one person, according to human DNA ,which is also stated in the Bible where Eve was taken out of Adam.
    Human kind comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The heart of man is what is so desperately wicked, and all human hearts tend to be blood red.
    It is evil to incessantly make weapons, bombs, tanks, planes, etc., to kill other human beings no matter who they are.

  3. Dear Moderator,
    Why do you allow Neo to spew hate in his/her reply, but when I say something to the contrary you do not post it??
    Ann Blue

  4. @Neo You clearly look at history through rose coloured glasses…

    Before the USA or any Western nation (all part of the same NWO agenda btw as well as Germany) provided any unofficial help to Russia, Russia was all but winnining the war on their own front.
    Since this would have ended the war prematurely and before the end goals of the war were achieved, Stalin was ordered to kill tens of thousands of combat experienced officers.
    Allegedly he was scared they would over throw him, but the reality is that was the only way to slow down the Russian advance.
    This hampered the Russians and as mentioned above, reversed the course of the Eastern front, with the Germans taking advantage of the new corps of officers who had no experience and were making too many mistakes to keep the war going well for Russia.

    Eventually Hitler was forced to make similar decisions which led to the desired outcome, the destruction of Germany as an industrial power house (who would be in the global position of the USA had WW2 not taken place)
    Such as how he intentionally let almost the entire British army force escape at Dunkirk! Over 100 thousand troops, surrounded, starving, out of ammo, but just allowed to return home vs killing or capturing them…
    But hey they made a great film to show how brave the sailors and fishermen were to rescue the troops, but no mention of the fact the German navy and air force could have easily picked off these ships to prevent them rescuing anyone.

    Also how the Germans possessed V2 rockets and fighter jet aircraft, which would have decimated the allies in Europe and set them into retreat due to loss of air support and superiority, had the Germans been permitted to mass produce them, but instead they were not allowed by Hitler and the outcome was sealed.

    Finally they had perfected the Atom bomb, as was witnessed by the fact the USA fast tracked their own bombs once they captured the scientists from Germany and stole all their research, hardware, refined materials etc.
    But we are all told to believe the US just randomly planned to create the nukes to end the war which was all but won, because a few thousand Japanese troops were such a threat to the war.
    But the reality was, nukes were needed to set the US as the global leaders who no one would dare challenge for fear of being nuked like Japan!

    But as we know, there are always groups at war within the NWO and the Russians were able to gain access to scientists who worked on the programs in Germany and develop their own nukes shortly after, hence the cold war was put in motion…

    Today we see a new cold war, which is setting the stage for the global WW3 that has been planned for a long time now. These Stanic worshipers have been itching to set it in motion asap.
    But as we see in Asia, China is the bogey man that will draw almost every nation in that region into the war and Russia is the bogeyman as per usual for the Western nations to get drawn in.

  5. I left a reply which you would not publish.
    Your site is not credible because you really do NOT want replies, just your own agenda.

  6. Thank you for posting my comments.
    Ann Blue