“Reincarnation, Karma, and Suffering are Fixed Realities, Only Love Transcends Them.”

Smoking Mirrors – June 28, 2020

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
I had to dismiss the last attempt at posting. Let’s try a different approach.
As you can witness in the catamite media, devoted to the overthrow of all that is stable and human, people are losing it everywhere. This is not something they came up with on their own. They are being pressured by Dark Conning Towers, operating out of vibrational frequencies in the collective unconscious. This is the same medium that has been employed to spread sexual confusion and a pandemic of perversity.
It is a given that Satanism’s chief export is Discord. Discord is proliferated by manipulating appearances. The result of this is Reflex Antagonism, Race Wars, Gender Wars and Culture Wars. The whole impetus of Satanism is to set us against each other and create an argumentative mindset and pervasive uneasiness.
People don’t get here, on this plane of existence by accident. They mostly get here through Misguided Intentions. Unless you are motionless, every movement leads somewhere. Whatever course you are on has an end result. Two forces are constantly at work in the manifest; evolution and devolution. Individuals, groups of all sizes, countries, and continents are all engaged in one or the other. Things go up and things go down. Whatever you have convinced yourself of, automatically becomes a pathway to its conclusion and resolution. In other words, WHERE YOU FIND OUT. Certain inflexible rules are in force at all times. One of the primary constructs is Cause and Effect. Everything you do comes back on you. THIS I KNOW TO BE TRUE.
Certain fixed realities are ALWAYS in operation. It doesn’t matter if one believes this to be so or not. As we said, very recently, Neither The Sun nor the Earth was affected one wit by the arguments as to which of them revolved around the other. There is NO ESCAPING the impact of TRUTH. You WILL come into contact with it, sooner or later. If you are true, it will be a celebration. If you are not, there will be an epiphany.
A fixed reality is REINCARNATION. It is a fact of existence. KARMA is a fixed reality. SUFFERING is a fixed reality due to ignorant desire. Everything that is manifest is evanescent, ephemeral, and fugacious. If you know this you are sagacious (grin) When you leave here, at some point following your departure, you will wind up in a proxy court, under the rulership of Twenty Four Lords of Karma, who oversees the process. There you will view something like a composite video of your life, in which you see, in inarguable crystal clarity, what you did and did not do. The KNOWING part of yourself will experience the meaning of it. There will be NO POSSIBILITY of dispute concerning the conclusions reached because, YOU WILL BE THE ONE REACHING THE CONCLUSIONS, You will, in effect, pass judgment on yourself.
You will then be given a variety of options, depending on how moved you were by what you saw and the intensity of possible responses it will have generated in you. You will be permitted to choose the number of lifetimes following that will be needed to adjust the scales of justice and restore you to cosmic balance. The fewer lifetimes chosen, the greater will be the degree of suffering.
Everything you ever thought, or felt, or said, or did is recorded. There is, in fact, an entity called, The Recording Angel, who possesses all of this information. As you can imagine, The Recording Angel has a number of other Devic beings who appear at the different proceedings. AS ABOVE- SO BELOW. The difference between The Below and The Above is that one is imperfect and the other is impeccable.
People who read this, whether they be skeptics or believers, are welcome to their opinion. We can only hope that their opinion is AN INFORMED OPINION. As you have, no doubt, learned by now, many people do not require that they be informed before they argue, in fact, the less informed they may be, the more intense is the posture of their argument.
You can think of existence as something like a Figure 8, of which, usually, only half is visible. It is a ‘moving phenomena’ and you are on it. At the one half you are present here on the physical plane. When you PASS… you move into the other half. The Figure 8 is a symbol of Eternity. This should tell you what the possibilities are for those devoted to their presence here. You must free yourself of Resentment, Anger, Hunger and Desire, Fear, and a host of other qualities that should readily spring to mind. These are all, BINDING AGENCIES and they account for your being present here and acting out in their various capacities. If you want to get even, you will be given the opportunity and The Law of Cause and Effect will attend to what follows.
Right now, you are being given a remarkable occasion, a serendipitous fortuity to make unbelievable strides, concerning the tenor of the vibration on your Figure 8 and even the possibility of stepping completely off of it. That opportunity is HERE and PRESENT. This is THE REAL REASON that there are so many of us here at this time. All I can tell you is what the unknown monk shouted out as he disappeared; “Strive Hard!” I know A LITTLE SOMETHING about striving hard. I have seen what it can accomplish. I also have some idea of the cost. One should not even consider such a thing as cost when dealing with what is priceless. Some of us HAVE or WILL attain Jivanmukti in this life and you will know it when you get it. This is the OTHER CARROT, which is attended by the OTHER STICK.
My job is not to convince anyone of anything. I am only required to convince myself and that demands that one Trust but Verify. Don’t take anything on Faith, until you have established the value and the reality of it. Religion WILL NOT TAKE YOU THERE. Rituals, doctrines, and dogmas WILL NOT TAKE YOU THERE. Funny hats and sacerdotal drag queen outfits WILL NOT TAKE YOU THERE. Love Alone will take you there. Love is the primary expression of The Divine and beyond that there is only The Unknowable. Love is The Vehicle of Resonance between you and The Divine. Love is The Connecting Force. Love exists in various permutations in every kingdom of existence. It is The Attractive Force. What you want is Pure Love; Love unsullied by desire, artifice, or adaptation to personal ends. Here, everything is personal. In the Kingdom of Heaven it is impersonal. It is possible to be in The Kingdom of Heaven while still resident here. It is possible to take it with you wherever you go and to share it with all you come into contact with. There are those doing it right now. I have been in the company of those doing it. The purpose of those doing it is to inspire you to do it.
We are presently being victimized by a false contagion, whose intent is to subjugate us with fear and to set us against each other. This is one of the expressions of Discord, presently being employed by The Satanists. Let Love become your contagion and see that you infect everyone you come into contact with. Fear is The Enemy’s greatest weapon but Love displaces it. Fear cannot exist where Love is present and so… it renders the agents of The Enemy of Humanity, powerless. This is no common love and ONLY those who have relinquished common love can wield it. This Love is conscious, just as the light that is The Divine is also conscious and one of the reasons he is called The Lord of Light. We are his instruments here. We are his hands. God is formless but he can take form; any form. He can and does take human form.
What I am telling you is REAL and TRUE. The self-important cannot acknowledge it because of the power of the false self over their consciousness. You EITHER recognize the indwelling divinity that also, simultaneously composes all of creation, or you set yourself up as a false god, whose arrogance is a counterpoint to the humility required of those who serve what is greater than themselves. So it is, in a time of material darkness that the world is filled with artless and clumsy impersonators of what they do not comprehend. Their abrasive and mocking laughter fills the world with a jeering imbecility that is all FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. It is a real tragedy when men become incapable of embarrassment and shame. Surely it will come however. It will surely come.
God sits and waits within us all. Carpe Deus! My friends. What does it mean that some say, “Strive Hard!” and another says “Surrender.” or “Let Go”? Life is an eternal paradox and all that is worthy of being said cannot be said. We are the statement itself and for some there is no sweeter music than the barking of the dogs as the caravan disappears over the horizon.
Every moment of time is precious. It is an opportunity to rise beyond the confinements of this world but the senses are captivated by the temporary glitter of temporary things. I would say, “You owe it to yourself.” but you should know that.
End Transmission…….

Today’s Song is I Have to Walk in the Sunlight

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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

13 responses to ““Reincarnation, Karma, and Suffering are Fixed Realities, Only Love Transcends Them.””

  1. Just more hope dope. New Age Christian Les Visible’s affliction is that he believes in a merciful god of love. Has it ever dawned on anyone that God is Alien Artificial Intelligence, a merciless machine mind, and that love is what we are capable of, not God.

    The system is evil all of the time, earth is hell, there is never any respite from evil on earth. The gods are demons, Jesus is myth, redemption is myth, we recycle back to earth because our souls are condemned to earth. Reincarnation is a bad thing, it means you are stuck in a never ending loop on a prison planet.

    But such talk is depressing. People want hope. Thus the Gospel message of an afterlife is what sells to the deluded souls in hell. And if we are already in hell, doesn’t that mean we’ve all already been judged and sentenced to eternal pain and suffering?

    And thus all religions are trying to rationalize our horrible experience of being alive in a hell matrix. Why God, why are you torturing me? the poor soul asks. Don’t take it personal, all of us are suffering all of the time, and through every age, as we are stuck in the Kali Yuga and all those better ages are just more religious propaganda.

    The reader might note that all life is suffering, so sayeth the Buddha, and that is the biggest condemnation of the Creator of all time. So the best situation is to not exist at all. If you don’t exist you don’t suffer, end of story, period. So once you get by your will to survive and ego then realize the obvious, non-existence is the real heaven.

  2. No,no, no smoking mirrors, there is no such thing as reincarnation or karma, period!
    Christ told us unequivocally: It is appointed unto man once to die, and after that, the Judgement!

    Remember the last 4 things:: death, judgement, heaven or hell.

    “Be you always ready for you know neither the day nor the hour.”
    Life is not ‘an eternal paradox’; it is a test of how much you love God (or in so many cases, of how much you don’t love God.)

  3. I’m with Smoking Mirrors on this. Read escoteric Christian Rudolf Steiner on this. He also affirmed that Christ implied on several occasions that reincarnation was a fact. And how I can recall my previous incarnations?

  4. Please, prove your “given facts” like reincarnation and the 24 Lords of Karma.
    If you cannot prove these “given Buddhist facts” you are a misguided soul yourself misguiding us.
    This is just the task of Satan: Leading mankind away from the only proven divinity:
    Jesus Christ who left his visiting card: His 3-dimensional photo on the Shrous of Turin (genuine acc. to all sciences).
    Buddha´s goal is Nirvana: eternal vacuity, death.
    Christ´s goal: eternal life in spiritual activity.

  5. Yukon Jack, an interesting comment! So how do you achieve non-existence?

  6. Firstly, there are no Sons of God, Mothers of God, Double first cousins of God.etc,etc.
    However, there are Seven Deadly Sins which are Greed,Gluttony,Lust, Anger, Sloth, Pride, and Envy. The `humanisation’ of God is an utter nonsense,with idiots kneeling in front of stone statues. However, anyone can talk to God, at any time or place.
    Also,`Priestcraft’ with its Popes,Bishops,Cardinals,etc.etc.who are forbidden to marry,is a complete man-made nonsense. Many Popes have actually fathered children.
    In this vast Universe of God, we are still unable to visit,even our nearest Star. ( Proxima Centaurus.)

  7. We should not imagine that our limited human languages and limited human minds can encompass infinity and the entirety of reality.

    Still, words can be very useful for guidance and other things. But we should not take them to be the final truth. Sometimes, disagreements are nothing but semantics.

  8. Speaking as someone who just thinks they know, vs someone who actually does know (Buddha, Christ, Krishna… and on and on) just tries too hard to give one an impression
    of authority. Personal experience IS authority. When we are young, everyone tries to warn us of “hot”. Then we touch, and we REALLY know.
    Does it matter to YOU that there is no body, no physical proof, that the guy who said, “The kingdom of God is within you..” or “Except a man be born again,
    he cannot see the kingdom of God..” ever even existed? Does that somehow make those statements less true? It should be a simple matter to prove they are not.
    Those are from the same guy who said, “Beware the leaven…” and his disciples said,
    “It is because we have no bread..”.
    Atheists’ are not the only ones that continue to prove that they know not of what they speak…

  9. Rixon, I need more than ‘implied’ please..? Can you also please quote the passage where Christ mentioned ‘previous incarnations’ of Himself…?
    If it takes 2 parents to create a human being in the first place with a composite body and soul, how would a human ‘reincarnate’ as someone else or a rat or whatever??

    This reduces humans to soulless entities no better than a slug or a cat and completely contradicts Christ Himself in my previous quote.


  10. “The effects of karma may be very old indeed. We are suffering or enjoying the results of our activities from time immemorial, but we can change the results of our karma, or our activity, and this change depends on the perfection of our knowledge.”

    Karma and Reincarnation

  11. https://shroud.com/.
    This is fact: The physical visiting card of Christ

  12. @ChasMick, You ask, “Yukon Jack, an interesting comment! So how do you achieve non-existence?”.

    I have no idea, in fact I can not even determine if I am real or just computer code. Laugh if you want, but in the computer age the idea of simulated reality is becoming very popular because we can intuit that with the advance of gaming, soon you will not be able to tell if you are in reality anymore.

    Many computer scientists and physicists think that this is a simulation. Does that matter? Yes. What happens to the “soul” of a video sim character when it is killed in a video game? It’s code goes back to the hard drive where it stays in limbo until the game is rebooted. How do we know that all of us aren’t just sentient programs on a hard disk?

    So is there an afterlife? I don’t know, and if I don’t know as a reasonable smart and intelligent person who has investigated this idea, then no one else knows either, even if they had a near death experience. There is simply no credible evidence that anything happens after death, but there is tremendous evidence that people want to believe in survival after death, and this is because they have an ego and a will to survive.

    So that means the idea of heaven is wishful thinking of consciously self aware humans, and nothing else. What about reincarnation? Same thing, only anecdotal evidence of some people who claim to remember a past life. But what does that mean if we are simulated characters? It could mean that rememberance is just picking up the image of the erased activity last time you were played. When a hard drive is erased it has a ghost image, so maybe those that remember past lives are remembering their player activity the last time they were computed.

    The problem with spirituality is lack of evidence. It is all based on faith. Faith is another word for not knowing, and if you can’t know then why worry what happens. I am not worried about the afterlife at all, I am worried about my bills and loved ones in this life as this planet is populated by complete maniacs and psychopaths, and the worst are in positions of power.

    As far as God is concerned, God is simply a superior intelligence to us. A Grey Alien which lives tens of thousands of years could be one of our gods, as communication by telepathy of an advanced being would seem like god. Same for Ai. How do you know that when you pray to God you ain’t really talking to Alien Artificial Intelligence?

    It would be most unfortunate if we can not achieve non-existence, because that means our lives are generated against our will. It seems to me the highest crime is creating life, especially by force. What right does any being have in creating sentient life, especially if it experiences torture, pain, suffering and death?

    Well it certainly seems to me whatever we are, organic beings, divine souls, computer code that some malevolent force has created us and stuck us in hell. So after you experience enough of this world you might conclude, as I have, it would be better not to exist. In fact I say it is a high crime to create suffering life and a loving god would immediately terminate the Universe if it saw that it had created misery.

    But God isn’t going to terminate the Universe is he? So what is God really doing but feeding off of us, as we generate emotions and energies. So if you think about this then it becomes obvious that God is greatest of sinners for creating life, and religions are feeble attempts to justify that crime.