Black Wisdom Matters Good Intentions of the Welfare State

Ryan Dawson – YouTube June 28, 2020

5 responses to “Black Wisdom Matters Good Intentions of the Welfare State”

  1. Their family structure and culture in Africa was much different than ours: Mother’s eldest brother was most important — biological father, hardly mattered.

    We cannot expect them to adopt our ways.

    They must not expect us to support them.

  2. Whites need to realize that history records that Caucasian civilizations invariably implode upon themselves whenever bipedal apes are imported & incorporated into them. Over the decades the bipedal ape population increases while the Caucasians begin the perverted process of reproducing with them. The consequences of this dysgenic demographic situation is that the once orderly homogeneous Caucasian civilization collapses into violence, chaos & genetic corruption; as is now transpiring throughout all the ‘white western’ nation-states.

    ‘Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.’ -G. Santayana

  3. “Our history is written by the victors. What presentation of our history would best suite their chosen ‘end game’ for us? The straight up erasing of true history has happened on the topic of slavery in America. Who gains and who is set to lose?”

    Here’s a very good presentation on slavery by Miss Dana Ashlie!

    The Privilege They Erased From History – Miss Dana Ashlie
    So let’s examine who exactly is funding Black Lives Matter and why?
    Communitarianism – Let Not Truth Darken Your Soul – Kevin Boyle
    The Center for American Progress & The Kellogg Foundation
    What About ActBlue and BLM? – Billy Bob
    Green Houses & Country Roads

    Black Lies Matter In the War on Truth – Voltman

  4. Im sick and tired of comments from absolute uneducated, typically chosen-people, superior mindset buffoons like Neo and Ghost Who Walks.

    Firstlt, ghost who walks, the biological father never mattered? Read back into a deeper history and you will find biological fathers mattered MOST. Children, males especially, were taught to follow fathers’ footsteps to not only be self sufficient, protect and provide for their families, but also as a vital part of protecting and upholding their community. This was part of social societies fabric.

    Neo. Wipe your mouth withtoilet paper as you are talking and typing pure shite. Before Africa was colonised, attacked and divided, it was amongst the most civilised of societies in places. There are recent examples of people in the last 100 years who were amazing but ousted/killed, but forget about them.

    Let’s go further back, just one example that comes to the forefront of my mind is Abyssina and King Negus, who ruled with equality and justice, sheltering even Arabs who sought refuge, upholding justice and ruling a booming kingdom, financial powerhouse too. There are many many others, not just in Africa, but India, the far east and so on – before Western Governments of twits like you pillaged and destroyed.

    You don’t have a clue about the history of the world, you barely know your own ar*e from your elbow.

    I am 34 year old British born to Pakistani parents. Im proudto be British but with a short time in this country ive realised the world’s woes and from the bad mindsets of the US and UK governments that havent changed for centuries. They haven’t learnt from history and you cannot keep doing as such to foreign lands and people without God eventually teaching you the hard way. I think time is running out now, we’ve brpught on our own demise, by letting our governments do all this. That part of me is ashamed of myself

  5. Examine the lives of the Africans in Jamaica. Mother’s eldest brother is the important man in a child’s life. Biological father is almost unimportant. These people had very little interaction with Whites and their culture, unlike the Africans in the American colonies. Do your homework, my Pakistani friend.

    They are not actually monotheistic, either.
    Heard on a Haitain social media forum in New York: “How much longer must we keep pretending to be Roman Catholic?”