Sacked For Criticising Black Lives Matter

Award-winning charity boss who helped thousands of disadvantaged children is SACKED for criticising Black Lives Matter’s ‘neo-Marxist’ agenda

Mark Hookham for Mail on Sunday – June 27, 2020

An award-winning charity boss who has helped thousands of disadvantaged youngsters has been sacked after criticising the far-Left political agenda of the Black Lives Matter campaign.

Nick Buckley was dismissed by the trustees of Mancunian Way, a ground-breaking charity he founded nine years ago, after an online mob accused him of ‘inappropriate’ and ‘insensitive’ views and demanded his removal.

Mr Buckley, who was awarded an MBE six months ago for his work with vulnerable youngsters across Manchester, warned of the ‘neo-Marxist’ policies of Black Lives Matter UK – which include tearing down capitalism and abolishing the police – and said they risked dividing communities.

Nick Buckley (pictured left), who has helped thousands of disadvantaged youngsters, has been sacked after criticising the far-Left political agenda of the Black Lives Matter campaign. Click to enlarge

But his 570-word blog sparked uproar among campaigners who branded him a racist and launched an online petition demanding that he be sacked. The 52-year-old was dismissed within days.

In an interview with The Mail on Sunday, he said the charity’s trustees had been put in a ‘terrible situation’ by the pressure on social media to axe him, adding: ‘That’s why the mob wins. They make people take a step backwards and once you take one step backwards, they know you’ll take another.’

Mr Buckley worked for Manchester City Council for seven years before setting up Mancunian Way in 2011. Its projects include helping youngsters in inner city areas to secure jobs and spot the signs that they are being groomed by criminal gangs.

Those helped by Mancunian Way include thousands of black, Asian and minority ethnic youngsters.

Mr Buckley wrote his blog after protests organised by Black Lives Matter UK following the killing of George Floyd by police in the US. BLM UK has received donations of more than £1 million, yet the identity of many of its leaders is unknown and it promotes a far-Left policy agenda.

Writing on on June 6 – the day protesters clashed with mounted police in Central London – Mr Buckley said its slogan ‘is far too simple but is perfect for our modern age of social media and the willingness of social justice warriors to take up another cause.’

He added: ‘What is happening in the UK over the last few days has very little to do with the horrendous incident in the USA. It is better described as part “new fashion craze” and part “an opportunity for anarchy”.

‘Do you know who Black Lives Matter are? Do you know what this self-proscribed political movement wants? According to their website, they want to end white supremacy, disrupt the Western prescribed nuclear family and dismantle the patriarchal practice. These are fancy words, what do they mean?

‘They are exactly what post-modern, neo-Marxists use when they call for the destruction of Western democracy and our way of life.’

Referring to Mr Floyd’s previous criminal convictions, he provocatively questioned why the demonstrations were focused on the ‘unlawful death of a career criminal’ in the US rather than UK issues including knife crime, female genital mutilation, honour killings and a lack of house-building.

The response was immediate and furious. Writing on Mr Buckley’s LinkedIn page, Reece Williams, a poet who works for a mental health charity in Manchester, said: ‘Please know that we will be doing everything in our power to have you removed from your position. Expect us.’

A few days later, an online petition calling for Mr Buckley’s removal was posted on by Karlet Manning, who also works for a mental health charity. The petition, with 464 supporters, claimed his views ‘undermine the Black Lives Matter movement whilst working in a diverse community’ and were ‘inappropriate, insensitive and have since been deleted’.

On June 13, the row exploded on Twitter when the petition and Mr Buckley’s comments began to be tweeted by Left-wing campaigners and anonymous accounts. Two days later, Mr Buckley received an email from the charity’s trustees informing him their relationship with him was ‘terminated’. A red flag and the word ‘victory’ was later posted on the petition page.

Mr Buckley said he stands by what he wrote, although he accepts he could have better conveyed some of his arguments. He said he had declined an offer from his trustees to issue an apology for the blog.

‘That’s the coward’s way and I’m not a coward,’ he said. ‘If I had the guts to say what I said, then I need the guts to stand up and continue to say what I said.’ He holds no ill-feeling towards the trustees. ‘They are lovely people but they weren’t ready for a fight.

‘They found themselves in a terrible situation not of their making – pressure online.

‘Did I think it was controversial? Well, I knew it was going to upset some people because everything you put on social media upsets somebody. But it is not racist. I am not a racist.’

He maintains that the rhetoric of BLM UK risks harming black lives and stoking division. ‘We have informed a whole generation of young black boys and men that the country is racist, everything is against them and they are lucky if the police don’t kill them,’ he said.

Last night, a spokesman for Mancunian Way said: ‘We can confirm that the contract between Nick Buckley and Mancunian Way has been terminated.

‘We are as committed as ever to changing lives and improving communities in Manchester.’


Sign a petition calling for the reinstatement of Nick Buckley.

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  1. Blacks causing problems in countries they don’t even belong in…but they’re there because the inevitable problems & grievances are useful to Marxists…it’s an endless cycle of misery & white genocide.

  2. There’s something self contradictory about the BLM narrative. On hand the claim is that establishment “racism” is disadvantaging black people. On the other hand the establishment eg SKY TV ~ Premier League, the British Civil Service including the police take a knee, there is corporate funding to the tune of millions, and when someone speaks against the the supposed group who are “fighting for black people”, they get sacked. How can this be ? Is it not a self contradiction of the initial premise ? How stupid do the mass of people have to be not to see this ?

    The Roman historian Tacitus speaks of Nero’s apparent “reset” of Rome..
    “..Now started the most terrible and destructive fire which Rome had ever experienced. It began in the Circus, where it adjoins the Palatine and Caelian hills. Breaking out in shops selling inflammable goods, and fanned by the wind, the conflagration instantly grew and swept the whole length of the Circus. There were no walled mansions or temples, or any other obstructions, which could arrest it. First, the fire swept violently over the level spaces. Then it climbed the hills – but returned to ravage the lower ground again. It outstripped every counter-measure. The ancient city’s narrow winding streets and irregular blocks encouraged its progress.

    Terrified, shrieking women, helpless old and young, people intent on their own safety, people unselfishly supporting invalids or waiting for them, fugitives and lingerers alike – all heightened the confusion. When people looked back, menacing flames sprang up before them or outflanked them. When they escaped to a neighboring quarter, the fire followed – even districts believed remote proved to be involved. Finally, with no idea where or what to flee, they crowded on to the country roads, or lay in the fields. Some who had lost everything – even their food for the day – could have escaped, but preferred to die. So did others, who had failed to rescue their loved ones. Nobody dared fight the flames. Attempts to do so were prevented by menacing gangs. Torches, too, were openly thrown in, by men crying that they acted under orders. Perhaps they had received orders. Or they may just have wanted to plunder unhampered.

    Nero was at Antium. He returned to the city only when the fire was approaching the mansion he had built to link the Gardens of Maecenas to the Palatine. The flames could not be prevented from overwhelming the whole of the Palatine, including his palace. Nevertheless, for the relief of the homeless, fugitive masses he threw open the Field of Mars, including Agrippa’s public buildings, and even his own Gardens. Nero also constructed emergency accommodation for the destitute multitude. Food was brought from Ostia and neighboring towns, and the price of corn was cut to less than ¼ sesterce a pound. Yet these measures, for all their popular character, earned no gratitude. For a rumor had spread that, while the city was burning, Nero had gone on his private stage and, comparing modern calamities with ancient, had sung of the destruction of Troy.

    By the sixth day enormous demolitions had confronted the raging flames with bare ground and open sky, and the fire was finally stamped out at the foot of the Esquiline Hill. But before panic had subsided, or hope revived, flames broke out again in the more open regions of the city. Here there were fewer casualties; but the destruction of temples and pleasure arcades was even worse. This new conflagration caused additional ill-feeling because it started on Tigellinus’ estate in the Aemilian district. For people believed that Nero was ambitious to found a new city to be called after himself.

    Of Rome’s fourteen districts only four remained intact. Three were leveled to the ground. The other seven were reduced to a few scorched and mangled ruins.”

  3. Whites must pay the piper now for obliterating pro-white Germany in WWII. If your ancestors are going to fight for the biopolitical interests of anti-white Jews against the profit & advancement of their own race, then you get what you deserve. Race over ‘nation’.

  4. ‘Reece Williams, a poet who works for a mental health charity in Manchester’………………..Looks like Reece ‘WHO’ just signed his Death certificate

  5. Rixon Stewart accuses me of being a rabid Zionist.
    Why is it that Rixon the white British Race baiter is attracted to little boys.
    Why is his name in papers associated with the Pedofile information exchange.

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    If he carries on like this he will be banned.

    It’s your call Nathan …