The U.S. and its Allies in Syria Are Deliberately Torching Crops

The US-orchestrated policy of crop burning in Syria is deliberately increasing food insecurity.

Vanessa Beeley – Patreon June 28, 2020

More and more agricultural areas of Syria are being torched by the US Coalition terrorist contras, ensuring the Syrian people suffer further Western-manufactured food insecurity. From the south to the north-east and the north-west only the central Syrian government protected areas are not affected by this sudden surge of crop fires, destroying 130 thousand hectares of wheat and 180 thousands of barley (according to sources on the ground) so far and negatively impacting upon all Syrian lives.

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6 responses to “The U.S. and its Allies in Syria Are Deliberately Torching Crops”

  1. Fairs fair…how else will Jews International depopulate Syria for GREATER ISRAEL…..they’ll probably top up the deaths with biological weapons….that way the fiends can claim “it weren’t us and you are being antisemitic for saying so”.
    “Look the land was empty….we’re just putting the land to good use to help suffering Jews being oppressed around the world”.

  2. it is like I said before, it fits the US Profile.

  3. This is also American Business as usual, and also Fits the American thug soldier policy, Both the US and the UK don’t have real soldiers anymore only Jail Bait and Dross off the streets, and their choice of the Mass Unemployed, you will always see that they are no brighter when they leave the Army than when they went in,

  4. Looks like Putin who is doing his part for the success of the Covid psyop has abandoned the people of Syria. Perhaps the old Swedish saying has some merit after all, “Never trust a Russian.”.

  5. This is a two pronged attack on humanity.
    First to create food shortages and secondly to clear land for the probable expansion of opium production that the farmers will be forced to switch to. If Assad were not in power this would have happened long ago. That is why the Amerikan military establishment want him out. The U.S. forces are not in Afghanistan because of 9-11 skyjackers, they are there to protect and facilitate the illicit opium trade that funds black projects against humanity while also creating political and economic instability in the region, in addition to murderous actions in the form of false flag attacks.

  6. Latest from Main Shit Media “The U.S. and its Allies in Syria Are Deliberately Torching Crops”, because they are paid a bounty by the Russian to do this ??
    Trust me ! I’m a respected media analyst ?
    Would I lie to you ?