Deep State Uses Color Revolution for Regime Change at Home — June 26, 2020

Thousands of clueless young Americans are being used as battering rams to not only topple a duly elected President, Donald Trump but also to actually uproot America’s complete US Constitutional order.

Given current events, this is the perfect time for a follow up to my July 3, 2018 article, CIA-Controlled Media Pushing Civil War Narrative and my December 11, 2019 article, Predictive Programming — US Civil War? 
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F.William Engdahl’s book, Manifest Destiny: Democracy as Cognitive Dissonance (2018)explains how the CIA uses Color Revolutions to defeat enemies of America’s corporate elite.
 For those unfamiliar with the term Color Revolution, it refers to what has become a standard technique for promoting Regime Change in targeted nations.
sharp.jpg The term was coined by Gene Sharp (1928-2018), who wrote guidebooks on how to avoid the horrific costs of war and military overthrow by organizing populist revolts backed by slick Madison Avenue-style marketing techniques.
Rather than confusing young people with wonky policy matters, Sharp recommended that our CIA should motivate revolutionary wannabes with pop culture, using catchy fact-free slogans, logos, and team colors. His idea was to make a Color Revolution irresistible fun, like a sporting event. Social media, which fosters communication in the form of short, catchy slogans and images that can easily “go viral,” has been particularly conducive to Gene Sharp’s formula of organizing the masses around advertising copy and team colors.
These Color Revolution techniques were used on a large scale in the former Soviet Union countries, such as in the 2003 Rose Revolution in Georgia or the 2005 Orange Revolution in Ukraine.
Although some Color Revolutions can sometimes be expensive ($5 billion in the case of Ukraine), believers in Sharp’s Color Revolution know his techniques are far cheaper than outright military intervention.
 Typically, Regime Change through Color Revolutions are orchestrated by a public-private partnerships made-up of government agencies such as the State Department or CIA, combined with private funding from non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are backed by the Quiet Elite.
An individual often associated with Color Revolution funding and orchestration is the notorious shadow figure, George Soros. His tax-exempt entities, like the Open Society Foundations (OSF) and others, regularly pump money into the latest Color Revolutions. Not surprisingly, his objectives are more often commercial than strictly political.

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2 responses to “Deep State Uses Color Revolution for Regime Change at Home”

  1. Sometimes government overthrows are called Color Revolutions, other times Divide and Conquer operations, Subversion, Destruction From Within, or Government Led Coups.

    Regardless of the label, the sweet sounding promises, the media lies and propaganda, the real goal is destruction of Christianity, the culture and traditions of white people.

    Rich powerful Jews have been persecuting and trying to destroy Christianity ever since they crucified Christ, just as Jesus foretold they would do. Bankster Jews want to replace Christianity with their Jew World Order.

    With their mind bending Jews Media which easily drowns out honest rational voices, the Jewish Banking Cartel fills people’s minds with false beliefs about who or what is behind their riots, Covid schemes, migrant madness, LBGQT, etc.

    The one suspect that the Jews Media never says a word about is usually the true culprit. For instance, Jews Media documentaries on the JFK assassination have pushed many different suggestions about who was behind the JFK murder, but never the truth.

    Mass Media documentaries over the years have fingered Cuba, Russia, Italian Mobsters, Carlos Marcello, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Fidel Castro, among others, on the Discovery Channel, TLC, PBS, ABC, CBS, NBC, various newspapers, books, etc.

    The one suspect Mass Media never, never, never mentions is the one suspect who actually was behind the JFK assassination – the Jewish Banking Cartel.

    Instead of exposing George Soros and the bankster Jews funding BLM, Antifa, and terrorism, the Jews Media falsely claims “white supremacists” or “social justice warriors” are behind the anarchy, riots, burning, and looting.

    Falsely accusing your enemy of the evil that you do yourself is a basic principle of subversion. The Jew Saul Alinkski included this in his ‘Rules For Radicals.’ Jewish led coups have used this tactic since bible times.

  2. Crowstein is of course correct…..the jews murdered Kennedy….and not only that…they murdered his two brothers and his son.
    Getting a Palestinian to murder Bobby was icing on the cake….killing two birds with one stone.
    Although this Palestinian may not have committed the murder….since he was just a patsy.
    In the past these murderous Jews were caught out because there was no mass media to brainwash the masses…..and word of mouth was the means of communication ……eventually it all caught up with them…..and violence broke out…..called pogroms today.
    Naturally the WHY is never addressed… seems odd Jews attract such enmity in so many places….well now these mega rich Jews are getting away with mass rapes of non Jewish girls.These fiends even import Eastern European women to rape in their brothels in Tel Aviv.
    Think of the gross human rights abuses carried out by the Las Vegas gargoyle Adelson…..These fiends OWN this city of vice and keep other ethnicities out.