Hollywood Producer (and Friend of Jeffrey Epstein) Steve Bing Dead After Falling Off a Building

The elite financier and friend of Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein is said to have thrown himself from the 27th floor of his apartment building due to depression. Is there more to this story?

Vigilant Citizen – vigilantcitizen.com June 26, 2020

Steve Bing was mostly known for creating Shangri-La Entertainment, the production company behind several Hollywood movies including Kangourou Jack and The Polar Express starring Tom Hanks. Bing was also known for being a high-rolling financier who was close with several elite figures including Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein.
In a 2019 Vanity Fair article about Jeffrey Epstein, Steve Bing was mentioned as being part of his “Lolita Express circle”.
“They were always the most beautiful girls in the room, usually models or former models, with a slightly aloof Stepford Wives aura that masked a deeper vulnerability. Several names came up when they were around: Epstein, supermarket magnate Ron Burkle, film financier Steve Bing, and former president Bill Clinton, then in the prime of his postpresidential career and flying around on Epstein’s jet, dubbed the Lolita Express, or Burkle’s jet, dubbed Air F*ck One.”
Stepford Wives = MK slaves.
On June 22nd, nearly a year after Epstein’s “suicide”, Steve Bing plunged to his death by falling off the 27th floor of his Los Angeles apartment building.

Although no suicide note found, Bing’s death was quickly ruled as a suicide by law enforcement. The reported reason for the suicide: He was depressed about the lack of human contact during the quarantine.
In other words, this exceedingly rich man, who has bought “human contact” his entire life, killed himself right as COVID lockdown measures are loosening. The circumstances behind this death are as bizarre and illogical as those surrounding Epstein’s “suicide”.
Is it possible that Steve Bing was killed by being pushed off a building, Russian Mafia-style? Did he know too much? Was he at risk of squealing on his elite buddies? Here’s a quick look at this rarified environment.

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13 responses to “Hollywood Producer (and Friend of Jeffrey Epstein) Steve Bing Dead After Falling Off a Building”

  1. Mosad are so predictable
    there is a saying in intell circels that when a plans works well the temptation is to keep using it, and it is this which gives them away/
    When police arrived at DJ Paul Gambacinnis home, he agreed toturn queens evidence on the newly da Jimmy Saville and a host of other homosexuals at the BBC
    This was how they found out about the satanic rites and the necrophilia.
    One of the main people in the know was tipped off police were coming, and yes he jumped out the top window of a block of flats
    Inestigators looking into the affairs of the ” spider woman” Ghislane Maxwell
    are finding so many dead ends a dna whore series of suicides
    is this mossad cleaning up or is it the spider woman ?

  2. A jew of course as is his ex Elizabeth Hurley as is her former ex Hugh Grant (who once starred in an absolutely appalling lo budget holocaust promo film early on in his acting career).
    Hurley encapsulates the term “gold digger” and she hit paydirt by having a hatchling by Bing.

  3. Post Script….above.

    Bing was said to have no contact with his offspring,like Hurleys son.
    True to character Hurley will very likely go into PR overdrive concerning her connection to Bing…using the media to do so.
    Not because she is upset about Bings defenestration but because a “feeding frenzy” is about to start on his money…..with perhaps dozens of claimants….Hurley the avaricious strumpet wants to be at the head of the queue……the more she is in the media the better as far as court action goes.

  4. British troops serving in the war on the people of iraq
    had all letters to and from opened and read.
    British intel Mossad and Rupert murdoch all had a hand in monitoring every kind of communication to and from the servicemen.
    Anyone who was whistleblowing or was about to, was taken out in ” accidental” frendly fire incidents
    Rupert Murdoch was only caught for communication tapping was over the Millie Dowler affair, the little school girl murdered by a psychopath.
    Only a complete fool would join the British army

  5. It’s not even debatable… he was Arkancided, pure and simple.

  6. With a face like his he’s better off dead anyway, José.

  7. Probably another hoax jew suicide. He’s probably now with Epslime on his island.

  8. I was there i gave Steve 2 choices.

    Or die.

    You could say i pushed him.
    What a leap.
    I seen him splatter.
    Coz of my connections to LA Law enforcement they drove me to the Airport and i caught a plane back to Israel.

    Happy days
    Happy Shekels.

  9. Most likely?????? Murdered, just like Epstein!!!!!!!

  10. @ Ellis C NOMARK ”Mosad are so predictable
    there is a saying in intell circels that when a plans works well the temptation is to keep using it”………………………..Like YOU know ANYTHING about what goes on in ‘Intel circles’ (Correct spelling)!! Like most of you pathetic rants without foundation this is another example of the loser you are. Come back when you have graduated Primary school

  11. EVIL written in Capital Letters on his face !

  12. Joining the army is actually a good idea to provide training.Keeping quiet about political views is another good idea.
    But keep in mind that the British Secret Police,currently led by a Scottish crypto jew who replaced the Jewish chap Parker WILL attempt to exclude you from the armed forces on the grounds of being “politically unreliable”……just like the good old days back in the USSR.

  13. This is like a scene in the David Bowie movie ”The Man Who Fell To Earth’