Companies and Brands Pull Ads from Facebook Until they Ban Conservatives and Trump’s Posts

Jim Hoft – The Gateway Pundit June 25, 2020

Several far left companies and brands including: Pepsi, HP, Doritos, Paypal, Adobe and BMW, pulled their ads from Facebook until they ban posts frrom US President Donald Trump.

The companies are only concerned about banning conservative voices. You can bet that radical leftists and violent anarchists who are burning cities and destroying statues are safe with these companies.

Varney and Co. reported:

Far Left groups are behind this effort to ban conservative voices online.

The Anti-Defamation League, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Sleeping Giants and Color of Change are behind this latest effort to ban conservative voices.


8 responses to “Companies and Brands Pull Ads from Facebook Until they Ban Conservatives and Trump’s Posts”

  1. Propaganda articles like this are an embarrassment to the human intellect. “Far-left companies”. I realise that at this very low period in the human condition, extreme right-wing nutters require an agenda, so anything that doesn’t sit well, gets labeled ‘left-wing’.

    No way on this earth that you can call: “Pepsi, HP, Doritos, Paypal, Adobe and BMW” ‘left-wing’. Pepsi sells poison to the sheeple, HP sells crap, overpriced crap at that. Paypal are scam artists who support Israel. Adobe is hardwired into the deep state and BWM sells expensive cars that are VERY expensive to fix and would you trust anyone who buys a new BWM? Withholding advertising spend is a business and marketing strategy.

  2. “Social media” are just tools of the Satanic Khazar Bolsheviks to brainwash and further
    make dumb Americans. Turn OFF the TV, get off of social media, and get a life!


  4. I have never used FARCEBOOK and wonder why people do, when there are alternatives to this CIA site. However while I do not use any of the products listed here or cannot afford them like a BMW (have driven them as limousines, nice cars) I will research any and all others that call for censorship and stop using them if I do. I would like to take that little jooooo brat that owns or claims to own and started it and spank his arse often and real good like it should have been done years ago and often. But he like so many others have sold their souls to the evil satan their just reward will come when he takes possession of their souls. Little do these fools know satan hates all mankind including them. Shows how smart they are. BOYCOTT anyone or anything that censors.

  5. And that is correct. Agree.

  6. Carl being a typical FAR LEFT BIGOT!! Hates the TRUTH!”!

  7. ANTIFA MUST DIE: Thank you for making my point.

  8. The really scary thing is not the virus but that this all-pervasive network of planners has made a deal behind our backs with the establishments of every major Eastern and Western nation and is totally unopposed by any opposition except for a few voices in the US like Ron and Rand Paul. Trump is simply tagging along with the plan and has turned out to be part of the problem.

    We can’t make most things anymore because the international banking cartel and various interest in the West after assisting communism to flourish in China (which in fact they also did in spawning the USSR from 1929 on) they then in 1972 decided to open up China for virtual free trade with their virtual bottomless pit of near free labor. These banksters and entrepreneurs made trillions through manufacturing and dumping their cheap products in the West, wiping out capital, all competition, manufacturing, tens of millions of jobs jobs in most of the West, creating trillions in trade deficits, transforming every leading Western nation from a creditor nation to a debtor nation.

    If you have any investigative skills and realize we are in a plandemic then you ought to realize we also have been put right smack into a planned “depression”. The deliberate and unnecessary shutting down of the economy has dramatically increased the fear and government dependency. In a climate of fear, dependency and tremendous fear few people invest and the economy shrinks even further. This arrangement is allowing the same crowd now to impose the social distribution measures for their so-called “FAIRER” aspect of the UN/Gates/Soros/globalist/socialist/carbon & world tax/ World Economic Forum agendas. Without the Great Depression none of the FDR far-left, government-control measures could have occurred. If not engineered it was a learning experience for the banksters controlling the economy. In our time with the world being much wealthier with food and goods is greater supply than ever before, none of the fear and dependency being manufactured now could have been generated for their desired technocratic, social and financial changes without a planned pandemic as a pretext to shut everything down as much as possible. The effects of the repeal of Glass Steagall Act in 1992 were totally foreseeable. There simply are no coincidences.

    If you want a heads up then listen carefully to all of the sustainability buzzwords and slogans in the “Great Reset” edition of the World Economic Forum of June 3 on YouTube. They are shrinking everting on the basis of shutting down as many systems as possible, in order to impose their permanent changes and controls.

    Apart from the “greener and smarter” parts of their agendas the “fairer” part entails the triumph of world socialism to level virtually everyone and everything except for the 1% in control. If you think gold, silver, crypto, stocks, bonds, RE, or money in the bank is a safe haven you are deluding yourself. They intend to both dilute the value of your holdings and if they can’t do that they will seize them or tax what you have to death including your sweat capital investments.