Abolish the police? Black residents in Harlem say no as white liberals push for it in video

Caleb Parke – Fox News June 26, 2020

Amid ongoing protests and Black Lives Matter activists calling for abolishing the police, one filmmaker decided to ask residents in two of New York City’s  neighborhoods what they thought about the proposal from the left.

Ami Horowitz first went to the East Village in New York City, asking white liberals if they think it will help the black community. The responses showed apparent anger and hatred toward law enforcement.

“Absolutely,” one man responded. “They’re monsters.”

“I think that they (police) are disgusting,” another man added. “I just f–ing hate the police and everything they stand for.”

“Policing in this country is about keeping black people down,” another white man said, calling law enforcement an “occupying army” that “arose out of slave catching patrols.”

However, when Horowitz traveled to Malcolm X Boulevard in Harlem, he heard a different tune from black residents.

“I think they’re full of crap,” one woman said of people calling for abolishing the police. “I think they’re being somewhat ignorant.”

Another woman said, “I have family members that are police. I respect the police. I would not want to see a lawless society.”

“It’d be worse than what it is … robberies, looting, raping, murder,” another resident added.

A man wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt said abolishing the police would be “suicide” and added, “There’s too many criminals out here. I wouldn’t feel safe.”



4 responses to “Abolish the police? Black residents in Harlem say no as white liberals push for it in video”

  1. Hilarious. So-called ‘US liberals’ are more right-wing than the UK Conservative Party when I say Conservative, I refer to Conservative governments before David Pigs Head Cameron.

    The imaginary left wing, so funny.

  2. Well, we are going back to old good patents.

    Two centuries ago Jewish corporations belonged to the largest and most powerful states in the world. I mean East India Company (HQ in London) and Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie (HQ in Amsterdam).

    They were good in managing local “Niggers” and promotion of Jewish civilization among savages. We should simply use the same solutions in speeding up the process of Messiah arrival 🙂

  3. Patrick, your reaction is well meant.

    I got the feeling that even your Messiah has no intention to arrive in the current earthly mess.

  4. Wow…those white libtard Jew-infected brainwashed morons in the Village are, well, embarrassing. Their “wokeness” has apparently catalyzed a bizarre form of mental retardation. Yes, there are some bad cops, but true police state tyranny is at the top of the food chain of federal government and the ruling class, not really the local constabulary. It would be chaos without law enforcement or peace officers.

    A wise person in a comment on a different piece on here a week or two ago paraphrased Ayn Rand, “You cannot reason with an unreasonable person. Reason is not contagious.” Reason may not be contagious, but stupidity and ignorance sure seem to be. Reason may not get the attention of those shameful idiots at the beginning of the video, but a brick to their faces would surely get their attention. And then I can guarantee you they would be wailing for the police to come to their aid in very short order… America is doomed.