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henrymakow.com — Aug 29, 2020

The response features an uncanny degree of uniformity and acquiescence. 
Identical measures are universally enforced. Genuine cures are suppressed.
Everyone is wearing a mask; anti-social distancing is drummed into our heads. Stores are hiding behind plexiglass and there are stations where we must stand.  “Cases” are invented, bought, and paid for.  Politicians, doctors, and media lie.
Left-wing demonstrators are immune to the disease. Basketball and football players take the knee.
 Corporations play along. Airlines demand you wear a mask as if flying wasn’t confining enough. Barely a protest is heard from people who have lost their livelihood.  Hardly anyone is saying the measures exceed the danger and are clearly designed for nefarious purposes. 
Why do so many people want to perpetuate this suicidal hoax?  
What do they all have in common? Athletes. Executives. Politicians, Media worldwide.  
The answer is money. 
Everyone important is being paid off, including the rioters. The rest are dupes. 
 This is a symptom of a fundamentally flawed (i.e. toxic) banking system.  
The lockdown should have elicited riots, but instead, we have a tawdry farce against “police brutality” funded by banker George Soros. 
 Money is humanity’s blood supply. The power that creates this “blood” is the central bank.  Unfortunately, this power is controlled by Satanists who intend to enslave mankind before their rotten structure collapses.

Toxic Banking System Caused #Scamdemic Lockdown 

by Henry Makow PhD – Updated from 11-9-19

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The world financial system is incredibly sophisticated and efficient. Every day, billions of transactions take place.
In our minds, “money” is changing hands. In fact, “money” is an abstraction, a mental concept. “Money is a massive game of ‘Let’s Pretend” i.e. make-believe.
Money doesn’t exist. It is an abstraction, a mental estimate of the value of something expressed in digits in some currency.
“Money” is a medium of exchange. It only has value as an act of faith. We accept it as payment because we assume everyone else will also accept it.
This medium of exchange is created out of thin air by the central bankers in the form of interest-bearing debt to themselves.  Even though our governments could create this medium of exchange, debt, and interest-free, the bankers have finagled this golden goose and maintain it by selecting criminals and perverts to be our “leaders.”
To protect this prize, they must now enslave humanity. This is the essence of Communism and the NWO — the expansion of their credit monopoly to include power, thought, and behavior – a satanist tyranny. Everyone will worship them and their god, Lucifer, who represents them.



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