Kevin Boyle – YouTube June 24, 2020

Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

2 responses to “Doublethink”

  1. Cognitive dissonance, this is the default sheeple position. Unrelated, Dominic Cummings said; “Hard rain coming.” Cummings is taking the piss (pun intended). The UK has had weaponised weather flooding since 2008 and the UK does this to keep the sinking UK economy afloat. Cumming’s comment refers to the coming floods which will be required to inject (pun intended) some activity into the High Street economy. I’ve got no doubt that builders, builders merchants, and related businesses will be given special dispensation during Covid wave 2.

    I’ve just returned from my local park in Central London. All sorts of sheeple use this park, but in the late afternoon and evening, it is full of young people. According to the fake news, these are the woke sheeple, they care about the planet. My park looks like a festival ground. There is rubbish everywhere, the bins are overflowing and surrounded by carrier bags full of rubbish, bottles and beer tins. These bins are not recycling bins. Very few of these woke pratts think to take their rubbish home where it can be recycled.

    The point I am making is that fake news peddles this myth that certain sections (usually the young) of the population are progressive and live their lives by a higher set of values. This is rubbish (pun intended). As part of the fake news nudge agenda, they have relatively small groups of paid activists so the fake news can film them and show it to the sheeple and say, look, look, this is how you are supposed to think. Sure, these paid activists will attract some sheeple, because most sheeple have nothing better to do.

    I know people who preach the eco save the planet shit. Some of then write books, give talks and appear on the fake news radio. I can tell you now, they are all hypocrites. I had the misfortune to talk with a well-known author. This person regularly appears on TV and radio and you’d think they were left-leaning with a rounded social conscience. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here is a valuable lesson; nearly all people who appear in the media are constructed personalities. Some will be like the person you see or hear, but in the main, what they portray to you is totally fake. In order to be a regular in the media, you need to construct a unique personality so you become of interest. This writer clearly believes that being left-leaning with a social conscience sells better than being right of center. Center does move, depending on where the fake news wants it to sit. Nothing is quite as it appears, even in people you might think you like or identify with.

  2. I would say that doublethink is a result of intensive gaslighting. Gaslighting and doublethink is a fundamental of organized society.

    Transubstantiation is transformation of this dried pancake into body of Lord Jesus. They say that every object has a form and a substance. This dried pancake still has a form of pancake but substance is transformed into carrion from Lord Jesus.

    Sounds logical. It looks like a pancake but is a carrion 🙂