Catherine Austin Fitts – We are Watching the Mother of All Debt Entrapments

Greg Hunter – USA June 21, 2020

8 responses to “Catherine Austin Fitts – We are Watching the Mother of All Debt Entrapments”

  1. Too long, why do these people do it? What should be a 10-15 minute video spun out to an hour. Yawn.

  2. wow a must-watch

    share everywhere!

  3. Who would you bend the knee to as well as the divine Catherine?

  4. Thought so. Trump is one of them and an absolute scumbag. Sounds like the banksters met last summer to hatch a more universal monster to replace the one from Jekyll Island, and they also gave the go-ahead for the Plandemic for the sake of all the controls now being imposed on us. Listening to her it is an absolute certainty that our governments will continue the restrictions into the net flu season, and then we will ID chipped. As said before, they would not have begun the plandemic without the magic vaccination already in stock. It is all psyop for complete control over us, and all of our governments are playing along because it means more powers and importance for them, plus whatever other perks they have been offered.

    She suggests forgetting about the presidential election and start at the grass roots level by electing your sheriff. However, everything now is controlled from the top down with money and intimidation. The only thing I can see to save us from the evil afoot and these criminal sociopaths running things is a full-scale revolution to defend our fundamental freedoms and basic rights. However, such basics are all dependent on faith in and obedience to God, and the slime has already taken over most Church hierarchies. As for ministers and priests, they are for the most part either compliant fools or intimidated prisoners of the state.

    In the secular world, there is also no real leader or movement for basic rights and freedoms against this insanity. If we ever needed supernatural help from God so that people will at least have freedom of religion and belief and the right to raise their children accordingly, it is now. Otherwise our choice is really freedom or death. Earthly life without an examined and active spiritual life without God is not worth living. It is an automaton life ruled by death and by death’s power elites who are nothing but dead dry bones being rattled around by the devil.

  5. Time is precious. CJ wins. Blobel looses.

  6. @Fred B
    Last night’s Trunews a channel promoting Christian values and perspectives is talking about weaponised EMPs emanating from China and Russia directed at USA plus other things like the virus escaped from a lab in Wuhan according to their guest Dr Peter Pry, whoever he is.

    I doubt the Holy Spirit was present during this episode of Trunews?

    I must say however, Catherine Austin Fitts makes a lot of sense. Did you catch what she said at the 36 minute part?

  7. Protect yourself, your property, children etc by registering with the Common Law Court (there’s a few around the world, the one in the UK for example). This will prove to the state you are a flesh and blood man/woman instead of a dead entity / strawman / person. This will remove any power the state has over you. After registering the CLC will send you an ID card which PROVES you are sovereign flesh and blood. You will then not be controlled by their statutes and rules.

  8. Greg please allow Catherine to complete her thought. Its good when you interrupt in order to add information such as the SCOTUS decisions. But you often fail to allow Ms Fitts to complete her idea (which would have answered you question before you asked). Excellent info, btw.