Trump was prepared to back Israeli strike on Iran, Bolton says

Lahav Harkov – Jerusalem Post June 21, 2020

US President Donald Trump expressed willingness to support Israeli strikes on Iran, according to his former national security advisor John Bolton.

In Bolton’s book The Room Where it Happened, expected to be released this week, he describes a 2017 meeting in which Trump made the comments.

Bolton, who was not yet a member of the Trump administration, was brought in to meet with the US president in 2017, and Israel was one of the topics that came up.

“I warned Trump against wasting political capital in an elusive search to solve the Arab-Israeli dispute and strongly supported moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, thereby recognizing it as Israel’s capital,” Bolton wrote. “On Iran, I urged that he press ahead to withdraw from the nuclear agreement and explained why the use of force against Iran’s nuclear program might be the only lasting solution.”

Though Bolton did not mention Israel using force, Trump responded by saying that he would support Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu doing so.

“You tell Bibi [Netanyahu] that if he uses force, I will back him. I told him that, but you tell him again,” Trump told Bolton.

Bolton also said that in an October 2018 meeting in the Kremlin, Russian President Vladimir Putin doubted that Israel could attack Iran.

“Israel, he said, could not conduct military action against Iran alone because it didn’t have the resources or capabilities, especially if the Arabs united behind Iran, which was preposterous,” Bolton wrote.

Putin doubted that the US withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal was productive, but Bolton told him that “Iran was not in compliance with the deal, noted the connection between Iran and North Korea on the reactor in Syria the Israelis had destroyed in 2007 and said we were carefully watching for evidence the two proliferators were cooperating even now. In any event, reimposing sanctions on Iran had already taken a heavy toll, both domestically and in terms of their international troublemaking.”

Another section of Bolton’s book deals with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif paying a surprise visit to the August 2019 G7 meeting in France.

Bolton wrote that Trump first raised the matter with French President Emmanuel Macron – “who lived for the Iran nuclear deal,” Bolton said – after Zarif said in an interview that Netanyahu and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman were trying to stop him from talking to Trump.

This came at a time when Iran was escalating militarily in the region, arming Houthis in Yemen and Iraqi Shia militias, as well as propping up Assad in Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Additionally, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced that Iran would disregard key parts of the nuclear deal.

WHILE AT the G7, Bolton sent a note to Trump that Zarif was about to land in Biarritz on France’s southwestern coast, and got a note back that Macron invited Trump to meet with Zarif and that “POTUS definitely wants to do this.”

Netanyahu told US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that he wants to speak to Trump about the possible Zarif meeting. Then Netanyahu and Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer called Bolton as well.

On the way to talk to Trump, Bolton found Trump’s Special Adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner on the phone with US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, saying that he would not allow Netanyahu’s call to go through to the president.

“When he hung up, Kushner explained he had stopped this and an earlier effort by Netanyahu because he didn’t think it was appropriate for a foreign leader to talk to Trump about whom he should speak to,” Bolton wrote.

Bolton told Trump that he thought meeting Zarif was a bad idea, in part because “once we took the pressure off Iran, it would be very hard to put it back on.” Kushner, however, thought there was nothing to lose in meeting Zarif.

“These people had an attention span no longer than the deal in front of them,” Bolton lamented about Kushner.

Though Trump did not meet with Zarif, Bolton was concerned that Kushner or Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin may have met with Zarif, adding that “this latter hypothesis was something that I believed agitated and worried senior Israeli officials, and which of course made Pompeo livid.”

A US judge denied on Saturday a request by the Trump administration for an injunction to block publication of Bolton’s book, pointing out it is already in newsrooms around the world and extensive excerpts have been published.

However, US District Judge Royce Lamberth also accused Bolton of having “gambled with the national security of the United States” by proceeding to publish without waiting for prepublication review by the government.

A civil suit is pending against Bolton that seeks to force him to give the United States the right to all the profits from the book.

Trump called Bolton’s actions “treasonous” in a Fox News interview, saying “he should go to jail for that for many, many years.”

Reuters contributed to this report.


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  1. Putin would never express such opinions unless they were said to send a curveball. Putin knows that everything he says is analysed by the prime Western powers. Sure, Putin talks a lot, but he’s more insightful than opinionated.

    “Bolton also said that in an October 2018 meeting in the Kremlin, Russian President Vladimir Putin doubted that Israel could attack Iran.”

    If Putin said this in front of John Nut Job Bolton, he said it to mislead him.

    On Bolton’s book, don’t be surprised if Trump supports the book. They both work for Wall Street Jews. Trump is one of the prime money launders.

    Remember G.H.W. Bush & Bill Clinton? While Clinton was in the White House, all US fake news media said they were both bitter enemies. Clinton’s eight years ends and both these crime buddies are on the golf course together every other day. They both ran a drug-running operation under the CIA’s wing. So Bolton – Trump fallout could be contrived, just like Trump and Hillary.

  2. Collectively, modern day Israel is the ANTI-CHRIST, and is the ENEMY of White Christian culture. Read Mark 16.16 and John 8.44. Any Christian who supports Israel is a fake and false Christian. Israel did 911.

  3. Iran is no threat to nyone and never has been same as libya iraq and syria
    but the filthy jews want the whole middle east and are prepared to sacrifice so many american lives to achive it
    karma can be tough, and america is now paying the price for its evil

  4. Bolton has helped expose Trump’s treason and loyalty to Israhell. Unfortunately Bolton doesn’t criticize Israel as he is a traitor himself.

    ‘The room where it happened’ is a frightening expose on the chaos in the White House, where national policy is made by whim of the retard sitting in the oval office. Without any ideology except loyalty to self, Trump has shown us all the dangers of electing a television created demigod personality.

    Some takeaways from the book:

    1. “You tell Bibi [Netanyahu] that if he uses force, I will back him. I told him that, but you tell him again,” Trump told Bolton.

    Since Trump has no ideology, who is telling him to back Bibi on Iran? Jared Kushner, Sheldon Adelson, and Ivanka his rape-love daughter. Bolton doesn’t mention the Jewish factor steering public policies, as he is a Jew whore himself.

    Trump’s irrational seething hatred for Iran is coming from the god lobby and Israel.

    2. “I don’t think he’s really competent to be president.

    Bolton’s most famous statement in the book is no surprise, we here at Truthseeker and Darkmooners had Trump figured out long before. Trump is a danger to the Republic because he is loyal to Israel first. I said in numerous posts that Trump was not qualified to be President or to run my taco stand.

    Trump is a clueless actor, like GW Bush he doesn’t understand the differentiation of nation states. Flunky Bush was confused about the African continent and Trump thinks Finland is part of Russia.

    Candidates should have to pass a geography test before running for office.

    Trump literally is sacrificing Amerika to Israel and must be removed from office before he does any more damage. Trump’s overriding loyalty to Israel is insane, and for that reason he is a danger to the Republic.

    And no, I am not partisan and I don’t vote. Anyone who still supports Trump is a god damned idiot and traitor.

    4 more years of Trump and the nation will not exist


    Is the president fundamentally unfit for the job?

    Bolton “I don’t think he’s really competent to be president. It’s put me in a very difficult dilemma. I voted for him in 2016 because I thought given the choice between him and Hillary Clinton, that that was the choice to make. But having seen him in operation for 17 months, I just cannot vote for him again. I’m planning to write in the name of a conservative Republican identity to be determined yet. But I will not be voting for Donald Trump and I will not be voting for Joe Biden.”

  5. Dont forget that according to Alex Jones John Boltons wigmaker said Bolton was blackmailed by Mossad for what is now called ” Boy-Nobbing” to push for the USA to go to war on iran
    why shoud they ?
    let isrel fight its own wars
    we fought 2 world wars for them
    is that not enough ?

  6. Books, videos, and products promoted heavily by the Jews Media hide or distort truth instead of expose it. So Bolton’s book is probably just more BS and misdirection.

    When a book has lots of good honest insight the Jews Media avoids discussing the book, hides it, and prevents it from being read. The Jews Media is talking up this Bolton book, so it must be less than worthless.

    Bolton always has a frown on his face as if he just found out his attempt to get us in another war didn’t work.

  7. Despite having the most amazing portfolio in resistance against US, until recently we had officials and people in Iran who still wouldn’t believe Iran’s military capability. Zarif is one such person who is in a key position as foreign minister! Imagine that… executive branch not believing in the IRGC’s power! We didn’t have to prove to the world that our missiles were not Photoshoped, we had to prove to people like Zarif and a good chunk of the population. You see just as there are anti-war people in the west, there are also anti-war people in Iran. Some passionately hated IRGC and Supreme Leader for being “Adventurous”… and we can’t deny the role of spies and undercover advisors, they said “today is the world of dialogue not the world of missiles”! We had a very dangerous internal opposition in Iran that thankfully today has lost almost all popularity among Iranians, even among non-religious Iranians.

    Despite clear evidence and proof there was a huge magical spell over the entire world cast by the media and Hollywood to portray the US as the invincible military and to portray every Iran achievement as fake or a lousy copy! After all if the people of region, specially in the puppet Arab countries were to see that Iran can be under the most crazy sanctions and remain number one enemy of US in the region for more than 40 years and not only survive but also thrive. This would really make people think twice, everyone else would become bolder. For this reason they perpetually transmitted negativity from Iran, today though it is undeniable and as US is going through internal problems, the mouths of many Iranian naysayers have been sealed shut for good! There was a time US presidents could topple regimes by just raising an eyebrow, moving one aircraft carrier from one side to another, or some B52 bombers could do the trick.

    Had Iran not built up deterrence undoubtedly it would have been destroyed long time ago. So the soft war element of all of this and the battle for hearts and minds have been as important as the hard part.

    After US assassinated Japanese naval general Yamamoto in an island, Japan didn’t respond and nukes followed; this was after pearl harbor… if your enemy detects that you have no will to fight on, they will not back off, nope they press on attack. So you see after the cowardly assassination of Qasem Suleimani Iran had to retaliate. Unfortunately the real world is indeed the world of power and missiles and much less about dialogue.

  8. The damage Israel and the Juice that has been done to America and the world is incalculable.
    Anyone with a shred of commonsense knows that the Elephant in the room is Israel.
    Israel has had their man in the white house since 1963. The agitation that Israel did in Europe and ME by setting off Bombs and killing and maiming 100,000 of people after 1948 cannot be dismissed.
    The Juice will yell you they are hated but never tell you why.

    Bolton is Bibi little Blow Boy! See how excited John Bolton would get when he was around any Juice Shill.
    He was like a Pedofille in a Kindergarten Happy as!

    One things for sure Humanity has been hi jacked by a satanic Cult.
    Everything that had meaning is beijg tunred upside down.

    Driving a white car can get yiu the Label White supremacist,

    We are living in a disturbing reality where 1984 is the Norm.

    Im just waiting on my application for approval of Euthanasia im 44 have cancer and my quality of life is over.

    Im lookijg forward tp dying and getting off this Rollercoaster.

    Ive had a good life.

  9. Shaun Foster wrote “we fought 2 world wars for them”. Yes we did, if those wars were only to create the chance for the ‘Chosen Ones’ to occupy Palestine, but mainly we fought those wars to commit suicide, even though we were tricked

  10. Hey Bolton would not be the first politician to be keeping some little Bumbadillo
    in a flat some place, several british politicians do this too
    Sir Anthony Blunt supplied boys from Barnados homes to high flyers to then blackmail for Rothschild
    as did Jimmy Saville, these people are protected right to the top, look at Greville Janner
    abused hundreds of boys no one did a damn thing

  11. Note Nathan Andrew is an avowed Zionist supremacist. He demonstrates how Zionists foment anti-Semitism for their own purposes. Ed

  12. Bolton is pushing the jew agenda to take the whole of the middle east this coincides with Rothschild taking all finance away from the people
    keep using cash insist on it as this is the next thing they want to take from us
    god was Hitler right in what he said

  13. I read a resent report that Stated John Bolton tried to advance the Agenda of a Foreign Enitiy. Who could that Foreign Enitiy? Its Israel of course. John Bolton was not very well liked by the Top Brass, they viewed him as a Total Traitor to America. Even Mike Pompeo said it and the State department put out John Bolton is a Traitor. John Bolton would fly into events unannounced. And Bolton lead Trump to the Traitors in the Pentagon all Generals whom have seen Zero Combat and are rampant Fags.
    Trump stated at the Rally that the MILITARY Industrial complex Wants to see him gone, As he said When USA compaines are not dropping Bombs they make Zero money.

    John Bolton should be hung from a lightpole and given a statue.

    One thing is for sure the DEEP STATE is ZIONISM.

    Palestine today America Tomorrow .

    ZIONISM needs to be labled a Terrorist organization.
    Do the Juice really want to die.
    Keep pushing for War and you may end up drad by morning.

    Im ready to go Armed to the teeth and willing to die.

    Cant say that for Rixon Stewart. Whom i find to be a parasite.