Are We Being Psychologically Prepared for Pandemic Part II?

Introduction – June 20, 2020

Weeks after declaring itself free of any new cases of Covid-19 the virus has suddenly returned to New Zealand. Like China, which has seen a cluster of new cases, the government in Wellington claims the new cases were imported.
The authorities claim that two travellers from England were responsible. We reserve judgement on that but in reporting the reappearance of coronavirus the Guardian makes the case, subliminally, for more extensive surveillance. Of course this isn’t stated explicitly but by inference only.
In doing so the Guardian also makes the case, again subliminally, for travel restrictions. Bear this in mind as you read the following because apart from inferring the need for wide-ranging surveillance and travel restrictions, the following also prepares readers for phase II of the ‘pandemic’. Ed.

From celebration to dismay: the week Covid-19 re-emerged in New Zealand

Charlotte Graham-McLay in Wellington – The Guardian June 19, 2020

New Zealand’s very own ‘witch queen’, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Click to enlarge

It had been a triumphant story of national unity and political leadership combining to vanquish a virus that still plagues most nations on the planet. But just a week after New Zealanders celebrated having rid the country of Covid-19 and the government lifted all restrictions on daily life except controls on entering the country, the one vulnerability in its defences – its borders – was dramatically laid bare.

The failure to test returning travellers before they left quarantine, and reports of slipshod standards at the hotels where they are placed in government-managed isolation, threatened political fallout for Jacinda Ardern’s government, which was heralded worldwide for having flattened the Covid-19 infection curve with a swift, early lockdown of the country.

“It’s incredibly unfortunate because that is what has been the cause of the government’s increase in their poll ratings, their competency confidence,” said Bryce Edwards, a political scholar at Victoria University in Wellington. “The public clearly thought that this government deserved support due to that competency and this is a major blow to that narrative.”

The trouble started when health officials were forced to admit that two women who had arrived from the UK on 6 June had been allowed out of managed quarantine early on 13 June with a compassionate dispensation to visit a dying parent. They were not tested for the virus, but were later found to be infected.

With health officials’ permission, the pair drove 400 miles (650km) down the length of North Island to visit their family. Without the officials’ knowledge they had also met up with friends on the way.

Suddenly, after 24 days of reporting no new cases of Covid-19, the country’s recovery was on shaky ground. Health officials had already said it was inevitable that new cases would arrive from abroad, but they promised measures stringent enough to intercept them.


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9 responses to “Are We Being Psychologically Prepared for Pandemic Part II?”

  1. The Guardian is a deep state shit pipe, so a second wave is likely. Where were the two Brits infected? Have their contacts been traced? Were they infected at the airport or on the plane? The first wave, even if artificially inflated with faked data, the controls were pretty bad and this was in good weather because they literally turned off the weaponised weather when lockdown started. Just like flicking a switch. The lockdown weather was the most settled weather the UK has experienced for over 20yrs. Eight days after the lockdown was eased, the weaponised weather has been ramped up… strange that.

    If we have a second wave during the winter months, it’s going to be a whole new level of pain. Please note, the regime has done zero health planning for wave 2. It looks like millions will be denied basic healthcare and even those with life-limiting conditions will be murdered by the regime. Will Sadiq Khan ever face the electorate?

    I’ve made this observation before. Virtually no flour in the shops over lockdown. A week ago last Friday and Lidl had bread flour. Last Friday they had none. The regime has stopped supermarkets from stocking certain items. I believe this is part of a softening-up process.

    I have no idea how bad the food shortages are going to get, but they will happen & we could see ridiculous price rises.

  2. The Plandemic has been years in the planning but they could not test how effective the virus would be when released in the general public. Based on all their clumsy and makeshift ways to exaggerate the numbers, the virus obviously has not worked according to their long-range meticulous plans. The scare has not been as severe and real enough as wanted, and is quickly wearing off before they can finish rolling out their various agendas and permanent controls over the economy and us. I have said this about 10 times now and according to Coca Cola advertising principles the wonderful taste of this idea must be breaking through to at least some minds by now.

    Our concern should be first resurrecting any suppressed studies which prove the sequencing of the Covid-19 RNA has been humanly enhanced to increases its infectiousness. This means it is not just a mutated Coronavirus. It also means that the US and Chinese psyo coordinators pointing the finger at each other for how the virus allegedly “escaped” becomes more tenuous. Then if they come out now with and even more infections strain to get the serious symptoms and death numbers up to where they first expected them, at it also is seen to have engineered nucleotides, the game will be up for them. All it will take is one study analyzing the virus to show it was engineered, having the effect of not only blowing the mutation lie, and if they even suggest again that it somehow escaped, all their planning will be exposed and come crashing down. Also, with a more potent virus and actual increased numbers of serious symptoms and deaths as they initially wanted, the entire operation will turn into an actual holocaust making every one who participated in the operation an accomplice and a target for redress.

    Proving the Covid-19 virus was engineered should be our first line of defence to save us from such a real holocaust.

  3. Whenever you hear there’s a new spike in Covid, know that they are pushing their hoax again. There was never a pandemic in the first place, they are liars, and a spiritual teaching is once you identify a liar never trust them.

    Those in the press that lie are wicked to their core and you should not be acting on what they say, like wearing a diaper over your face. The corona mask is a mask of shame, and those that do it are under the spell of the evil wicked liars in the media.

    What no one talks about is the fact that the corona hoax is a Jewish hoax, Jews run the media and they are pushing this hoax. Jews are thus responsible for this wave of destruction sweeping the world, the intentional shutdown and failure of millions of small enterprises. Now that is real hate of the Jew on the Goyim. But no one is framing it as a Jewish conspiracy, and that is a fatal mistake.

    The reason they are ramping up corona hoax part 2 is obvious, part one was a smashing success. It was a home run from their perspective, they got the Goy by the gonads so why would they relent when they have you exactly where they want?

    Trump is no help, the stupid man named Donald Trump does NOTHING of consequence to stop the runaway Jewish freight train taking the world straight into hell. All those hoping the hope of hopes, the ultimate hail mary that Trump will save them are wrong, fatally wrong as Trump is a loyal whore and stooge of Jewish power.

    The financial consequences will be on the scale of Biblical catastrophe. This corona hoax is causing the biggest economic depression of all time, one that will dwarf the Great Depression. Unlike the 1930’s, debt is widespread and systemic in the current economic system. People exist by borrowing and credit scores in the modern world but as a tsunami of credit default sweeps te world no banker will lend, and the entire system will come crashing down. This is no joke, and the result will be DEFLATIONARY.

    The hyperinflationists will probably be right down the road, but not right now, deflation is going to slap all the borrowers right in their face, all those who borrowed heavily to “invest” in a home are going to have to face falling prices. If 50 million are out of work how can they cause inflation? They can’t, thus the need for stimulus checks.

    Because of modern computers you can actually study the fall of prices in real time, all the commodity data is traded in real time and it is free to anyone with a computer and the internet, all the home price data is available for free on Zillow, of FRED charts, see these links:

    My favorite FRED chart:

  4. ‘Are We Being Psychologically Prepared for Pandemic Part II?’
    The guardian is working hard to keep the lies alive… and the sheeple locked indoors for the next phase of the scamdemic – the poisoning with useless vaccines.
    Better go outside and expose your skin to the sunshine for some extra vitamin D3, eat healthy, do some exercising, and stay away from the scaremongers.
    The lock down of the healthy and young, while this virus is no more dangerous than a flue virus, is pure evil and criminal. If you collaborate with these criminals, you prepare the world for the totalitarians takeover on your world. Better choose to fight for freedom and a healthier world, beginning with your own lifestyle and choices, and thus contribute to make a better world on Earth.

  5. Just look at Ardern. She’s 39….going on Mordor.

  6. Yes we have been primed for Wave II by subliminal programming.
    Contagion. Andromedia Strain, Virus, Invasion of the body snatchers, The stand, 28 days later, Containment, Carriers, 12 Monkeys, Omega man, I am Legend, The Crazies, The Invasion, World War Z, Outbreak. Pontypool, Side Effects, The Dead zone, et al.

    & this interesting series about genetically modified humans from the future escaping the United States Totalitarian society in a state of war with time travel to 180 years in the past. “THEY” decide to “vaccinate” the survivors of
    “The Crossing” to keep from being exposed for who THEY really are.

  7. Yukon Jack made a real realistic drill down of Hoax-Plandemic-Certificate-Of-Vaccination-(version)2019 and all around it.

    As some of us might have experienced software products sold for our computers to make “better” our slave-labour with it, it had been permanently followed by versions update and even upgrade. What a mess.

    COVID-19 is just the beginning, if we should take this sh*t*, for shortly thereafter the world could be confrontated with the next version, like MSM is starting already with “the NEXT” pandemic. And when these “world saviours” are counting their profits at the end of the day and it will not be enough, the next pandemic is coming.

    Do not LET them start vaccinating us in the first place!

  8. In the far east there was never a first wave. The data in China was real, apart from Wuhan. And no other country in east asia had any Corona issue.

    Why was Corona infectious in Europe but not in East Asia? Because it didn’t exist there. So the first wave, and last, is coming to Asia

  9. places where looting is a huge profit is a place where high tread volume that affects the rest of the world , corona appears this places more frequently and facilitates maximum gains for robbery.
    Yukon Jack’s explanation is the best and break it down its progress . thx mate.