Have You Been Put on a List to be Left to Die?

Dr Vernon Coleman – YouTube June 18, 2020

3 responses to “Have You Been Put on a List to be Left to Die?”

  1. Perhaps Gates and the WHO can come up with a lottery system on their Covid-19 fantasy,

    whoever wins the six numbers can get a Covid kill shot exemption ?

    Only the winning ticket gets to live.

    The authority will no longer permit the common cold as of 15th of March, 2020!

  2. Nothing surprising here. An industry that gleefully aborts the unborn should care overly much about the old, the disabled, or other inconvenient people? Why would you believe such a thing?

  3. Peter Gar, that is why there is MS Windows to do this job?
    Why invent the wheel twice. Everything has been planned and prepared and the politicians and Big Pharma are full in it.

    Only these bloody sheeple are not so willing as thought.
    No problem, they will create a second go. There is nothing better than a good old fashioned pandemic.
    In Davos, where their WEF is being held they will still talking about the great succes they had in 1906 which was for them a real runner with more than 23M less on their planet.