Martin Armstrong- Virus is Elite Climate Change Scam — June 19, 2020

“Their view is that the world is overpopulated, so thinning the herd to save the planet is justified and not genocide.”

The Great Reset- Final Battle Against Marxists

by Martin Armstrong — ( 

The rising civil unrest is starting to take notice of Bill Gates and his consortium hell-bent on changing the world economy.
They have used the coronavirus as a ploy to shut down the world economy all for their Climate Change Agenda.
There is a mountain of circumstantial evidence that points to Fauci funding the creation of this virus & transferring it to the Wuhan lab where neither China nor the United States leaked it, but this consortium which has planned this Event 201 on how to destroy the world economy and rebuild it from scratch.
They are already introducing Guaranteed Basic Income, assuming they can wipe out over 300 million jobs and then pay people to sit home and watch TV, where they recreate the world in their own image which they are promoting as the Great Reset.


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  1. Ha, the magnetic poles are racing towards the equator, the magnetic field is down 20% and in around 30yrs, give or take, the poles will flip, that is, they will reside at the equator, the Earth stops its spin for a day and the Earth gets hit by a micronova from the Sun.

    The elite/deep state knows all about this coming event which repeats every 12,000/13,000yrs. The evidence is beyond doubt that our sun micronovas like clockwork. The evidence is in the geology, it’s in Moonrock (?) and civilisations all over the world have recorded these events. Yes, some people survive, most don’t.

    They (the people who study this) can’t be sure just how cataclysmic this event will be, but it will be pretty bad. In a worst-case scenario, the atmosphere gets stripped from the planet. Past events suggest only a portion gets stripped.

    The weather is chaotic due to the weakening magnetic field & we are heading into a Grand Solar Minimum. Some say its started right now, others suggest at the end of this solar cycle which is just starting, so 11yrs or so. The Sun is currently struggling to produce sunspots.

    Because the magnetic field is weak, we are at greater threat from solar flares and CMEs. We have around a 25% chance of a major solar-induced event on Earth over the next 11yr cycle, like the grid getting fried.

    So we must set this in context to fake anthropogenic climate change and our tyrannical elites. They are preparing. Seed banks set in deep stable rock formations, huge mountain deep military bases, far too big for just the military, and in Russia they have nuclear bunker space in the Moscow area for 10 million people. Is this just for a nuke strike? How do 10 million emerge after a nuclear war?

    People need to focus on the bigger picture to try and understand the current (pun intended) events which are about fractured societies, conflict, repression, control, and propaganda narratives to misdirect the sheeple.

    Einstein worked on the magnetic flip and specifically, how the tectonic plates break free from the mantle. Einstein failed to crack the problem, but strange things were learned. Greenland should want to break free and head to the equator! I don’t claim to know that much about this subject, but I am interested.

  2. The thing I noticed about this site and the contributors is that NO ONE has any viable solutions to the world’s problems, and neither do most of those who comment.
    Mankind is in rebellion against our Maker. Unless people turn to God there will never be any solutions to the mess the human race is in. If people do not believe that there is a spiritual battle going on, then they are blinded and run to and fro seeking solutions which do not exist. You cannot fight a spiritual battle with carnal weapons. Most people do not believe that a fake religious institution could possibly rule the world by means of satanic worship coupled with controlling the media, but it does. Turn on TV and other media and the daily doses of propaganda are there. There will be a global government, but it will be exceedingly short-lived. The religious institution controlling the UN will ultimately be destroyed, and grown men will weep over its demise. I will rejoice!

  3. To the moderator:
    Please post my comment that I sent in a few minutes ago. You ask for comments, and I give them sometimes, but you don’t always publish them. I am not vulgar or hateful, I just tell the truth.
    Ann Blue

  4. Makow becomes suspect again. Seems like he is fishing around to deflect from the obvious. As said before, the only body powerful enough to ensure every nation cooperated in the Covid psyop is the international banking cartel. I personally doubt that the cartel is controlled just by the Rothschild’s and a handful of Jews, although most Jews tend to regard that family as some sort of god-like royalty and give them their undying support for its backing of Zionism and bestowing so many favors upon their tribe. In any case, this virus-based psychological operation involves the cooperation of every major nation on the planet despite their many bitter disputes over money, turf, and resources. There is only one body and it is not the UN capable of ensuring such universal cooperation. As explained before the UN is nothing but a puppet of the cartel.

    The UN sustainability Agendas now being run out, all dovetailing together with financial, corporatocacy and government interests, such as 5G, universal vaccinations, ID chipping, universal surveillance, remote working, banking & socializing under state surveillance, essential services and businesses only, massive downsizing of the corporate work forces, massive reductions in human transportation, massive government dependency, population control beginning with the elderly, all, “ALL”, come under the meticulous plans of the world elites for their highly touted New World Order. These initiatives are in fact all spawned and financially supported by the same banking cartel which spawned and has supported the establishment of communist regimes all over the globe. None of these “new normal” measures being rolled out right now would survive open debate from real people representatives (not the fake ones we have) in our legislatures. Also, the only really measure which would ensure the cooperation of all our governments in the psyop would be the financial reset with the centralized control of the money supply, electronic surveillance of finances for tax purposes, and to be a part of the global grid for more control over their own people.

    The Covid scam is simply the necessary psyop cover for all of these measures, which based on their over 100-history of duping the public through puppet governments and the control of the mainstream media, they have never failed. The basis of the compliance of our government, corporate and financial heads is that these measures despite the suppression of real truth, liberty and justice for individuals, will make a better world, and in any case it has been decided that we are going in those directions anyway. Despite over a century of needless wars, and continued atrocities and exploitations, fake news, fake and engineered crises after crises, these elites and their investing minions feel they are just speeding up the process, and if they do not do roll out their NWO agendas now, the world will just muddle through without their dominance and privilege. In fact they feel desperate in doing this because despite all of their lies and controls the information revolution is catching up with them.

    As for geophysics, apart from plate tectonics the science is still largely speculative. There is a lot which the “authorities” likely do not tell us, but what we do know from fossil and earth crust samples is that the magnetic poles have flipped back and forth throughout the distant past and it is possible we could be in for another flip, which could take place over a period of time, and that could alter retention of the magnetic flied around the hearth sustaining the various belts which protect us from much of the sun’s harmful radiation. However, the magnetic field is generated by the rotation of the earth and is dependent on it. There is no evidence that if the magnetic poles are to flip that the spin of the earth will slow down or stop. We are dealing with time scales of the changing polarities of the magnetic north and south poles which are huge, and to say that the end is neigh is really far out.

  5. A lot of Na zi Jews on this video shows you exactly what the NWO stand for!! Stand up for your Lives against bthese Zion ist LEECHES That want to steal your Lives and enslave you for THEIR OWN GAIN

  6. There are no real problems; only corrupt elites, fake news, corporations, big banks, & intelligence organisations. Ban some, control others with effective laws and the so-called ‘problems’ will mostly go away.

  7. Another bullshit article. There is NOOOO virus. A virus CANNOT spread. Covid is a psyop to turn the world into Orwells 1984.