COVID19 Is The Biggest Psyop In Human History

Dollar Vigilante – June 17, 2020

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  1. The term psyop is so vague it could mean almost anything. Wish the riots and the fake Covid Pandemic were nothing more than Psychology Operations but it’s worse than that.

    These operations such as Covid and the riots are part of the plan to subvert the governments of the world under the Jew World Order.

    One purpose of the riots and the Covid Scam is to make people hate their government and their politicians like Newsom, Cuomo, Trump, De Blasio, Durkan, so much that people will want to exchange their government for the Jew World Order.

    In their Protocols of the Elders of Zion, banker Jews documented their plans to use political puppets, terror, mass media, the evils we are seeing, to subvert the nations under their Jew World Order –

  2. And in this video’s comment section they were screaming for the 33’s to be scalped, too.

  3. It is only in the deliberately-bankrupted “first-world” West that you find so many dupes who believe anything the government shills and the media tell them. Perhaps the difference is because the media brainwashing in our nations is so successful because of its sophistication together with the false belief they propagate that our elections really mean something and that we are free. In any case the fake Covid pandemic together with the politically and legally unchallenged government measures PROVE that the people in our nations are no more than complete brainwashed enthralled cattle to be herded around as our owners seem fit, and that we have no real say in the life-changing and threatening agendas being imposed on us by our governments and their owners. All the contrived Antifa BS with Soros leftists types and rent-a-mobs, as with the deliberately-stirred-up race issues, are being run out on queue to give the enthralled media-watching public the false impression that free speech and liberty are actually flourishing, as the establishment systematically rolls out their entire technocratic and totalitarian NWO agendas.

    What we have to be weary of is the fact that the Plandemic planners actually expected our hospitals to be filled to capacity and many more to actually die. The virus has been engineered and they would have no reason to take the chance with fake news saying hospitals were filled. Nor would they blatantly and so clumsily have tried to fake the death numbers in so many nations, if the planners did not expect the virus to be more effective. Those measures were clearly makeshift, and as said before, they had no way of testing virus in the general public in an actual pandemic.

    The evidence shows us that all of our lying, shill governments are committed in lock step to the pandemic plan and have been desperate to jack up the seriousness of the virus in order to roll out their various “new normal” permanent plans. What all this tells us is that if there were already a vaccination (like the universal flu vaccination announced by Israel last December) they would want to delay it until after the commencement of the next flu season in the northern hemisphere which they now want to commence in September (they are in a hurry) with the their planned second wave. The point is that their agenda is so comprehensive they need more time with of the control measures over us to institutionalize their radical life-changing permanent measures.

    We do not need universal vaccinations for the flu or for whatever actual slight additional risk there may be from the Covid 19 virus, and the entire efforts is just another big pharma and government control-freak scam. That is a fact, but secondly the pandemic NWO-agenda planners KNOW how weak the Covid-19 version turned out to be, and they have already kicked off more government hyped-up peril in China with the second-wave, and MSM rumors of it coming back in a mutated more virulent form.

    We have to wake up and stop all of this “conspiracy theory” word-game stuff we get sucked into. We are talking “reality probability” based on proven facts.

    The factual premises, reasons and conclusions are as follows;
    #1 – C-19 is a Corona engineered virus.
    #2 – All of our governments expected far more people to have serious symptoms and there to be a significantly higher mortality rate.
    # 3 – Instead of being elated that the seriousness of the virus was not as expected, they were disappointed and exaggerated the numbers, which by itself proves a bigger plan and an ulterior purpose involving the necessity of maintaining the lock downs and the shutdowns of economic activity.
    #4 – The fraudulent conduct of our governments and the media indicate a lock-step plan, which requires the lock-downs and controls to carry on as long as possible through the summer.
    #5 – The people running things in the West together with our government leaders and bureaucrats, and the media clearly have no moral limits based on their conduct with this engineered pandemic.
    #6 – If they are willing to carry on this deception with all of the restrictions and controls this long without justification, and because they are steadily losing ground in the credibility fight because of the retaliative weakness of the C-19 virus, they will have no hesitation in using a more virulent engineered strain of the virus from the shelf of one of their bio-warfare labs.
    #7 – That is how they think. That is what they will do. They will deem it “necessary” because their 33 NWO goals are more important than knocking off five or six million elderly and immune-compromised people, as they originally intended.

    What will happen? The conduct and deceptions of our governments, the media, and all of the elites with the first wave, ought to restrain them from going any further, but it won’t.

  4. @ Jim Crowstein
    “These operations such as Covid and the riots are part of the plan to subvert the governments of the world ….” You have to be joking. Our governments have been completely subverted and in control of the international banking cartel for over 100 years now. You think anyone elected gets to do what they want to do or what they were really elected to do? Every Western government has been busy debt rigging and deliberately fragmenting and weakening the people with every form of vice as long as I can remember, and as for subverting, our government are totally backing the entire Covid psyop. But don’t worry, Statan is about to be cast down to hell again where his loyal subjects in our ruling class and our governments will join him. All you have to do is to pray that happens.

  5. Covid is like that alien atack broadcasted by radio station quite some time ago.
    Here is the link if you haven’t heard of it before

    What s coincidence that all panic about both cases were staged by media!?

    I hope people finally wake up and give those liars and criminals what they realy deserve…..

  6. covid 19 the biggest fake event since the moon landings and the bolocaust

  7. Lucy and Jeff -currently my favourite show. Jeff Berwick has got it right. Just check out his interview from 10 years ago. He was spot on then as he is today.