Magnetic Solution to Crop Circle Puzzle

Once again the BBC has proved itself a veritable font of disinformation. In the summer of 2000 it announced that a “solution” had been found to the mystery surrounding crop circles:

“Scientist Colin Andrews says 17 years of work has revealed that about 80% of the formations are man-made,” announced the BBC.

“But he believes that magnetism may account for the rest, which display a simplicity of form compared with the elaborate, beautiful patterns of the “hoaxes” . . . Most mainstream scientists believe the only explanation for the crop circles lies in the footboards of hoaxers.” BBC NEWS. 9 August, 2000.

According to our information “Scientist” Colin Andrew was formerly an engineer employed by a local municipality. His “solution” to the crop circle mystery was based on his finding anomalies in the geo-magnetic fields around crop circles. Rather than investigate what caused these anomalies he simply concluded that the incongruities themselves had created the crop circles — hardly a scientific investigation.

However his investigations were funded by the Rockerfellers and that may explain why his “solution” received extensive media coverage. In the days following the announcement of his ”solution” he appeared in just about every major British newspaper. Almost as if they were trying to convince us that crop circle were indeed faked so that we could all go back to sleep; after all crop circles may prompt us to start asking questions and maybe even think for ourselves and that could seriously undermine the powers that be.