Tony Blair says people will need ‘digital ID’ to prove ‘disease status’ in future

Introduction – June 17, 2020

I’ve always had an instinctive aversion to Tony Blair. Even before he became prime minister I sensed that there was something fundamentally dishonest about him.
Subsequent events confirmed that.
Outwardly charming, he was a consummate liar who was ready to serve the elite and has since been rewarded handsomely as evident in his property portfolio. While prime minister he opened the way for mass immigration into Britain, not for the country’s benefit but because he believed newly arrived immigrants would be more likely to vote for Labour.
Such political cynicism was even more evident in his unquestioning support for the fraudulent “War on Terror”. The disastrous campaigns that followed in Iraq and Afghanistan left literally hundreds of thousands dead, maimed or homeless.
So it comes as no surprise to hear that he is now advocating something potentially even more sinister; a scheme that may evolve into a mandatory digital I.D. The timing of this announcement is probably no coincidence either; coming as government “experts” and the media are subtly conditioning the public for a second wave of coronavirus.
In fact the first signs of what could become a second wave have just emerged in China. Real or contrived, the authorities in Beijing have imposed a renewed lockdown, purportedly to contain a spate of new Covid-19 cases.
Readers will recall that coronavirus first took hold in China late in 2019 and early 2020. So IF this is the start of a second wave of Covid-19 cases then, taking the same transmission time, we could see this impact the West around September 2020.
If that is so the timing will be exactly on cue.
Echoing the events of 9/11 and 7/7, when ‘terror drills’ were running simultaneously with the actual terror attacks, this will coincide with World Health Organisation plans for a “pandemic drill” in September 2020.
As a mentor repeatedly stressed: “there is no such thing as coincidence”, and if the pandemic drill goes ahead in September when a second wave of the pandemic strikes it won’t be a coincidence. Like the terror drills on 7/7 and 9/11 it will be part of a bigger, far more sinister scheme.
Tony Blair’s announcement below hints at what that might be and we would suggest that it would involve digitally marking or implanting whole swathes of the global population.
However, the choice of Tony Blair to champion this scheme reveals how out-of-touch the global elite really is. For the man is so deeply disliked by so many that he’s likely to alienate more potential supporters than he actually attracts.
Either way, we could soon see the “Mark of the Beast” appear with Tony Blair as one of its advocates. Ed.

24 responses to “Tony Blair says people will need ‘digital ID’ to prove ‘disease status’ in future”

  1. Deep State operative Tony Blair sold his soul before he became PM. He is right up there in the pantheon of globalist slimeballs who is paid to promote the NWO. The corporate media still give him a platform to air his views despite the fact that most of the public despise him.
    The more he promotes anything, the greater will be the negative reaction. We are all starting to wake up.

  2. Tony Bair is the most discredited lying arsole since winston churchill
    and ike him he took us intoa needless war ona pack of lies
    Tony Blair was a male prostiture named Miranda he would hang around in london toilets
    Gordon Brown said Tony had to do this to pay his way through college
    That is a lie Tony did this becausue he wanted to
    Hesa bisexual who was simultaneously involved with Wendy DEng Rupert murdochs wife who was a spy for the chinese, and Cliff Richard the has been pervert singer
    There are already steet parties planned for when Tony Blair dies
    even his crazy wife dumped the man,

  3. I read i think on this website that the NSA whistleblower David Murphy-Fawkes
    said the CIA saw Toerag-Tony as a lightwegght pinocchio figure and spied on him comtinually, even listening to bedroom rows
    This same info was going straight to israel s Carol Caplin the almost live in nanny was a mossad plant.
    Reg Keys humiliated him at the election, but another fraudulent vote count got tony in, exactly as happened when the National Front won the seat at Barking, this was not allowed and a voting paper change got in Margaret Hodge in as promised.
    Even his 6 body guards hate the man.
    There have been several attempts to arrest him by the public
    he MUST appaer in court for his crimes

  4. If this man came out of nowhere seeing him for the first time I wouldnt trust him – and that was actually my first impression. Few people have that aura. Really sorry to say that, cause I dont think you should judge by appearance. And then, as time went by, alas, it was confirmed. He is so repulsive I cant even listen to him, but it doesn’t surprise me, him peddling kill Bill ideas.

  5. To get a second wave of a Corona Pademic it would have been necessary to have had a first wave of it and not a first wave of exercise of a Corona Pandemic

  6. Tony the Toilet Inspector…is the Grim Reaper’s Special Envoy!

  7. Tony Blair was advocating everyone to have their kids vaccinated yet he did not get his done
    same as that jerk Bill gates
    whata pair of losers
    Tony Blairs own doctor said he was a psychopath

  8. This man is and always was deranged, to even think of such a plan is the recipe for even greater unrest and very possibly civil war, out this were to come about then not only he but very many others would face the peoples justice.1

  9. I’m still waiting for the first wave of Corona we’ve only seen normal anual flu statistics not a pandemic.The rottingchilds wants their mark of the beast system rolled out in line with the 5g rollout in space few will resist sad state of affairs humanity is going into hell with open arms waiting….

  10. we will surely see Gates and who advocating the establishment of an global vaccine army comprised of Hitler youth army doctors and police sniffing out non conformants and placing them under house arrest labelled as terrorists for refusing the vaccine then shipping them off to extermination camps.

  11. I would so enjoy picking up the Newspaper to the following headlines.
    X UK Prime Minister Tony blair as well as his whole security detail ha e been killed in what is described as an Ambush. Tony is survived by his wife and children.
    No group has claimed responsibility.
    Souce close to Mi5/6 Have said we are seeing Brazen Attacks being made on Elites with immpecable SECURITY arrangements and our baffled as tp WHO is Financing the Operation.
    Word has just came through that Israeli PM Bibi along with his wife son and his SECURITY detail was Killed by a Predator drone that was hacked and directed to seek and destroy Bibi Secuirty convoy after leaving a Kibbutz. 33 deaths.
    Souce has said Elites are now fair game.
    Lets see how the elites like when they are Hunted.

    Id so enjoy hunting these parasites down and slaughtering thrm.
    Call me sick, mentally unhinged.
    No im just another Bare bum in the shower who has had a GUT FULL.


    Get the picture it is very eas i ly done.
    E Military personel.
    We need to send a message to these bandits.
    We have had enough.
    And are ready to push back.
    Im also willing to die for the cause.

  12. Tony Blair should be arrested for sedition, as should Justin Trudeau, Angela Merkel, Makron and a host of others.

  13. What a cockroach!!.I wouldn’t trust a thing this satanic child murderer says. I find it hard to believe these things have a platform to speak there filth. I’ll be watching for this demonic creep to go back down the pit he came out of.
    Hells waiting.

  14. Why has this UNBORN Baby murderer not been “BUSHWACKED ” ???

  15. Humm.. Why isn’t this scum swinging from the London Bridge as a War Criminal ??
    What’s wrong with the British Justice ??

  16. i hear even his kids despise him

  17. When putin expelled the Russian mafia who were a jews
    Tony Blair allowed them into the UK
    Shropshire Brothers is the firm which puts out the largest contracts in the UK
    for crop harvesting.
    Almost all gangmasters for workers are Russians who come in on forged polish passports
    and these bring in mainly polish workers to work in the fields.
    Recent changes in government policy meant foreign workers here can no longer claim money for children back home, changes are also coming to tighten the legislation where workers could go home after 10 months and back claim all thier years taxes.
    Many would do whats called the “Slam-Scam” that is they run up debts and borrow money then quietly go and come back in with another forged passport.
    Russian mafia bosses allowed in under Tony Blair bring in much crime in their wake, everything from dog fights to smuggling, the Chief Constable Julie Spence closed 119 foreign run brothels and rescued many women and young boys under Operation Radium.
    This was an attack on the Russian mafia
    Poles alone have sent home £23 billion in the last 7 years and thats just the poles.
    Because they can no longer claim for children back home, many Poles are calling it a day.
    Russian mafia boss Ivan Lukaszewski says the jobs will now be open for British workers.
    The rot started with the British army being demobbed after w W 2 the men desperate for work
    were cheated out of their jobs by the very racist government they fought the war for
    as they advertised in the West Indies saying “come do the jobs British men are too lazy to do”
    ​This was the same excuse wheeled out to bring in Poles and others for field work
    I was a college lecturer for some years and during the summer recess all the students would flock to the fields along with mums whose kids were at school to put in a few hours, maybe now British people will again be allowed to work in the fields as before

  18. Enigma magazine ran a poll 2 years back
    If you could have a free kick in the balls of anyone who would it be ?
    I thought Obama or Nutenyahu but no most voters said Tony Blair
    the man is hated more than Churchill was

  19. If Tony Bliar told me it was going to go dark tonight, I would be seriously worried.

  20. Tony Blair

    The great Satan, and the main reason that the UK has become overun with immigrants that have zero National identity nor any loyalty to the country and its customs. They migrated to the UK from countries that they have turned into shitholes, and now wish to do the same to the UK. They are treated better than the
    Indigenious folks who have lived there for generations, and they have overwhelmed and taken over historic towns with their radicalism, and customs.

    This slimey xxxx should be charged with war crimes and hanged. Over 1 million died due to his and his Neo Con US mate’s claims of WOMD’s.

    They do not come any more evil than Tony Blair.

  21. @ Jerry,
    “global vaccine army comprised of Hitler youth army doctors and police sniffing out non conformants and placing them under house arrest labelled as terrorists for refusing the vaccine then shipping them off to extermination camps.”

    Aye, good try Jerry. You are on the wrong site to try the Hitler and the eevil nazees deception. Folk that frequent this site know the truth about the twentieth century and just who are the lying, evil, cheating, murderous cretins against humanity.

    If you need some enlightenment (which I am sure you don’t and you know fine well what you were endeavring to achieve) watch this incredible documentary:

  22. Our mutual friend Tony the Bliar is only carrying out orders given to him by BIBIbaba in Tel Aviv, his pope in Vatican City and his beloved Banksters.
    That is all there is, sorry.

    Well, there is now for him a lot of silvercoins to make and It is obvious he wants to go into rebound and well with his friend Kill Gates to syringe the planet into oblivion.

    Both have no problems with 5G combined with Certicate Of Vaccination-2019 for the sheeple of this world.
    If they succeed in implementing their ideas, both will be sitting at the switchboard to obliterate anybody on demand of at their own descretion.

    If they should succeed to get this thru I can promise : Hell will brake loose over them on the entire planet, except in Danmark and in Merkel-county.
    They probably will have silently introduced a law to take all your freedom away by vaccination & 5G.

  23. This man and former PM of Britain is a thorough-going Marxist and another Rothschild communist shill. He has substantial investments in China and in 2013 I heard him say to the audience in Surrey, BC, Canada, that the economic power has shifted to China and that as the economic power goes, so goes the military power, ….”and we just have to accept it.”

    Hey Blair, we know all about you and the Rothschild creation of modern China and your similar plans for the rest of us.

    “Picnic time for Teddy Bears
    The little Teddy Bears are having
    A lovely time today
    Watch them, catch them unawares
    And see them picnic on their holiday”

    Picnic time is over Tony. You are one of the psyop planners. At six o’clock Mommy and Daddy are coming to get you.

  24. The “second (micro) wave” = substantially increasing 5G GHZ, some of the side effects of which are identical to fake covid (which was just a psyop / fear mongering campaign to usher in martial law).