Brutal details emerge of deadly China-India border clash

Amy Kazmin and Tom Mitchell – June 17, 2020

Galwan Valley: China and India clash on freezing and inhospitable battlefield - BBC News Grim details of the clash that left at least 20 Indian soldiers dead near the Chinese border have begun to trickle out, revealing that soldiers used improvised weapons, including batons wrapped in barbed wire, during the high-altitude brawl.

Indian media reported that the battle was fought in darkness on a narrow ridge overlooking the Galwan Valley in the Himalayas — more than 14,000 feet above sea level — after Indian troops tried to verify that Chinese soldiers had honoured a pledge to withdraw from a strategic position.

Scuffles broke out and in the violent melee some Indian soldiers plunged from the ridge into the ravine below, according to Indian media.

The clash involved hand-to-hand combat and improvised weapons because firearms are prohibited in the disputed zones under a protocol intended to prevent an inadvertent escalation of violence.

While Beijing has not confirmed any details of the confrontation, Indian media reported that the Chinese military also suffered many casualties.

Before Monday’s fight erupted, the two nuclear armed neighbours had been discussing a mutual disengagement from a weeks-long stand-off at multiple points along the disputed 3,488km border.

With tensions running high along the “line of actual control”, China’s foreign minister Wang Yi and his Indian counterpart S Jaishankar held phone talks on Wednesday aimed at preventing further violence.

The Chinese foreign ministry said both sides agreed to “cool down the situation,” while India’s foreign ministry said they had agreed “neither side would take any action to escalate matters”.

But Mr Jaishankar also accused Chinese troops of seeking to erect a structure in the valley “on our side of the line of actual control,” New Delhi said. China’s action “was directly responsible for the resulting violence and casualties,” he said, according to Indian officials.

Beijing reiterated its position that Indian troops had crossed into Chinese territory and “provoked” the clash. “India should not misjudge the current situation or underestimate China’s determination to safeguard territorial sovereignty,” Mr Wang said, according to China’s foreign ministry.

Tensions over the undemarcated border have simmered since China and India fought a fully fledged war in 1962. But despite occasional flare-ups — including violent brawls and confrontations between rival border patrols — the conflict has not led to any fatalities since 1975.


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  1. I think we know more than this article says. The problem with using nukes on your close neighbour is that you stand a very high chance of contaminating your own country. It’s not so much about the land that is important, this all about the water & contaminated water is no use to anyone.

  2. Nowadays, it has become more and more aggressive on the part of China, in the disputed areas bordering India. Previously they have released a map, that includes Arunachal Pradesh state, belongs to China. India one the major trading partners, imports electronics/consumer items worth billions of dollars, every year. We have a very wide trade deficit with China. One of the most distrust/unreliable country, in this planet. They want to swallow entire Asiatic region, through economic aid, as well as planned military manovers. It’s really a headache for us. On one hand, they send troops, on the borders, slowly and steading encroaching the inside borders of India, almost on a daily basis, camping the areas for days/months, making inroads, inside India, when they met with stiff resistant & fighting with Indian troops. They had talks with India top military brass, in that area, after some time, they began to move inside India. This drama is continuing for the last many months. On the other, in the Political/diplomatic level, they had talks with Defence Ministry, as an eyewash for their actions, after some time, they resume the same. They(Chinese) are doing best, to prevent India, becoming Economic super power. Border fight/dispute is only a distraction from the main issue. They want to convey a strong message to the whole world, if India, boycott, Chinese goods,they will not hesitate a war against India, now and then, on the borders. It seems to be their strategy. We shall see, in the forthcoming months, whether, the border fights continues , or the trade clash shall come. Like the USA.

  3. For 1970 Years the west had Zero dealings with China, that all changed 50 years ago. And look where we are in the west on oir knees.

    Like ive said in previous posts, maybe Xi Xi Ping needs to be taken out by someone.

    Normal folks have just about had it and are about to explode.
    If 100,000 people marchrd on the capital No Army or policemen would be able to stop you.

    I think the time is right to rise up and Kill the Top 100.

    Start with these Pricks 1st.
    Trump and Co
    Xi xi ping

    This is just a start.
    All we need is 100,000 Rambos.
    Who is with me.

  4. Indians will always remained convinced that China was (1962 border war) and presently the aggressor (Doklam standoff and present fight) is because Indians have not come to terms and closure of their 1962 defeat. Just like the German’s unexplained defeat of WW1 with their wounds continuing to fester that led to disastrous consequences.

    Australian Neville Maxwell’s”India’s China War” puts the blame squarely on Nehru for starting the war. India was the aggressor and still is. Scholars could not refute Maxwell’s claims because India had imposed restrictions on the Indian Army’s report on the causes of their own failure.

    As long as India is pushing Hindu supremacy and apparently wanting to claim swaths of land from the Saudi Peninsular all the way to Australia there cannot be peace or harmony.

  5. @ surya narayana
    India has the same problem as the West. The people who run your nation are only concerned about immediate gain. They have all been feeding a government which is a ruthless, expansionist, totalitarian communist monster, and the only decent thing to do is to cancel all trade with them suddenly and entirely. The problem is that all of our leaders are total puppets to the international banking cartel which created the PRC together with all of the Western corporate and banking interests ensconced in China using virtual slave labor to make trillions. In exchange for our jobs, capital, machinery, and opportunities which these Western investors have stripped away from us, making China a major military power, they leave us as bankrupt debtor nations owning trillions to that nation. The same people who crated this mess continue to run every Western nation. Trump wants to move industry back but where is the support from the other nations. The only hope for a future of self determination, growth and prosperity is to end all trade immediately.

    Instead the sissy bastards running things trot out the Covid pandemic as a pretext to try to radically transform our society into a namby pamby “greener, smarter and fairer” fantasy land of robots, AI, and a workforce sitting on their asses in front of a computer in their remote bedrooms, trying to be greener, smarter and fairer than their counterparts in China who could give a F…….about getting a little dirt on their hands and all work like hell to get ahead. All these Plandemic perps really care about is putting money at our expense into their own stuffed pockets while at the same time maintaining their holdings and interests in China. Clearly, the people running things are nothing but a bunch of selfish, unprincipled, airy-fairy asses, who should be rounded up and each given a huge infectious dose of their little virus without any HCQ to help them.

  6. Great idea Jim, the only problem is the mayhem currently in progress in the US of A and that is a big distraction. That Antifa Mob of paid agents (paid by the Deep State whoever they are) is indulging in a little Looting, Arson, Chaos, and pretending that BLM (BS). When this Marxist/Trotskyist insurrection folds it may be a good idea to turn your energy and strategy into taking down the government of the US of A (the one creating the chaos).You will not need a 100,000 Rambos (paid useful idiots) that is Hollywood stuff and one Rambo may cost you 20 million for a Fake Rambo performance. Someone called Soros (The walking dead) has already tried that and still can’t turn the world upside down. That “List of Pricks” (also the Walking Dead) you provide reminds me of an international group of PoP celebrities that just pop up on television screens and Flash a Little Arse to distract us while the Chinese CCP is using the chaos (COVID/Riots) in the USA to steal some of India’s territory while no one is watching (they are watching arse). Now I could/would like to provide you with some advice as to how to rid the World of your “List of Pricks” but I’m a little concerned that some “Men in Black” may pay me a visit at 2:00 Am requesting the advice ( my Hollywood Script) be handed over to them for their next Rambo Feature. I have left a sign on my door saying that “Rambo does not Live here Anymore.

  7. The banksters can accomplish big time depopulation if they can incite a major war between China and India because these are the 2 most populous nations on Earth. Each has well over a billion people.

    “Thanks to the terrible power of our International Banks, we have forced the Christians into wars without number. Wars have a special value for Jews, since Christians massacre each other and make more room for us Jews. Wars are the Jews’ Harvest: the Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars. Over 100-million Christians have been swept off the face of the earth by wars, and the end is not yet” – Rabbi Reichorn, speaking at the funeral of Grand Rabbi Simeon Ben-Iudah, 1869.

    Cuomo, de Blasio, Durkan, Frey, Trump, Newsom, and the rest of the bankster controlled political puppets are aiding and abetting in the destruction of the USA.

    It’s the same all over the world as prophesied. Nations are being destroyed from within. War, famine, abortion, and disease seem to the bankster’s preferred depop ops.

    The reason the same evils break out at the same time, such as Riots and Covid, all over the world, is that Jew World Order banksters are instigating the same evils everywhere.

    When politcal puppets like Boris Johnson, Trump, Putin, Trudeau, Philippe, Xi Jinping, et al, are in sync on the same team with Covid or some such evil, it means their orders come from the same source, the banksters. Otherwise they don’t all do the same thing at the same time.

    Military forces of the nations along with all powers of government were co-opted as political leaders fell under the control of the banksters.

  8. Climate Change, and then there were none!