The Miracle of Salisbury

Craig Murray – June 16, 2020

It turns out that the BBC really does believe that God is an Englishman. When the simple impossibility of the official story on the Skripals finally overwhelmed the dramatists, they resorted to Divine Intervention for an explanation – as propagandists have done for millennia.

This particular piece of script from Episode 2 of The Salisbury Poisonings deserves an induction in the Propaganda Hall of Fame:

Porton Down Man: I’ve got the reports from the Bailey house
Public Health Woman: Tell me, how many hits?
Porton Down Man: It was found in almost every room of the house. Kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedrooms. It was even on the light switches. We found it in the family car too. But his wife and children haven’t been affected. I like to think of myself as a man of science, but the only word for that is a miracle.

Well, it certainly would be a miracle that the family lived for a week in the house without touching a light switch. But miracle is not really the “only word for that”. Nonsense is a good word. Bullshit is a ruder version. Lie is entirely appropriate in these circumstances.

Because that was not the only miracle on display. We were told specifically that the Skripals had trailed novichok all over Zizzis and the Bishops Mill pub, leaving multiple deadly deposits, dozens of them in total, which miraculously nobody had touched. We were told that Detective Bailey was found to have left multiple deadly deposits of novichok on everything he touched in a busy police station, but over several days before it was closed down nobody had touched any of them, which must be an even bigger miracle than the Baileys’ home.

Perhaps even more amazingly, as the Skripals spread novichok all over the restaurant and the pub, nobody who served them had been harmed, nobody who took their payment. The man who went through Sergei’s wallet to learn his identity from his credit cards was not poisoned. The people giving first aid were not poisoned. The ducks Sergei fed were not poisoned. The little boy he fed the ducks with was not poisoned. So many miracles. If God were not an Englishman, Salisbury would have been in real trouble, evidently.

The conclusion of episode two showed Charlie Rowley fishing out the perfume bottle from the charity bin at least two months in the timeline before this really happened, thus neatly sidestepping one of the most glaring impossibilities in the entire official story. I think we can forgive the BBC that lie – there are only so many instances of divine intervention in the story the public can be expected to buy in one episode.

It is fascinating to see that the construction of this edifice of lies was a joint venture between the BBC and the security services’ house journal, the Guardian. Not only is all round pro-war propagandist “Colonel” Hamish De Bretton Gordon credited as Military Advisor, but Guardian journalists Caroline Bannock and Steven Morris are credited as Script Consultants, which I presume means they fed in the raw lies for the scriptwriters to shape into miracles.

Now here is an interesting ethical point for readers of the Guardian. The Guardian published in the last fortnight two articles by Morris and Bannock that purported to be reporting on the production of the drama and its authenticity, without revealing to the readers that these full time Guardian journalists were in fact a part of the BBC project. That is unethical and unprofessional in a number of quite startling ways. But then it is the Guardian.

[Full disclosure. I shared a flat with Caroline at university. She was an honest person in those days.]

Again, rather than pepper this article with links, I urge you to read this comprehensive article, which contains plenty of links and remains entirely unanswered.


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4 responses to “The Miracle of Salisbury”

  1. I used to follow Craig on Twitter before I was Best thing that ever happened to me on Twitter. I used to regularly call out Mark MI6 Urban on Twitter as well.

    I reread the linked article and Craig does a good job, but there is a huge problem here. Most of the information, still images & the inconsistencies in the official narrative can’t be trusted. We simply don’t know if the Skripals were in Salisbury that day. Why do this in Salisbury city center? I really don’t want to go into any great detail, but I believe this was scripted for a fake news event and that (crisis) actors played the Skripals. As for the Skripals, they are dead. The Russians were probably over here trying to get the Skripals back to Russia & they probably wanted to return. Boris Berezovsky wanted to return & had written two begging letters to Putin asking for forgiveness. Mi6 murdered Berezovsky so the Russians could never debrief him. The same for Sergi Skripal.

    As for Craig, he knows far more than he is letting on. The repeated need to keep stating: “I do not know what happened.”

    C4 News covering the investigation from Salisbury outside a church graveyard. In the graveyard, we can see crisis actors in white bio-warfare suites. In the same graveyard at the same time, we see crisis actors dressed as the local firemen in regular fireman uniforms, no gloves, no face masks, just pottering around looking busy for the fake news.

    Observation: why hasn’t the UK blamed Russia for Covid? Because the UK did it.

  2. Oh dear….

    You’d think that with the virtually unlimited resources devoted to those State Propaganda Organs of the BBC & Guardian – no doubt with “input” from the newly-baptised 77th Brigade Of Boffins & Buffoons – that they’d at least be able to rise above the level of a puerile schoolboy yarn – that only the most irredeemably dense could possibly believe.

  3. I laughed when Salisbury tourism plummeted ( Cathedral, Stonehenge, Avebury etc ) and to try and get the numbers back up again, they announced that Salisbury was the number one most desirable place in the UK to buy a house, or live. You can count on the fingers of one hand, the number of UK inhabitants, who DON’T believe the official narrative. It’s called intuition and critical thinking, and Brits have neither. Sadly do many around the world? It’s kid’s play to the PTB. They have it wrapped up, and will do whatever they want without question, forever. I wonder what their next move is? I can guess.

  4. @Larry
    Re “It’s called intuition and critical thinking, and Brits have neither.”

    I’ve noticed exactly the same thing! Any idea why Brits are so irredeemably DENSE?
    Is it genetic, social conditioning, watching too much to… all of the above?