“The Orange Order”

Hi there Henry,

The Orange Order was created on the 21st of September 1795 during the Battle of the Diamond near Loughgall in Northern Ireland. It took its name from William of Orange, the Dutch Prostestant king who fought the Roman Catholic James II across Ireland in the Battle of the Boyne during 1690. The Orange Order is basically a Freemasons organisation. It is actually one of the largest on Planet Earth. It has tens of thousands of members in Ireland, Britain, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

It is a totally Luciferian organisation with very close links to the British Israelites and British Israelism which is held under the covert control and tutelage of the British Royal Family – the Windsor Illuminati. Remember the Windsors real surname is Saxe-Coburg-Gothas. All three of these words are of Germanic or Bavarian origin. It is from Bavaria and across the whole region that Adam Weishaupt alongside Mayer Amschel created the New Age foundations of the Illuminati and Illuminism. Mayer Amschel changed his surname to Rothschild which is German for ‘Red Shield’.

It was also in this region where the Bavarian Thule Society and the Vril Society were both created. Adolf Hitler was a dedicated member of the Thule Society. The British Royal Family are Anglicans and are part of the Church of England. In other words they are Protestants like the Orange Order is. Prince Phillip and all his sons are all 34th Level Scottish Rite Freemasons.

All Freemasons are Occultists, Satanists and involved in consistent Luciferian Ritualism at the Higher Degrees. In the Lower Degrees of Freemasonry you only find men who are charitable, helpful and are totally unaware of what goes on higher up in their fraternity. Its the same as a large corporation. Nobody working in the general administration departments is going to be aware of what is being planned by the higher management levels. This also applies to the Orange Order in Ireland. It is important to note that the Orange Order like most other Freemasonic Sects is a White Celtic Protestant, male dominated, homocentric and patriarchal organisation.

To really wake yourself up and to realise how twisted these organisations are i suggest reading Behind Closed Doors by Paul Malcomson. Paul Malcomson is an ex-Orangeman, so he is the perfect researcher on this subject area. Unfortunately very clear links have been produced that prove that the Orange Order like the Irish Roman Catholic Church in Ireland is involved with high levels of paedophilia and closeted homosexual activity. Paedophile networks and rings exist all over Ireland, Britain, North America and Australia because of Freemasons, because of the British Establishment and because of the intense presence of totally Luciferian, demonic activities created by the Occultists who are Higher Degree Freemasons and Rosicrucians.

To think that these men rule our countries and our overall futures is most concerning. As i have demonstrated here, the inter-related web of tangled and convoluted connections between all these seemingly disconnected entities is really only designed to confuse and divert researchers away from the hidden facts and truth.


Pictured above: and Orange Order march in N. Ireland.